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CSSAL Division 1 – Kilmarnock – Saturday 29 June 2013

The second Central & South of Scotland Athletics League match took place yesterday at a dry but cold and windy Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock. The results of the Seaforth athletes competing are shown below with PB’s as indicated :-

u11 Girls

Scarlett Ross  Long Jump (A)  2nd  3.11m(PB), 600m(A)  4th  2:05:4(PB)

Gemma Bruce  150m(A)  2nd  23.3s

Carla Blockley  Long Jump(B)  3rd  2.78m, 150m(B)  5th  25.5s

Morgan Brown  600m(B)  3rd  2:15:1

Relay Team 4x100m  3rd  Gemma Bruce, Scarlett Ross, Carla Blockley, Morgan Brown  65.8s

u13 Girls

Emma Lowe  70mH(A)  6th  15.4s, 1200m(B)  3rd  4:30:1

Amy Leith  Shot Putt(A)  1st  6.09m(PB)

Jaime Hood  200m(A)  3rd  29.7s(PB)

Ellie Campbell  High Jump(A)  6th  1.10m, Shot Putt(B)  5th  4.06m

Emma Frew  1200m(A)  1st  4:05:7(PB)

Niamh Graham  200m(B)  4th  30.9s

Charlotte McDowall  High Jump(B)  3rd  1.00m

Relay team 4x100m  4th  Jaime Hood, Charlotte McDowall, Niamh Graham, Ellie Campbell  61.9s

u15 Girls

Jennifer McVeigh  75mH(A)  4th  13.1s, High Jump(A)  4th  1.38m

Kirsten McClymont  200m(A)  3rd  28.0s(PB)

Ella McMeechan  Shot Putt(A)  8th  5.96m(PB), Javelin(A)  3rd  14.18m(PB)

Mia CUllis  1500m(A)  8th  6:11:5

Rebecca Martin  75mH(B)  6th  17.2s

Anna George  200m(B)  6th  31.5s

Relay Team 4x100m  4th  Jennifer McVeigh, Anna George, Kirsten McClymont, Rebecca Martin

u17 Women

Ailie Shanks  80mH(A)  6th  17.9s(PB), 200m(A)  7th  30.1s, Shot Putt(B)  4th  5.24m

Kirstin Oakley  1500m(A)  1st  4:53:1, 200m(B)  5th  32.1s(PB)

Sophie Lewis  Shot Putt(A)  7th  6.02m, Discus  2nd  24.59m

Rachel King  1500m(B)  1st  5:40:6

Relay Team 4x100m  5th  Ailie Shanks, Rachel King, Kirstin Oakley, Sophie Lewis

Masters Women

Sharyn Ramage  1500m(A)  4th  5:42:9, 200m(B)  1st  37.1s

Kat McCubbin  200m(A)  4th  43.3s

u11 Boys

Marc Mulgrew  Long Jump(A)  6th  3.52m

Finlay Milne  150m(A)  2nd  21.7s

Findlay Williamson  600m(A)  3rd  1:56:7

Lucas Short  Long Jump(B)  2nd  3.4m

Lewis Lennox  150m(B)  5th  24.3s, 600m(B)  3rd  2:11:1

Relay Team 4x100m  1st  Josh Martin, Finlay Milne, Findlay Williamson, Marc Mulgrew  61.4s

u13 Boys

Declan McGhee  75mH(A)  4th  15.3s(PB), Long Jump(B)  2nd  3.89m(PB)

Sam Brotherston  200m(A)  4th  30.8s

Blair McMeechan  High Jump(A)  3rd  1.25m(PB)

Robbie Swift  Long Jump(A)  2nd  4.15m(PB), 200m(B)  3rd  31.4s

Daniel Martin  1500m(A)  1st  4:57:7(PB), 75mH(B)  2nd  15.9s

Callum Laurie  High Jump(B)  3rd  1.25m

Scott Sprang  1500m(A)  1st  5:01:2(PB)

Relay Team 4x100m  1st  Robbie Swift, Declan McGhee, Blair McMeechan, Sam Brotherston  57.3s

u15 Boys

Fraser Angus  80mH(A)  1st  13.5s, 200m(A)  1st  24.8s

Kieran Struthers  High Jump(A)  2nd  1.50m, 200m(B)  2nd  26.9s

Fraser Stirling  1500m(A)  2nd  4:35:5(PB)

