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National Short Course Cross Country Championships – King George V Park, Renfrew – Saturday 5 November 2016

This years National Short Course Cross Country Championships were moved from their usual home at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow a short distance along the M8 to the King George V Park, Renfrew as there were other events taking place at Bellahouston. Unlike last years competition which was more akin to a swimming gala the races took place on a very dry, flat & mudless course which made for very quick running over the short distances involved. Full results for all Seaforth athletes who took part can be found below:-

U15 Girls - National Short Course XC Championships 2016 - 2000m

Position Name Time
20th Rosie Davidson 8:02
26th Emma Frew 8:05
40th Isla Kirk 8:19
53rd Charlotte McDowall 8:38
76th Evie Mackay 9:00
97th Kelly Cunningham 9:46
98th Sophie McKay 9:50
7th Team Rosie Davidson
Emma Frew
Isla Kirk

U17 Women - National Short Course XC Championships 2016 - 3000m

Position Name Time
48th Caitlin Chilton 14.59

U15 Boys - National Short Course XC Championships 2016 - 2000m

Position Name Time
36th Scott Sprang 7:33
51st Logan Cotter 7:44
74th Greig Oakley 8:06

U17 Men - National Short Course XC Championships 2016 - 3000m

Position Name Time
53rd Declan McGhee 11:08
62nd Aidan Copland 11:22

Senior/Junior/Masters Men - National Short Course XC Championships 2016 - 4000m

Position Name Time
87th Fraser Stirling (U20) 13:51
119th Craig McPike (Sen) 14:10
143rd James Pettigrew (U20) 14:26
166th Grahame Hopper (Sen) 14:45
206th Stephen McCrorie (M40) 15:10
304th Iain Pettigrew (M45) 17:06


National Cross Country Relays – Cumbernauld – Saturday 22 October 2016

This years Scottish National Cross Country Relays took place on Saturday at Cumbernauld which has been the venue for the last 15 years. Record numbers of athletes entered this years competition and Seaforth had a healthy contingent participating with no less than 4 girls teams, 6 boys teams and 4 senior mens teams. This is a course which doesn’t need much encouragement to become extremely muddy but thankfully with the recent dry weather it was in the main fairly dry underfoot with only a section at the top of the course still quite soft. Those who competed the senior mens race now have the privilege of saying they ran against 2 Scottish Olympians as both Callum Hawkins & Andrew Butchart competed for their clubs with Hawkins running the hilly 4k course in an outstanding time of 11.01.

The format for the Junior male & female races is 3 laps of the 2500m course with the first athlete being u13, the next either u13 or u15 and the final athlete being either u15 or u17. The senior men race was contested by teams of 4 athletes each covering a 4000m course.

Times and final placings for the Seaforth teams can be found below:-

National XC Relays 2016 - Junior Females

Time/Overall Position Name Lap Time/Position
29.46/5th Ayr Seaforth 'F'
Morven Hubbard(U13) 10.04/6th
Rosie Davidson(U15) 9.45/3rd
Emma Frew(U15) 9.57/5th
33.03/35th Ayr Seaforth 'G'
Tess Crooks(U13) 11.39/52nd
Evie Mackay(U15) 10.43/41st
Isla Kirk(U15) 10.41/35th
33.58/42nd Ayr Seaforth 'H'
Islay Hubbard(U13) 11.28/41st
Charlotte McDowall(U15) 10.44/38th
Caitlin Chilton(U17) 11.46/42nd
39.36/81st Ayr Seaforth 'I'
Alex Meldrum(U13) 13.03/89th
Bethany Alexander(U15) 13.09/87th
Chloe Johnston(U15) 13.24/81st
Incomplete Team Kelly Cunningham(U15) 12.27

