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Kilmaurs 5k – Wednesday 31 July 2013

Last Wednesday saw a small group of Seaforth road runners take part in the Kilmaurs 5k race. There were a total of 144 finishers in the race and the positions of those from Seaforth are shown in the table below :-

Kilmaurs 5k Wednesday 31 July 2013

Position Name Time Category
6th Steven Reid 17:18 Senior
7th Stephen McCrorie 17:20 v40
19th Martin McCrorie 18:52 Senior
21st Craig Brown 18:57 Senior
22nd Stuart McLean 19:09 v40
31st Peter Laing 19:42 v50
37th Paul Turnbull 19:59 v50
41st Stuart Brockie 20:18 Senior

CSSAL Division 1 – Linwood – Sunday 4 August 2013

The final Central  & South of Scotland league match of the season took place on Sunday at Linwood in very bright and very hot conditions. Those athletes from Seaforth who were competing gave an excellent account of themselves in the conditions with a large number gaining personal best performances. The results attained by each athlete are shown below :-

u11 Boys

Finlay Milne  80m(A) 3rd  12.39s ; Long Jump 7th  2.84m

Jon Martin  80m(B) 6th  14.3s

Jack Edwards  600m(A) 5th  2:02:89

Ryan Morrison  600m(B) 3rd  2:10:26

Marc Mulgrew  Long Jump(A) 5th  3.64m

u13 Boys

Brendan Lynch  100m(A) 3rd  14.8s

Ben McBain  100m(B) 1st  15.4s(=PB)

Scott Sprang  800m(A) 3rd  2:30:85

Greig Oakley  800m(B) 4th  2:45:23 ; Shot Putt(A) 8th  4.22m

Callum Laurie  High Jump(A) 5th  1.20m

u15 Boys

Fraser Angus  100m(A) 5th  12.82s ; Long Jump(A) 1st  4.96m ; High Jump(A) 4th  1.40m(PB)

Ben Lomako  100m(B) 1st  12.75s ; 400m(A) 1st  54.39s(PB)

Callum Meldrum  400m(B) 1st  61.43s ; Long Jump(B) 1st 4.63m ; Shot Putt(B) 1st  9.90m(PB)

Jamie Brotherston  800m(A) 6th  2:24:36(PB)

Fraser Paterson  High Jump(B) 2nd  1.35m(=PB)

Andrew Peck  Shot Putt(A) 1st  11.11m

u17 Men

John Hamilton  100m(A) 2nd  11.96s ; 400m(B) 2nd  54.19s(PB)

Allan McQueen  100m(B) 1st  12.45s ; Long Jump(A) 5th  4.98m

Matthew Brawley  400m(A) 3rd  54.22s ; 800m(A) 6th  2:21:36 ; High Jump(A) 4th  1.60m(PB)

Senior Men

Iain Kennedy  100m(A) 2nd  11.54s

Andrew McElwee  100m(B) 3rd  12.71s ; 400m(B) 1st  53.7s ; 800m(B) 2nd  2:13:58 ; Javelin(B)  6th  19.61m

Ben Steven  400m(A) 4th  53.27s(PB) ; 800m(A) 4th  2:12:70

Robert Tossnie  Javelin(A) 1st  34.96m(PB)

Masters Men

John McGarry  100m(A) 2nd  13.81s

4 x 100m Relays

u11 boys 2nd  62.63s

u13 boys 3rd  58.07s

u15 boys 1st  49.12s

4 x 400m Relays

senior men/u17 men  2nd  3:39:13

u11 Girls

Matilda Press  80m(A) 2nd  12.87s ; Long Jump(A) 2nd  3.49m

Gemma Bruce  80m(B) 1st  12.93s

Scarlett ross  600m(A) 5th  2:07:79 ; Long Jump(B) 2nd  3.08m

Morgan Brown  600m(B) 6th  2:16:67

u13 Girls

Eilidh Cooper  100m(A) 5th  15.37s(PB)

Amy Leith  100m(B) 6th  16.24s(PB) ; Javelin(A) 2nd  14.58m(PB) ; Shot Putt(A) 4th  5.79m

Emma Frew  800m(A) 3rd  2:37:42

Caitlin Chilton  800m(B) 4th  2:46:56 ; Long Jump(A) 3rd  3.76m

Ellie Campbell  Long Jump(B) 6th  2.99m(PB) ; Javelin(B) 5th  8.11m(PB) ; Shot Putt(B) 6th  4.07m(PB)

u15 Girls

Rhea McTaggart  100m(A) 8th  14.86s

Anna George  100m(B) 7th  15.44s

India Birrell  800m(A) 7th  2:44:70

Hannah Paisley  Shot Putt(A) 1st  9.10m(PB) ; Discus(A) 3rd  17.23m

Jennifer McVeigh  Shot Putt(B) 2nd  7.20m(PB) ; Discus(B) 1st  14.73m ; Long Jump(A) 4th  4.31m(PB)