Callum Meldrum  Javelin(A)  6th  22.51m, 80mH(B)  1st  15.1s(PB), Long Jump(B)  1st  4.74m

Peter Mangan  High Jump(B)  1st  1.35m, Javelin(B)  3rd  19.29m(PB)

Jamie Brotherston  1500m(B)  1st  4:53:3

u17 Men

Alan McQueen  Triple Jump(A)  4th  10.43m(PB)

Niall McHugh  Javelin(A)  3rd  25.04s(PB), Shot Putt(A)  5th  8.27m

John Hamilton  200m(A)  2nd  24.5s, Javelin(B)  1st  20.89s(PB), Shot Putt  1st  7.31m

James Pettigrew  1500m(A)  4th  4:30:7(PB)

Matthew Brawley  200m(B)  1st  24.8s, 1500m(B)  1st  4:54:6(PB)

Relay Team 4x100m  1st  John Hamilton, Matthew Brawley, Allan McQueen, Niall McHugh  47.1s

Senior Men

Andrew McElwee  200m(A)  6th  24.9s, 1500m(A)  4th  4:52:8(PB), 110mH(A)  2nd  18.7s, High Jump(A)  2nd  1.60m

James Gaffney  Javelin(A)  1st  39.84m

Robert Tossnie  Discus(A)  4th  22.77m(PB), Javelin(B)  1st  34.37m

Ben Steven  200m(B)  2nd  25.0s, 1500m(B)  2nd  5:01:9(PB), Long Jump(B)  2nd  4.53m(PB)

Masters Men

David Hughes  1500m(A)  3rd  5:09:9(PB)



National Relays and Masters Championships – Grangemouth – Sunday 16 June 2013

Sunday 16 June proved to be an excellent day in the Grangemouth sunshine for 2 of the Seaforth teams competing at this years National Relay Championships. There were several teams competing in both the 4 x 100m and 3 x 800m championships at the various age groups for both girls and boys. After the vast number of heats were run Seaforth had teams in the girls u14 3 x 800m final, boys u14 3 x 800m final, boys u16 3 x 800m final, boys u14 4 x 100m final and the boys u16 4 x 100m final.

First up were the u14 girls 3 x 800m where Seaforth had 3 teams competing. In heat 1 the B team finished in 5th position while the C team were 7th in heat 2 and the A team were 3rd in heat 3 qualifying for the final.

Next up were the boys u14 3 x 800m where Seaforth had 2 teams entered. In heat 1 the A team comprising of Ross Nicolson, Steven Martin and Daniel Martin won by a 10 second margin thus qualifying for the final. In heat 2 the B team were simply outrun by much bigger and stronger boys and finished in 6th place but their time will surely come in this age group.

The girls u16 3 x 800m teams were next on the track with Seaforth having 2 teams running although this was in no small part due to Hannah Birrell agreeing at very short notice to fill a space in a race, she had to borrow kit to run a distance she had never ran before so a big thanks to her for that. Unfortunately neither team made the final with the A team finishing 5th in heat 2 and the B team 5th in heat 3.

In the boys u16 3 x 800m there was a solitary team entered comprising of Fraser Stirling, Lewis Ross & Jamie Brotherston, they ran a very difficult race in heat 2 working very hard indeed for a creditable 3rd place finish and a place in the final.

The first final was the girls u14 where the A team ran well to finish in 6th place. Following on was the boys u14 final which was led from start to finish by Seaforth. The first leg narrowly went to Ross Nicolson who handed the baton over to Steven Martin. Steven who is ranked 1st in Scotland and 9th UK in his age group for 800m was never in any danger of being caught and opened up a very healthy lead to hand over to his twin brother Daniel. Daniel who amazingly is ranked 2nd in Scotland and 14th UK in his age group for 800m less than a second behind his brother increased their lead to bring home the gold medal.

Next was the turn of the 4 x 100m teams. First up was the girls u14 where we had a single team entered. Despite a 2nd place finish in heat 1 their time unfortunately didn’t see them reach the final.