National XC Relays 2016 - Junior Males

Time/Overall Position Name Lap Time/Position
27.21/12th Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Alex Crooks(U13) 9.38/14th
Scott Sprang(U15) 9.15/15th
Lewis Ross(U17) 8.28/12th
29.02/31st Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Euan Bell(U13) 10.09/28th
Logan Cotter(U15) 9.33/29th
Declan McGhee(U17) 9.20/31st
31.22/63rd Ayr Seaforth 'D'
Lewis Hill(U13) 11.13/68th
Greig Oakley(U15) 10.07/63rd
Daniel Martin(U17) 10.02/63rd
32.05/69th Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Fergus Muir(U13) 10.42/52nd
Blair Gemell(U13) 11.44/78th
Aidan Copland(U17) 9.39/69th
33.24/78th Ayr Seaforth 'E'
Lewis Martin(U13) 11.28/73rd
Toby Nixon(U13) 11.27/85th
Euan Duff(U15) 10.29/78th
34.48/80th Ayr Seaforth 'F'
Charlie Dorward(U13) 11.32/75th
John Duthie(U15) 11.29/86th
Callum McKenzie(U15) 11.47/80th

National XC Relays 2016 - Senior Males

Time/Overall Position Name Lap Time/Position
56.07/38th Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Kenny Neill(Sen) 13.03/31st
Grahame Hopper(Sen) 14.06/36th
Stephen Kay(Sen) 14.22/38th
Stephen McCrorie(M40) 14.36/38th
47.59/Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Craig Brown(Sen) 15.07/79th
Iain Pettigrew(M45) 16.31/90th
Alasdair Meldrum(M45) 16.21/85th
52.02/Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'D'
John Hannah(M40) 17.33/111th
Stuart McLean(M40) 17.34/106th
Ian Young(M40) 16.55/97th

National XC Relays 2016 - Masters Males

47.50/Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'B'  
John Ross(M40) 15.22/17th
Stephen McDowall(M40) 15.58/18th
Paul Turnbull(M50) 16.30/17th

Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

This years Ayrshire Cross Country Relay Championships took place at Kilmarnock on Saturday on a course that is traditionally wet & muddy but this year was unusually extremely dry. Conditions on the day were very good for running with it being overcast and no wind at all.

Given this event takes place during the school holidays it is somewhat difficult to muster teams but Seaforth were still well represented. There were victories in 2 of the male age categories and 4 of the female with Seaforth U11 girls actually claiming a 1, 2, 3.

Next up on the cross country calendar is the National XC Relay Championships which take place next weekend at the traditional setting of Cumbernauld Park, Cumbernauld. This is a course which even in the driest of weather seems to hold wet conditions and will be a totally different challenge from the Ayrshire races. Seaforth have a large contingent heading to this meeting with 19 Junior teams entered and 5 Senior teams.

Full results for Ayr Seaforth at yesterdays meeting are shown in the tables below.

U11 Girls Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
Ayr Seaforth 'B'
1st (15.57) Libby White 5.12
Eve Beswick 5.28
Iona Hubbard 5.17
2nd (16.20) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Erin Ramsay 5.05
Emma McMillan 5.47
Jenna Beswick 5.28
3rd (16.43) Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Anna Kirk 5.26
Brogan Halbert 5.53
Abbie Chilton 5.24

U13 Girls Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
1st (31.51) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Morven Hubbard 9.31
Islay Hubbard 11.04
Fay McTrusty 11.16
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Abbie Rankine 12.11

U15 Girls Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
1st (29.08) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Isla Kirk 9.50
Evie Mackay 9.59
Emma Frew 9.19
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Kelly Cunningham 11.25
Bethany Alexander 13.00

Senior Women Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
1st (49.50) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Beth Macrae 17.42
Toni McIntosh 16.26
Laura Wallace 15.42

U11 Boys Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
4th/18.18 Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Brodie McGregor 5.07
Ross Bain 6.52
Sam McCrorie 6.19
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Leo Brockie 6.33
Brady McLean 6.01