Katie McAlpine  Long Jump(B) 3rd  4.09m

u17 Women

Ailie Shanks  100m(A) 6th  14.23s ; Shot Putt(B) 5th  5.18m(PB)

Alison Leckie  100m(B) 2nd  14.2s ; Shot Putt(A) 5th  6.29m(PB)

Lisa Rennie  300m(A) 4th  48.63s ; 800m(A) 5th  2:38:27

Katie Vallance  300m(B) 6th  49.95s(PB)

Rachel king  800m(B) 2nd  2:41:50(PB)

Senior Women

Kirstin Oakley  300m(A) 2nd  10:47:10

Carolyn Harvey  100m(A) 5th  13.93s

Sarah Paterson  100m(B) 3rd  14.6s

4 x 100m Relays

u11 Girls 2nd  64.14s

u13 Girls  5th  61.02s

u15 Girls  7th  56.29s

u17 Women  6th  56.56s




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Youth Development League Division 1 – Match 4 (FINAL) – Sunday 28 July 2013

Sunday saw the Ayrshire Harriers composite team at u13/u15 level compete in the Scottish final of this years YDL. Other teams involved were Edinburgh, Giffnock North, North Lanarkshire, Inverness, Central Athletics Club, Victoria Park Glasgow and Aberdeen. Although conditions started out on the wet side it was warm and with next to no wind it was a great day for the athletes. After a hard days competition the Harriers team finished in second place thus missing out on a trip to the UK YDL Final. There were several relay races held at the end of the competition and the Harriers boys u15 team who competed in the 4x300m race comprised of 4 Seaforth athletes so a big well done to Callum Meldrum, Ben Lomako, Keiron Struthers and Fraser Paterson.

In the separate u17 Challenge final the Harriers team enjoyed success on the day taking the u17 title. There were numerous PB’s and all individual results of Ayr Seaforth competitors are listed below :-

u13 Boys

Brendan Lynch  100m(B) 3rd  14.41s ; 200m(A) 5th  29.51s

Declan McGhee  200m(B) 4th  31.0s ; 75mH(A) 8th  15.7s(PB)

Daniel Martin  800m(A) 1st  2.24.18 ; 75mH(B) 4th  15.59s(PB)

Scott Sprang  1500m(A) 1st  5.03.25

Steven Martin  1500m(B) 1st  5.09.13 ; Shot Putt 2nd 5.61m

Blair McMeechan  Javelin(B) 3rd  15.82m ; Shot Putt(A)  6.54m(PB) ; High Jump(B) 5th 1.15m

u15 Boys

Ewan McCracken  100m(B) 3rd  12.7s(PB)

Ben Lomako  200m(B) 2nd  24.84s(PB) ; 300m(A) 1st  38.46s

Keiron Struthers  300m(B) 3rd  42.05s(PB) ; High Jump(B) 5th  1.45m(PB)

Ross Nicolson  800m(A) 7th  2.19.59(PB)

Ewan McIntyre  800m(B) 7th  2.48.63

Rhys Sim  1500(A) 3rd  4.45.18

Fraser Paterson  80mH(A) 4th  15.67s(PB)

Conan McGhee  80mH(B) 6th  18.08s(PB)

Andrew Peck  Discus(A) 2nd  28.19m ; Hammer(A) 1st  32.95m ; Shot Putt(A) 3rd  9.83m

Peter Mangan  Javelin(B) 4th  18.9m

Callum Meldrum  Shot Putt(B) 2nd  9.49m(PB) ; Long Jump(A) 4th  4.89m(PB) ; Pole Vault(A) 4th  2.10m(=PB)

u13 Girls

Emily Cleer  800m(A) 4th  2.38.08(PB)

Caitlin Chilton  800m(B) 8th  2.55.93 ; High Jump(A) 2nd  1.40m(PB)

Emma Frew  1200m(A) 1st  4.01.20(PB)

Emma Lowe  1200m(B) 1st  4.25.79

u15 Girls

Nadia Simpson  100m(A) 1st  12.94s(PB) ; 200m(A) 1st  26.64s

Rebecca Martin  800m(B) 5th  2.46.31

Mia Cullis  1500m(A) 7th  5.57.38

Louise Murray  75mH(B) 1st  12.23s(PB) ; Long Jump(A) 4th  4.55m

Hannah Paisley  Discus(B) 2nd  16.20m ; Javelin(B) 1st  21.10m

Katie McAlpine  Long Jump(B) 2nd  4.28m(PB)