The single boys u14 team had a comfortable win in heat 1 qualifying them for the final.

The boys u16 team were 3rd in heat 1 with a time that saw them reach their final later in the day.

In the boys u14 final the team of Robbie Swift, Callum Meldrum, Declan McGhee and Fraser Angus ran an excellent race to finish in silver medal position by the merest of margins…they were 0.7seconds behind the winners Giffnock North A team.

The boys u16 final only had 7 teams competing instead of the usual 8 owing to the fact that an amazing 5 teams had been disqualified in the two heats. Unfortunately the Ayr teams efforts couldn’t carry them to a medal position with them finishing in 5th place.

Also in action were Gwen McFarlane (W55) and Bobby Stevenson (M60). Gwen won gold in the discus ( 20.19m ) and javelin ( 18.58m ) as well as silver in the hammer ( 23.32m ) and shot putt ( 7.31m ). Bobby won gold in the 300m hurdles ( 45.46secs ).

Amy Palmer

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Ayrshire Harriers Open Meeting – Kilmarnock – Wednesday 12 June 2013

The latest Ayrshire Harriers Open meeting took place at a very sunny Ayrshire Athletics Arena, Kilmarnock on Wednesday night. As usual the bulk of the athletes participating were from Ayr Seaforth and again it has to be said it was a joy to see so many younger club members perhaps taking part in their first ever event. a total of 66 athletes from Ayr Seaforth participated and there were some great performances with some athletes again gaining PB’s.

The results of those Seaforth athletes are as follows :-

U11 Boys

Alec Crooks  Long Jump 2nd  3.65m(PB) ; 150m  24.7s(PB)

Marc Mulgrew  Long Jump 3rd  3.65m(PB) ; 150m  23.0s

Ruben Lindsay  Long Jump 4th  3.40m(PB) ; 150m  23.1s(PB)

Lewis Martin  Long Jump 7th  2.88m(PB) ; 150m  24.5s(PB) ; 600m 5th 2:20:8(PB)

Max McLean  150m  23.8s(PB) ; 600m 4th 2:17:4(PB)

Jack Edwards  150m 22.2s(PB) ; 600m 1st 1:57:1(PB)

U13 Boys

Robbie Swift  Long Jump 1st  4.00m(PB)

Andrew Morrison  Long Jump 2nd  3.82m(PB) ; Shot Putt 2nd  6.25m ; 200m  31.4s

Christopher Blockley  Long Jump 5th  3.54m(PB) ; Shot Putt 3rd  5.25m(PB)

Callum Laurie  Long Jump 8th  2.66m(PB) ; High Jump 2nd  1.20m(PB) ; 200m  31.8s(PB)

Michael Bargh  Shot Putt 1st  8.56m(PB) ; 800m 3rd  2:38:1(PB)

Greig Oakley  Shot Putt 4th  5.23m(PB) ; 200m  34.0s(PB) ; 800m 4th  2:50:8(PB)

Daniel Martin  200m 29.2s(PB)

Scott Sprang  800m 2nd  2:32:0(PB)

Logan Cotter  800m 5th  2:52:6(PB)

U15 Boys

Callum Meldrum  Long Jump 1st  4.85m(PB) ; Javelin 1st  23.76m(PB) ; Pole Vault 1st  2.00m(PB)

Gerard Downie  Long Jump 5th  3.73m(PB) ; 200m 5th  29.6s(=PB)

Sean Morrison  Javelin 4th  16.03m(PB) ; Shot Putt 1st  6.61m(PB)

Ewan McCracken  200m 2nd  26.2s(PB)

Kieran Struthers  200m 4th  26.9s(PB)

Ross Nicolson  800m 2nd  2:19:7(PB)

Lewis Ross  800m 3rd  2:20:0

U17 Men

Scott Jamieson  Javelin 1st  35.6m(PB)

Allan McQueen  Long Jump 1st  5.56m(PB) ; 200m  25.6s(PB)

Lewis McMillan  Long Jump 2nd  5.42m(PB) ; 200m  25.2s(PB)

James Pettigrew  High Jump 1st  1.63m(PB) ; 800m 1st  2:05:3(PB)

Mathew Brawley  High Jump 2nd  1.60m(PB) ; 200m  24.8s ; 800m 4th  2:09:9(PB)