U13 Boys Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
1st (29.32) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Alex Crooks 9.23
Sam Drummond 9.56
Fergus Muir 10.13
3rd (31.54) Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Max Cunningham 10.15
Jacob Cairns 11.11
Lewis Hill 10.28
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Toby Nixon 10.05

U15 Boys Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
2nd (27.46) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Euan Ramsay 9.20
Greig Oakley 9.36
Scott Sprang 8.50

U17 Men Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
1st (26.21) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Declan McGhee 8.59
Aidan Copland 8.19
Lewis Ross 9.03

Senior Men Ayrshire Cross Country Relays 2016

Position/Time Name Lap Time
2nd (55.04) Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Fraser Stirling 13.28
Craig McPike 14.03
James Pettigrew 14.08
Kenny Neill 13.25
6th (61.16) Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Stephen McCrorie 14.49
Grahame Hopper 14.20
Chris Boyce 16.51
Craig Brown 15.16
12th (68.24) Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Iain Pettigrew 16.44
Andrew Crichton 17.38
Stuart McLean 17.56
Danny Chilton 16.06

Anyone wanting a copy of a photograph without the watermark please contact the secretary

West District Cross Country Relays – Kilmacolm – Saturday 8 October 2016

This year the West District XC Relays returned to Birkmyre Park, Kilmacolm on Saturday with Seaforth having a sizeable number of teams entered. In the Junior races teams consist of 3 athletes who each run the 2.5km course, the Senior Women again have teams of 3 athletes who each run a 4km course and in the Senior Mens race there are 4 athletes who each run the 4km course.There were several excellent runs resulting in the Girls Junior A Team of Morven Hubbard, Rosie Davidson & Emma Frew claiming fifth place and the Boys Junior A Team of Alex Crooks, Scott Sprang & Lewis Ross taking fourth place.

Any member who wants a copy of any photographs shown should email the secretary identifying which photographs are required and originals without watermarks will be sent to you.

Results for all Ayr Seaforth athletes are shown below:-

West District XC Relays 2016 - Junior Girls

Position/Total Time Name Time/Team Position
5th/29.25 Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Morven Hubbard 10.09(7)
Rosie Davidson 9.27(5)
Emma Frew 9.49(5)
27th/33.02 Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Tess Crooks 11.27(41)
Evie Mackay 10.47(34)
Isla Kirk 10.48(27)
40th/34.06 Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Islay Hubbard 11.34(49)
Charlotte McDowall 10.47(37)
Caitlin Chilton 11.45(40)

West District XC Relays 2016 - Junior Boys

Position/Total Time Name Time/Position
4th/26.58 Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Alex Crooks 9.32(9)
Scott Sprang 9.05(7)
Lewis Ross 8.21(4)
19th/28.16 Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Euan Bell 9.57(19)
Logan Cotter 9.11(17)
Declan McGhee 9.08(19)
35th/30.03 Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Sam Drummond 10.26(33)
Greig Oakley 10.10(40)
Aidan Copland 9.27(35)
47th/31.27 Ayr Seaforth 'D'
Fergus Muir 10.26(32)
Lewis Martin 11.18(56)
Daniel Martin 9.43(47)
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'E'
Lewis Hill 10.55(47)
Euan Ramsay 9.52(44)

West District XC Relays 2016 - Senior Women

Position/Total Time Name Time/Position
13th/52.55 Laura Wallace 15.17(7)
Toni McIntosh 16.01(6)
Abby Cunningham 21.37(13)

West District XC Relays 2016 - Senior Men

Position/Total Time Name Time/Position
25th Senior Team
Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Kenny Neill 13.03(10)
Craig Brown 14.57(28)
Simon Kirk 15.50(34)
John Ross 15.11(34)
19th Veteran Team
Ayr Seaforth 'B' (Veteran)
Paul Turnbull 15.46(62)
John Hannah 17.18(67)
Stuart McLean 17.59(66)
Laurence Baker 16.19(64)

British Inter Counties Cross Country Championships – Cofton Park,Birmingham – Saturday 12 March 2016

Kirstin Oakley competed for Scotland Team West on Saturday having again been selected to compete in this years British Inter Counties Cross Country Championships. This event is used as the British team trials for the Biennial World Cross Country Championships although on this occasion this was not the case owing to there being no Worlds this year. There are races for all age groups from u13 up with teams competing from all 48 English counties, 3 from Scotland and 4 from Wales over a very tough course.