Jennifer McVeigh  High Jump(A) 7th=  1.35m

The results of the relay races involving Seaforth athletes were as follows :-

u15 Girls

4 x 100m  1st place  52.34s ( Nadia Simpson, Louise Murray )

u13 Boys

4 x 100m  3rd place  56.51s ( Brendan Lynch, Declan McGhee )

u15 Boys

4 x 300m  1st place  2.46.25  ( Callum Meldrum, Ben Lomako, Keiron Struthers, Fraser Paterson )

Boys u15 4x300m team

Final Match Result

Edinburgh AC                              653.5

Ayrshire Harriers                          625

Central AC                                  531

Giffnock North                             520

Victoria Park Glasgow AC              515

Aberdeen AAC                             494

Inverness Harriers AAC                423

North Lanarkshire                       415.5

The u17 Challenge Final comprised of the following teams with the Ayrshire Harriers team emerging victorious…..North Lanarkshire, Aberdeen AAC, Edinburgh AC, Central AC, Giffnock North, Victoria Park Glasgow and Team North.

Individual results of the Ayr Seaforth athletes were as follows :-

Scott Jamieson  Hammer(A) 1st  33.93m(PB) ; Shot Putt(B) 1st  9.03m(PB)

Leigh McLevy  Hammer(A) 1st  31.27m ; Pole Vault(A) 1st  1.8m ; Shot Putt(A) 3rd  6.63m

Charlotte Crossland  High Jump(A) 4th  1.35m ; Long Jump(A) 6th  3.64m ; 80mH(A) 2nd  13.35s(PB)

Lewis McMillan  Long Jump(A) 5th  4.99m ; 100mH(A) 5th  20.20s(PB)

Matthew Brawley  High Jump(A) 5th  1.60m(=PB)

Nial McHugh  Long Jump(B) 2nd  4.94m(PB) ; 200m(B) 4th  25.35s

Ailie Shanks  Shot Putt(B) 3rd  4.99m ; 80mH(B) 2nd  17.48s ; 200m(B) 2nd  28.20s

James Pettigrew  High Jump(B) 3rd  1.50m ; 1500m(A) 3rd  4.29.13(PB)

Lisa Rennie  800m(B) 2nd  2.32.32

John Hamilton  100m(B) 1st  11.83s

Kirstin Oakley  1500m(A) 1st  4.55.16

In the relay races u17 men were 1st in a time of 46.54s and the u17 women were 2nd in a time of 52.67s.



Round Arran Road Race – Saturday 20 July 2013

A few hardy souls from Seaforth ran the recent round Arran team event, after a hard day they finished in 11th place overall and 4th mixed team. Runners with their times are shown below :-

N1   Steven Eaglesham          1.14.06

N2   Andy Crichton                1.25.32

N3   David Hughes                1.04.46

S1   Matthew Cameron          1.01.32

S2   Neil Nisbet                     1.20.38

S3   Kirsty Green                   1.26.03

Total Time                           7.32.37

Round Arran 2013

Irvine 5k Road Race – Monday 15 July 2013

Several Ayr Seaforth Athletes took part in the recent Irvine 5k road race, results for those athletes are as follows :-

6th      Steven Reid          29.12

7th      Steven McCrorie    29.15

22nd    Stuart McLean      37.22

27th     Martin McCrorie    32.45

35th     Andy Crichton       34.09

40th     Matthew Cameron  35.39

Irvine 5k Runners

Rachel Keeps Commonwealth Dream Alive

Ayr Seaforth hammer thrower Rachel Hunter produced a personal best throw at the British Under 23’s Championships at Bedford in June where she threw a personal best of 56.78 meters which resulted in her taking the bronze medal.

This in turn then led the 19 year old to receiving an invitation from British Athletics to compete at the British Senior Championships which were being held on 12/14th July at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.

Rachel went into the competition as the youngest athlete and seeded 9th.  Some of the best athletes in Great Britain were competing over the weekend but this didn’t phase young Rachel at all. She was totally focused on her own performance and she had to be as after the first 3 rounds only the top 8 would qualify to throw in the final 3 rounds. Rachel and coach Chris Black’s aim was to make the final which was a big ask due to the caliber of athletes that had entered. Her coaches and parents nerves were relieved slightly when she threw another personal best of 57.44 meters in the 1st round. This proved enough to make the top eight and into the final. A truly fantastic result for the youngster.

Not resting on her laurels, Rachel then went to throw another personal best of 58.31 meters in the 5th round, which was enough for her to finish in an astonishing 5th place.  Rachel was the only female thrower in all 4 throwing events, hammer, discus, javelin and shot put to throw a lifetime best.