Senior Men

Fraser Mckenzie  Long Jump 1st 4.86m ; 200m 7th  28.8s

Jonathan Thompson  200m 3rd  23.8s

U11 Girls

Matilda Press  150m 1st in heat  23.6s(=PB) ; Long Jump 1st  3.45m

Sophie Oxenham  150m 2nd in heat  24.3s(PB) ; Long Jump 5th  2.64m(PB) ; Shot Putt 5th  3.34m(PB)

Carla Blockley  150m 3rd in heat  25.1s ; Long Jump 3rd  2.84m(PB) ; Shot Putt 7th=  2.71m(PB)

Eva Kerr  150m  5th in heat  25.4s(PB) ; Shot Putt 6th  3.06m(PB)

Eilidh Morrison  150m 6th in heat  26.2s ; Long Jump 6th  2.55m(PB) ; Shot Putt 1st  4.25m(PB)

Alex Meldrum  150m 7th in heat  28.7s(PB) ; 600m 5th  2:43:4 ; Long Jump 9th  2.26m

Gemma Bruce  150m 1st in heat  23.8s(PB) ; Long Jump 4th  2.69m(PB)

Neve Cassidy  150m 2nd in heat  25.5s(PB) ; Long Jump 7th  2.50m(PB) ; Shot Putt 3rd  3.66m(PB)

Lauren Carswell  150m 5th in heat  27.9s(PB)

Scarlett Ross  600m  1st  2:13:1(PB) ; Long Jump 2nd  3.00m

Morgan Brown  600m 2nd  2:18:3(PB) ; Long Jump 8th  2.40m(PB) ; Shot Putt 7th=  2.71m(PB)

U13 Girls

Emma Frew  800m 1st in heat  2:38:6

Charlotte McDowall  200m 3rd in heat  32.7s(PB) ; Long Jump 4th  3.55m(PB)

Jenna Anderson  200m 5th in heat  34.6s(PB) ; 800m 4th in heat  2:51:9(PB)

Breegan Bilham  800m 5th in heat  2:56:6(PB)

Jaime Hood  200m 1st in heat  30.0s

Lucy Davidson  200m 2nd in heat  30.9s(PB) ; 800m  2nd in heat 2:38:7

Melissa Miller  200m 3rd in heat  31.6s(PB) ; Long Jump 8th  3.27m(PB)

Emma Low  200m 4th in heat  32.6s(PB) ; Long Jump 7th  3.30m

Caitlin Chilton  800m 3rd in heat  2:47:6 ; High Jump 2nd  1.25m

Hazel Kirk  Long Jump 1st  3.94m(PB)

U15 Girls

Hannah Birrell  200m 3rd in heat  29.6s ; Long jump 10th  3.51m

Joanne McGuffie  200m 5th in heat  30.6s(PB) ; Long Jump 5th  3.68m(PB)

Rebecca Campbell  200m 1st in heat  28.9s(PB)

Holly Coughtrie  200m 4th in heat  30.0s ; Long Jump 6th  3.76m(PB)

Beth Littlejohn  200m 6th in heat  31.9s(PB) ; Long Jump 12th  3.19m(PB)

India Birrell  800m 3rd 2:38:3(PB) ; High jump 5th  1.30m

Rebecca Martin  800m 4th 2:42:7 ; Long Jump 11th  3.51m

Mia Cullis  800m 5th  2:46:5(PB) ; Long Jump 9th  3.53m(PB)

Hannah Pettigrew  800m 6th  2:48:4(PB) : Long jump 16th  2.58m(PB)

Jennifer McVeigh  Long Jump 3rd  3.88m ; High Jump 1st  1.43m(PB)

Olivia Hill  Long Jump 14th  2.83m(PB)

Megan Miller  Long Jump 15th  2.90m(PB)

U17 Women

Kirstin Oakley  200m 6th  32.3s(PB) ; 800m 1st  2:28:2

Lisa Rennie  800m 2nd  2:39:6


Ailie Shanks & Kirstin Oakley 200m

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Youth Development League Division 1 – Match 2 – Sunday 2 June 2013