This year the course was bathed in brilliant sunshine although there were still some heavily mudded areas. Kirstin competed in the U20 Womans race and came home in 32nd place. With the first 4 from each team counting towards the Championships this was enough to help her team of Gillian Black – Victoria Park City of Glasgow(4th), Sarah Dempsey – Kilbarchan AC(16th) and Chloe Simpson – Inverclyde AC(52nd) take 1st place overall for Team Gold.

Kirstin Oakley Inter Counties 2016

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National Cross Country Championships – Saturday 27 February 2016 – Callendar Park,Falkirk

A sizeable contingent throughout the age groups from Seaforth attended Callendar Park, Falkirk on Saturday for this years Scottish National Cross Country Championships. After the recent bad weather competitors were greeted by a cold day with bright sunshine and fairly dry conditions underfoot which made for almost perfect racing conditions. This year saw the overall entries increase yet again to an amazing 2295 entries which has only been topped once going back to the early 1970’s. Many of those competing for Seaforth were doing so for the first time and will no doubt have gained valuable experience from competing at this level. Full results for the Seaforth athletes can be found below:-

U13 Boys - 3200m

Position Name Time
52. Alex Crooks 13.51
67. Patrick Smiley 14.12
83. Euan Bell 14.33
91. Sam Drummond 14.47
105. Max Cunningham 15.07
137. Blair Gemmell 16.13
141. Lewis Martin 16.24

U13 Girls - 3200m

Position Name Time
11. Morven Hubbard 13.58
18. Rosie Davidson 14.18
28. Evie Mackay 14.41
101. Kate Wilce 16.24

U15 Boys - 4000m

Position Name Time
33. Scott Sprang 15.36
53. Declan McGhee 16.14
62. Aidan Copland 16.25
79. Logan Cotter 16.53
93. Daniel Martin 17.24

U15 Girls - 4000m

Position Name Time
58. Charlotte McDowall 19.10
93. Caitlin Chilton 20.59
94. Alexandra Smiley 21.05

U17 Men - 6400m

Position Name Time
19. Fraser Stirling 24.48
23. Lewis Ross 24.58
53. Matthew Eadie 26.27

U17 Women - 4800m

Position Name Time
42. Mia Cullis 22.53

U20 Women - 4800m

Positon Name Time
11. Kirstin Oakley 19.44

Senior Men - 12000m

Position Name Time
59. Kenny Neill 45.31
287. Stephen McDowall 52.26
429. Peter Laing 56.30
442. Alasdair Meldrum 56.50
501. Laurence Baker 59.06
566. Iain Pettigrew 63.15

Senior Women - 8000m

Position Name Time
61. Laura Wallace 36.00
139. Toni McIntosh 39.47
252. Abby Cunningham 49.11

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East Kilbride Cross Country Races – Saturday 16 January 2016

A small contingent of Seaforth athletes travelled to East Kilbride last weekend to take part in the annual east Kilbride AC cross country races. Performance of the day was by Alex Crooks taking an excellent first place in the u13 boys race and leading his team to the team silver medal. There was also team success for the U11 Girls team who took bronze.Results for all Seaforth athletes are shown below :-

U11 Girls - 1km

Position Name Time
5th Tess Crooks 3:22
10th Islay Hubbard 3:32
21st Iona Hubbard 3:48
25th Iona Bell 3:55
26th Abbie Chilton 3:58

