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Scottish National Age Group Championships 2017

This years Scottish National Age Group Championships took place over the weekends of 19/20 & 26/27 August at Grangemouth Stadium with several Ayr Seaforth members of numerous age groups taking part. It is to the credit of both the athletes and their coaches that several of them returned with National medals around their necks. Those successful athletes were Gemma Bruce (U15 300m) Silver, Sophie Slider (U15 300m) bronze, Amy Leith (u17 Javelin) bronze and Carolyn Harvey (Senior Woman/Triple jump) silver.

Scottish National Championships 2017

Age Group Name Event Result
U13 Girls Libby White 100m

Long Jump

14.15s (3rd H2) Q
14.21s (5th S/F)
4.16m (9th)
Abbie Rankine 800m
14.05m (10th)
Morven Montgomery 800m
Long Jump
2.91m (22nd)
Clare McLaughlin 800m 2:45.64
Emma McMillan 800m 2:48.04
Erin Ramsay 200m 28.60s (2nd H1) Q
28.24s (3rd S/F) Q
28.29s (6th F)
Jenna Beswick 70mH 13.55s (6th H2)
Eve Beswick 70mH 12.90s (1st H3)
13.19s (8th F)
Islay Hubbard 1500m 5:30.24 (3rd H1)
U13 Boys Conall O'Brien High Jump 1.31m (7th)
Adam Currie 1500m 5:06.05 (10th H2)
U15 Girls Sophie Slider 300m 43.71s (2nd H1) Q
43.27s (3rd F)
Matilda Press 300m 43.48s (1st H2) Q
44.38s (4th F)
Gemma Bruce 300m 44.34s (2nd H3) Q
42.97s (2nd F)
Evie Mackay 800m 2:32.28
U15 Boys Euan Bell 1500m 5:18.00 (11th H2)
U17 Women Hazel Kirk 80mH 12.58s (4th H1) Q
12.70s (8th F)
Amy Leith Javelin 34.72m (3rd)
U17 Men Euan Duff 100m

Long Jump

11.64s (3rd H1) Q
11.86s (8th S/F)
6.10m (7th)
Daniel Martin 400m 52.57s (4th H1) Q
51.80s (7th F)
U20 Women Aimee McGinley 100m 12.56s (2nd H2) Q
12.32s (4th F)
Nadia Simpson 200m 26.91s (4th H1)
Katie McAlpine 200m 27.70s (6th H1)
Kirsten McClymont 200m 26.75s (3rd H3)
U20 Men Daniel Martin 800m 2:05.93
Senior Women Carolyn Harvey Triple Jump
Long Jump
12.18m (2nd)
5.18m (8th)
Senior Men Fraser McKenzie Long Jump 4.51m (14th)


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