The second match of the YDL took place at a sun drenched Ayrshire Athletics Arena on Sunday 2nd June. A large number of u13,u15 and u17 Seaforth athletes made up the bulk of the Ayrshire Harriers team and thanks to the near perfect conditions a few PB’s were recorded. The individual performances of those Seaforth athletes are shown below :-

U13 Boys

Robbie Swift  100m(A) 4th 14.73s

Brendan Lynch  200m(A) 2nd 29.05s

Daniel Martin  800m(A) 1st 2:24:56 ; 75mH(B) 4th 15.91s(PB)

Steven Martin  800m(B) 1st 2:26:51 ; Shot Putt(A) 6th 5.72m(PB) ; High Jump(B) 2nd 1.20m(PB)

Scott Sprang  1500m(A) 6th 5:12:99

Greig Oakley  1500m(B) 4th 5:33:78(PB)

Declan McGhee  75mH(A) 6th 16.70s

U15 Boys

Fraser Angus  100m(A) 2nd 12.73s ; 200m(A) 2nd 25.21s ; Long Jump(A) 4th 5.01m

Ben Lomako  200m(B) 1st 25.47s(PB) ; 300m(A) 1st 39.20s(PB)

Ross Nicolson  800m(B) 3rd 2:24:83

Peter Mangan  800m(A) 8th 3:02:94(PB) ; High Jump(A) 7th 1.35m

Jamie Brotherston  1500m(B) 2nd 4:50:30(PB)

Fraser Stirling  1500m(A) 4th 4:37:81(PB)

Callum Meldrum  80mH(A) 6th 15.55s(PB) ; Shot Putt(B) 8.97m(PB) ; Long Jump(B) 2nd 4.76m(=PB)

Andrew Peck  Discus(A) 3rd 27.74m(PB) ; Javelin(B) 1st 24.45m ; Shot Putt(A) 2nd 10.43m

U17 Men

Lewis McMillan  100mH(B) 3rd 21.41s(PB)

Nial McHugh  200m(A) 3rd 25.16s ; Shot Putt(A) 5th 8.16m

John Hamilton  Shot Putt(B) 4th 7.06m

Matthew Brawley  High Jump(B) 1st 1.55m

U13 Girls

Jaime Hood  150m(B) 3rd 21.90s(PB)

Emily Cleer  1200m(B) 3rd 4:36:95(PB)

Emma Lowe  1200m(A) 5th 4:21:86(PB)

Caitlin Chilton  High Jump(A) 1st= 1.30m ; 800m(A) 8th 2:49:06

U15 Girls

Kirsten McClymont  100m(A) 6th 14.10s ; 200m(B) 3rd 28.62s ; Long Jump(A) 5th 4.12m

Nadia Simpson  200m(A) 1st 27.80s

Mia Cullis  1500m(A) 8th 5:49:98

Rebecca Martin  75mH(A) 7th 15.35s(PB) ; Long Jump(B) 7th 3.72m(PB)

Louise Murray  High Jump(A) 4th 1.40m

Jennifer McVeigh  Discus(B) 2nd 15.89m(PB) ; Shot Putt(B) 3rd 6.58m

U17 Women

Ailie Shanks  80mH(B) 2nd 17.23s ; Long Jump(B) 6th 3.37m

Charlotte Crossland  80mH(A) 3rd 14.25s ; Long Jump(A) 5th 3.80m

Katherine Trainer  200m(A) 2nd 27.91s

Kirstin Oakley  1500m(A) 2nd 5:04:98

Rachael King  1500m(B) 1st 5:53:36

Leigh McLevy  Shot Putt(A) 2nd 6.28m

In the 4 x 100m relay races several Seaforth athletes also competed, positions and the athletes involved were:-