U11 Boys - 1km

Position Name Time
4th Fergus Muir 3:01
30th Lewis McGlynn 3:30

U13 Girls - 2.1km

Position Name Time
3rd Morven Hubbard 8:31
4th Rosie Davidson 8:37

U13 Boys - 2.1km

Position Name Time
1st Alex Crooks 8:05
6th Euan Bell 8:57
11th Lewis Martin 9:28

U15 Girls - 4.2km

Position Name Time
4th Caitlin Chilton 12:44

U17 Women - 4.2km

Position Name Time
1st Mia Cullis 19.11

Senior Men - 8.4km

Position Name Time
18th Stephen McDowall 33:07
28th Iain Pettigrew 35:44
29th Laurence Baker 35:50

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Inter District Cross Country – Holyrood Park, Edinburgh – Saturday 9 January 2016

It was a very cold Holyrood Park which greeted the athletes for this years Inter District Cross Country Championships with conditions underfoot described as soft to very soft. First up from Seaforth representing Scotland West was u15 Emma Frew in the first race of the day. Owing to a section of the course being waterlogged there was a change made which resulted in the 4k race being run over 4 x 1k laps. Emma ran a very good race coming home in 2nd place with a time of 15:24 to earn the silver medal and also a gold team medal.

The next race was the senior womens race which saw u20 athlete Kirstin Oakley running her first senior cross country event. This was a 6k race which was 4 x 1.5k laps taking in the area of rougher ground adjacent to the 1k lap. Kirstin ran an excellent race coming home in 18th place from 50 athletes in a time of 24:12 to win a team bronze.

Next up from Seaforth were double u13 Girls debutants Morven Hubbard & Rosie Davidson having earned their first selections at this level as a result of their excellent runs in last months West District Championships. The girls had a tough 3k race waiting for them with Morven leading the way to finish in 12th place with a time of 12:28 and Rosie coming home in 22nd with a time of 12:52.

The final race of the day featuring Seaforth athletes was the 6k Junior Mens race featuring the u17 & u20 Celtic Nations athletes which had Rhys Sim & Fraser Stirling competing. After a gruelling race Rhys finished in 16th place with a time of 22:00 and Fraser in 25th with a time of 22:38.

After their races the Seaforth contingent were able to watch top male & female athletes from Great Britain, Europe and the USA compete in the remaining races with the main race giving the 4000 spectators the chance to see a certain Mo Farah in action.

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West District Cross Country Championships – Bellahouston, Glasgow – Sunday 6 December 2015

This years West District Cross Country Championships took place on Sunday at an unbelievably muddy Bellahouston Park, Glasgow thanks to Storm Desmond which seems to have dropped a years worth of rain in Bellahouston.

Normally the underfoot conditions soften up as the races progress with the Senior Mens race usually having the worst of the conditions but this venue proved to be the same for the first race which was the U13 Girls as it did for the Senior Men.

Although no individual medals were won by Seaforth athletes on the day there were some notable performances with Kenny Neill achieving an excellent 17th place in the Senior Men and there are several younger athletes eagerly awaiting a call to confirm selection for Team West to contest the Inter District Championships at Holyrood, Edinburgh on Saturday 9 January 2016. Team performance of the day was by the girls U13 team of Morven Hubbard, Rosie Davidson and Evie Mackay who collectively took team bronze.

Full results for all Seaforth athletes competing can be found in the tables below:-

U13 Girls West District XC - 3000m

Position Name Time
9th Morven Hubbard 13.28
12th Rosie Davidson 13.47
21st Evie Mackay 14.30
43rd Sophie McKay 15.34

U13 Boys West District XC - 3000m

Position Name Time
18th Alex Crooks 13.22
26th Euan Bell 13.50
39th Max Cunningham 14.20
48th Sam Drummond 14.50
56th Charlie Walker 16.56

U15 Girls West District XC - 4000m

Position Name Time
24th Charlotte McDowall 19.44
31st Caitlin Chilton 20.18
37th Kelly Cunningham 21.13