Not only a great result for Rachel, Chris and her family, it has also put her very close to the Commonwealth Games Standard of 61 meters. There are 5 competitions left this season where Rachel can achieve the qualifying standard. One of these is the Scottish Senior Championships in August at Glasgow, with the other 4 being down south.  The qualifying period ends in June 2014 and with Scottish Athletics head coach, Stephen McGuire and assistant Michael Johnson watching from the side lines at Birmingham, young Rachel is definitely heading the right way towards Glasgow 2014.

u12 superTEAMS – Grangemouth – 13 July 2013

Ayr Seaforth had 3 girls teams entered in the u12 superTEAMS competition which was held on Saturday 13 July at Grangemouth Stadium. In excellent summer weather the girls did extremely well and all seemed to have enjoyed the day. There were a total of 28 teams entered from all over Scotland and Seaforth ‘A’ team finished in 7th place, the ‘B’ team in 13th place and the ‘C’ team in 10th place on equal points with Pitreavie ‘A’ team who were awarded 9th place on countback.

The competition consisted of 4 events with these being 100m, long jump, shot putt and 4x100m relay with each athlete participating in each event and gaining points for their respective team.

The ‘A’ team members were Charlotte McDowall, Carla Blockley, Jena Anderson and Gemma Bruce, the ‘B’ team Eilidh Morrison, Emma Struthers, Sophie Oxenham and Melissa Miller, the ‘C’ team Robyn MacDonald, Stephanie Craig, Abby Woodall and Laura Paisley.


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Scottish National Combined Events Championships – Grangemouth – 13 & 14 July 2013

Ayr Seaforth had 5 multi eventers taking part in the Scottish Combined Events Championships at Grangemouth on Saturday and Sunday 13/14 July. In the U18 Womens Heptathlon Carolyn Harvey came away with an excellent 3rd place finish amassing 3393 points over the seven disciplines, the results as follows. Long Jump 4.95m, Javelin 14.78m, 200m 28.62s, 100m hurdles 16.48(pb), High Jump 1.32m and shot putt 8.04m.


U16 Boy Lewis McMillan competing in his first ever pentathlon finished a creditable seventh. His results being, High Jump 1.53m (pb), 100m hurdles 20.03s (pb), Long Jump 4.15m, shot putt 8.34m (pb) and 800m 2:25:74m, for a total of 1657 points.


U14 girls Caitlin Chilton, Katie McAlpine and Kirsten McClymont were also competing in their first pentathlon and finished in 9th, 15th and 19th place respectively. Their results being, Caitlin Chilton, High Jump 1.25m, 75m hurdles 14.01s (pb), Long Jump 3.83m (pb), shot putt 5.28m (pb) and 800m 2:4:69 (pb) for 1857 points. Katie McAlpine High Jump 1.37m, 75m hurdles 15.30s(pb), Long Jump 3.88m, shot putt 5.28m (pb) and 800m 3:08:67 m (pb) for a total of 1641 points. Kirsten McClymont, High Jump 1.19m, 75m hurdles 19.23s (pb), Long Jump 1.83m, shot putt 5.44m (pb) and 800m 3:14:19m (pb) for a total of 924 points.

Carolyn Harvey
Carolyn Harvey



Ayr 5 mile and 3k river races will take place on Sunday 22nd September 2013 .

Both races start and finish on the Dam Park stadium track and follow a multi terrain course through Craigie Park alongside the River Ayr. The course is suitable for runners of all fitness levels.

Minimum age for the 5 mile race is 15 years on the day of the race.

The 3K race is open to runners of all ages, but runners under 9 yrs should be accompanied by an adult.

Registration opens at 10.00am with the 3K race starting at 10.45am and the 5 mile race starting at 11.30am.

The 3K race is entry on the day only and entry fee is £1 .

The 5 mile race entry fee is  £6 (SAF registered), £8 (non registered) and can be pre entered:

  1. Online at http://www.entrycentral.com/index.php?raceID=101197
  2. Cheque made payable to ‘ Ayr Seaforth’ and sent with River Race 2013 entry form to

Laurence Baker

10, Mainholm Smallholdings




or entered on the day.

For further information


e mail – roadrace@ayrseaforth.co.uk

phone – 07887794882


Girvan Half Marathon – Sunday 14 July 2013

Sunday saw this years Girvan Half Marathon take place in unusually hot conditions which for most would have been a hindrance rather than a help for such a race.

The notoriously undulating course usually means that times are slower than usual, though splendid efforts from Steven Eaglesham and Aimi Barker resulted in PBs.

The race also doubled as the West of Scotland half marathon championship and Steven Reid picked up a bronze medal.



3rd Steven Reid                    1.20.35

8th Steven Eaglesham           1.28.40

11th Laurence Baker             1.31.09

46th Gael Riddle                   1.49.20

47th Neil Nisbet                    1.49.33

58th Aimi Barker                   1.56.07

68th Janice McKellar             2.04.33

Aimi Barker

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