U13 Girls

Team 4th……Jaime Hood

U15 Girls

Team 3rd….Kirsten McClymont, Nadia Simpson, Louise Murray

U13 Boys

Team 2nd….Robbie Swift, Brendan Lynch

U15 Boys

Team 1st….Ben Lomako, Callum Meldrum, Fraser Angus

Team Points Total – u13/u15

Edinburgh                       604

Ayrshire Harriers              529

Giffnock North                 523

VP Glasgow                     465

Pitreavie                         396

Central AC                      381

Kilbarchan                       374

South Lanarkshire            310


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Andrew Peck



Land O’ Burns 10k Road Race 2013 – Results

1. Kerry-Liam Wilson m40 Ron Hill Cambuslang 32.26
2. David Phee m Giffnock North AC 33.56
3. Alex Allardyce m40 Irvine AC 35.04
4. Stephen Paris m20 Ron Hill Cambuslang 36.04
5. Michael Cunningham m40 Edinburgh Triathletes 36.06
6. Keith Haining m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 36.28
7. Mark Livingstone m40 Irvine AC 37.27
8. Stephen McCrorie m40 Ayr Seaforth AC 37.33
9. Ian Hughes m40 Calderglen Harriers 37.36
10. Alisdair Marshall m40 Lordshill Road Runners 37.39
11. Donald McPartlin m UA 37.40
12. Brian Carrigan m UA 37.49
13. Stewart Ferguson m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 38.01
14. Peter Laing m50 Ayr Seaforth AC 38.26
15. Kara Tait f Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 38.30
16. John Cairns m50 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 38.39
17. Connell Drummond m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 39.03
18. Stephen Speirs m40 Kilbarchan AC 39.16
19. Fraser McPhail m40 Troon Tortoises AC 39.22
20. Deborah Gray f35 Bellahouston Road Runners 39.30
21. Luke chamberlain m40 UA 40.05
22. Steven Connell m40 Irvine AC 40.07
23. Laura McGarrity f35 Troon Tortoises AC 40.10
24. Angus McTaggart m40 Girvan AAC 40.11
25. Stephen Phimster m40 Calderglen Harriers 40.34
26. David Boag m40 Bellahouston Road Runners 40.43
27. Martin McRorie m FSR 40.49
28. John Tougher m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 40.50
29. David Connell m40 UA 40.56
30. Grant Matheson m50 Falkirk Victoria Harriers 41.22
31. Ann Robin f35 Bellahouston Road Runners 41.34
32. Graeme Haddow m50 East Kilbride AC 41.45
33. Stewart McLean m40 Ayr Seaforth AC 41.57
34. David Herbertson m40 Calderglen Harriers 42.06
35. Jim Holmes m40 Calderglen Harriers 42.23
36. Graeme McKenzie m Troon Tortoises AC 42.33
37. Kenneth Fowler m40 Troon Tortoises AC 42.40
38. James Murray m UA 42.42
39. William McCartney m UA 42.26
40. Andy Henderson m50 Calderglen Harriers 42.48
41. Tom Coughtrie m50 UA 42.56
42. Julie Beveridge f Calderglen Harriers 43.08
43. Gordon McNab m40 UA 43.17
44. Stephen Flanagan m40 Girvan AAC 43.17
45. Shona Donnelly f45 Bellahouston Road Runners 43.24
46. Trevor Phillips m40 UA 43.37
47. Andy Laughland m50 Jog Scotland 43.39
48. Jim Phillips m Troon Tortoises AC 43.42
49. Russell McCutcheon m40 UA 43.49
50. David Lowdon m50 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 43.54
51. James Sneddon m40 Irvine AC 43.56
52. Andrew Stewart m40 UA 44.01
53. Carol Boyd f45 Ua 44.06
54. Richard Grey m40 UA 44.08
55. Paul Ross m40 UA 44.16
56. Kenny Anderson m40 UA 44.20
57. Graham Humes m50 UA 44.26
58. Stewart Jarvie m40 Giffnock North AAC 44.36
59. Damian Taylor m40 North Ayrshire AC 44.40