U15 Boys West District XC - 4000m

Position Name Time
16th Scott Sprang 16.17
20th Declan McGhee 16.33
35th Aidan Copland 17.44
48th Logan Cotter 18.19

U17 Men West District XC - 6500m

Position Name Time
8th Fraser Stirling 26.14
23rd Lewis Ross 28.34

U20 Women West District XC - 5000m

Position Name Time
4th Kirstin Oakley 22.20

Senior Women West District XC - 6500m

Position Name Time
27th Toni McIntosh 31.56
32nd Gael Riddle 32.10
37th Susan Hubbard 32.27

Senior Men West District XC - 10000m

Position Name Time
17th Kenny Neill 41.21
106th Stephen McCrorie 48.18
108th Stephen McDowall 48.34
147th John Ross 51.34
153rd Laurence Baker 51.51
154th Alasdair Meldrum 52.07
168th Peter Laing 53.47
176th Iain Pettigrew 54.25
201st David Jones 58.17
208th Stuart McColm 59.39


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Ayrshire Cross Country Championships – Rozelle, Ayr – Saturday 28 November 2015

Rozelle Park in Ayr proved to be a challenging course for this years Ayrshire Cross Country Championships. Numbers were down on previous years which wasn’t helped by the fact the event was held on the same day as the British Cross Challenge in Liverpool which a group of Junior Seaforth athletes competed in. Those athletes who did compete at Rozelle battled through the mud and braved the hills to finish with some impressive performances.

The U11 Girls and U11 Boys races were over a 1200m course and both races saw Seaforth success. In the U11 Girls it was Islay Hubbard who came home in 1st place with a time of 5:05. She was closely followed by Libby White (2nd) 5:06 and Jessica Donnelly (10th) 6:01. In the U11 Boys age group it was Fergus Muir who led Seaforth home to take 1st place and Team Gold in 4:55 with Ben Edwards (4th) 5:21 and Calum Hannah (6th) 5:30.

The U13 age group covered a 2400m course and again it was Seaforth success for the girls with Evie MacKay taking 1st in 11:13 followed by Alexandra Meldrum (3rd) 12:51. In the Boys Blair Gemmell claimed an excellent 2nd place in 11:46 with Max Hay coming 5th in 12:16.

The U15 Girls race had a 3000m course to contend with and the race was won by Charlotte McDowall in 13:10 also taking team Gold followed by team mates Alexandra Smiley (2nd) 13:12 and Kelly Cunningham (4th) 13:29.

The race for the U15 Boys was over a slightly longer 4200m course with the sole Seaforth entrant Aidan Copland winning the bronze medal for his 3rd place finish in 18:26.

With no Seaforth women contesting the U17 Womens race it was then over to the U17 Men with Seaforth having 3 athletes racing over the 6000m course. Bringing the team home for Team Gold was Fraser Stirling (1st) 22:36, Rhys Sim (2nd) 23:46 and Matthew Eadie (4th) 25:59.

In the Senior Women Seaforth again took Team Gold with Gael Riddle and Susie Hubbard running superb races. Gael claiming 2nd place in 26:36, Susie 3rd in 26:59 and team mate Abby Cunningham (10th) 35:43 in her first cross country race.

The Senior Mens race proved to be the race of the day after a battle between Seaforths Kenny Neill and Ayrodynamic Triathlon athlete Greg Turner for the top prize with the Seaforth runner pulling clear on the last lap to become the first Ayr Seaforth athlete in 25 years to take the Senior Mens trophy. Times and places for all Seaforth men were Kenny Neill (1st) 32:21 ; Stephen McDowall (13th) 38:25 ; John Ross (14th) 38:51 ; Alasdair Meldrum (17th) 39:37 ; Stuart McLean (24th) 41:40 ; Iain Pettigrew (25th) 41:45 ; Stuart McColm (29th) 45:16. Seaforth also took Team Bronze in this race which was the first cross country event for John Ross.

Photographs of this event which are shown below are done so with the kind permission of Kenny Girvan Photography.

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