60. Stewart McAllister m Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 44.42
61. Derek Cambers m40 UA 44.48
62. Ian Falconer m50 UA 44.59
63. John Young m40 Jog Scotland Chryston 45.05
64. Douglas Leitch m50 Kinross Road Runners 45.30
65. Mark Hamilton m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 45.41
66. Derek O'Ware m40 UA 45.47
67. Campbell Read m50 UA 45.53
68. Alan Kelly m40 UA 45.55
69. Brian Darroch m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 46.04
70. Ian McNee m50 Troon Tortoises AC 46.09
71. Stephen Bryson m UA 46.12
72. George Laird m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 46.13
73. Stewart White m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 46.20
74. Claire Gillespie f35 UA 46.38
75. Ian Wilson m40 UA 46.40
76. Mick Quirk m UA 46.41
77. Darrel Dunscombe m40 Troon Tortoises AC 46.44
78. Martin Fraser m40 Troon Tortoises AC 46.49
79. Carol Boyd f45 UA 46.51
80. Hugh Simpson m50 Calderglen Harriers 46.54
81. Allan William m40 Ayrodynamic TC 46.55
82. Cameron Smith m UA 47.06
83. Paul Deas m Troon Tortoises AC 47.13
84. Lee Cuthbertson m UA 47.18
85. Andy Taylor m50 UA 47.20
86. D White m40 UA 47.22
87. Allan Swan m40 UA 47.30
88. Graeme Marshall m UA 47.41
89. Anne Noble f45 Troon Tortoises AC 47.51
90. Jack Kinghorn m UA 48.00
91. Richard MacDonald m UA 48.07
92. Fiona MacGregor f UA 48.30
93. David Searil m50 Calderglen Harriers 48.49
94. Alan Falconer m40 UA 48.50
95. Wallace Shedden m50 Irvine AC 48.51
96. Russell Frew m UA 48.52
97. Angela Aitken f35 UA 48.53
98. Aaron Clancy m20 UA 48.54
99. Pamela Porteous f35 UA 49.00
100. Jacqueline Neil f Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 49.09
101. Robbie Fulker m60 UA 49.10
102. Ian Short m60 Rons Runners 49.37
103. Richard Thow m UA 49.42
104. Alison Lessells f Calderglen Harriers 49.49
105. Allan Houston m Girvan AAC 49.54
106. John Connell m40 UA 49.59
107. Andy MacDonald m UA 50.02
108. George McGregor m60 Troon Tortoises Ac 50.08
109. Paul Main m40 UA 50.20
110. Jemma Kerr f UA 50.23
111. John Duffy m UA 50.36
112. James Cairns m50 UA 50.40
113. Janie Clachan f35 UA 50.46
114. Craig Auld m20 17th Boys Brigade 50.48
115. Scott Gourlay m Ayrodynamic TC 50.50
116. Stuart Lampard m40 UA 50.55
117. Colin Baird m40 UA 51.03
118. Adam Brett m UA 51.08
119. David Birtles m40 UA 51.13
120. Aimi Barker f35 Ayr Seaforth AC 51.25
121. Peter Ryan m40 UA 51.30
122. Arlene Quinn f45 UA 51.31
123. Neil McFadden m UA 51.32
124. David Campbell m50 UA 51.42
125. John Goodenough m Girvan AC 51.45
126. Tim Murphy m40 UA 51.58
127. Nicola Rowan f UA 52.00
128. Moira Connell f45 Troon Tortoises AC 52.03
129. Neill Russell m40 UA 52.06
130. Joellene McNab f35 UA 52.10
131. Ewan Murray m Ayrodynamic TC 52.16
132. David Lock m50 UA 52.16
133. Gordon Howie m UA 52.24
134. Colin Mutch m60 UA 52.26
135. Caroline Hendrie f35 UA 52.26
136. Liam McBlane m UA 52.28
137. Alison Boreland f UA 52.28
138. Graham McIllroy m40 Bellahouston Road Runners 52.39
139. Jackie McCulloch f45 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 52.40
140. Ian Thomas m50 UA 52.40
141. Ian Armstrong m40 UA 52.52
142. Pauline Vallance f55 Renfrewshire Jogging Buddies 53.02
143. Nikki Glover f35 UA 53.12
144. Stuart Dick m40 UA 53.17
145. Robert Gerrie m UA 53.20
146. Deborah Reed f35 Girvan AAC 53.24
147. Claire Rogerson f Prestwick Tennis 53.29
148. Gillian Watson f UA 53.30
149. Les Sharp m50 UA 53.32
150. Gillian Johnstone f20 UA 53.34
151. Colin Anderson m UA 53.34
152. Michael Mcnaught m40 UA 53.38
153. Scott Rae m UA 53.45
154. Ian Johnstone m50 UA 53.48
155. Kenneth Russell m20 UA 53.51
156. Kevin Morgan m UA 54.00
157. Claire Harris f35 UA 54.09
158. Elizabeth Martin f45 UA 54.12
159. Lynda Bryceland f35 Killie Striders 54.18
160. John McBride m50 Calderglen Harriers 54.27
161. Noelle Mcquillan f45 Ayr Seaforth AC 54.34
162. Fiona Peterkin f35 UA 54.38
163. Terry Wright m50 UA 54.41
164. Elaine Bufton f45 UA 54.43
165. Scott Leiper m UA 54.44
166. Tobias Anderson m UA 54.47
167. Lynsey Parker f UA 54.49
168. Fiona Merry f35 UA 54.49
169. Caroline Brown f45 UA 54.50
170. Kevin Jamieson m UA 54.50
171. Jennifer McCutcheon f45 UA 54.51
172. Alison Ryrie f UA 55.11
173. Brian Clark m40 UA 55.27
174. Tara Malik f35 UA 55.28
175. Louise Glover f20 UA 55.29
176. Mari Lusk f35 UA 55.33
177. Lynn Masterson f35 UA 55.35
178. Kimberley Todd f35 UA 55.39
179. Alan Anderson m40 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 55.39
180. Mary Heraghty f45 Giffnock North AAC 55.40
181. Ruth Kirk f35 UA 55.52
182. Ruth Robertson f35 Girvan AAC 56.09
183. Simon Donald m40 UA 56.46
184. Garry Jackson m UA 56.48
185. Catherine Donald f35 UA 56.53
186. Kate Wilson f35 UA 56.54
187. Pamela Gray f35 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 56.54
188. Russell Couper m40 Calderglen Harriers 56.57
189. Fiona Caldwell f35 UA 57.09
190. Kenny Weir m60 UA 57.20
191. Andy McCrindle m40 UA 57.38
192. Mark Donnelly m UA 57.51
193. Susan Hamilton f35 UA 58.04
194. Fran Hazlett f35 UA 58.12
195. Kirsten Still f UA 58.12
196. Jacqueline Smith f UA 58.12
197. Paul Symington m40 UA 58.28
198. Lisa Smith f35 UA 58.32
199. Rhona Sturgeon f35 Tonis Tigers 58.34
200. Jack Cowan m UA 58.36
201. Ainslie Mul f Thurso Running Club 58.49
202. Deborah Harrower f35 UA 58.49
203. Donna McConnell f35 UA 58.54
204. Matthew Moffat m40 UA 59.51
205. John Kelly m40 UA 59.51
206. Mercy Hodge f35 UA 60.01
207. Lisa Caldwell f UA 60.19
208. Katie Grier f Tonis Tigers 60.33
209. Sarah Caldwell f45 UA 61.14
210. Valerie McNaught f45 UA 61.57
211. Lynn Stevenson f45 UA 62.01
212. Ian Queen m50 17th Ayr Boys Brigade 62.01
213. Anthony McLaughlin m UA 62.05
214. Carolanne Elliot f35 UA 62.14
215. Arlane Fleming f35 UA 62.28
216. Chie Hasegawa f UA 62.28
217. Fiona Cameron f35 UA 62.37
218. Jenny Ryrie f UA 62.48
219. Kevin McCreadie m UA 62.48
220. Angela Reid f35 UA 62.56
221. Sue Denton f35 UA 62.56
222. Kirsteen Mitchell f35 Tonis Tigers 62.59
223. Paul Allan m40 UA 63.10
224. Laura McGarva f UA 64.16
225. Kirtsy McClearie f UA 64.25
226. Linda Higgins f35 UA 65.07
227. Christine McShane f45 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 65.09
228. Margaret Hamilton f55 UA 66.21
229. Janice Millar f55 Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 66.44
230. Linda Robin f UA 67.50
231. Joanna Gallagher f UA 69.14
232. Marion Dunlop f35 Tonis Tigers 69.14
233. Fiona Normansell f35 Tonis Tigers 72.38
234. Heather Burrell f Tonis Tigers 76.28
235. Allan Burrell m Tonis Tigers 77.03
236. Deborah O'Donnell f35 Woodside Wanderers 78.29
237. Denise Fryer f35 Jog Scotland Wanderers 78.33
238. Clare Forrest Lowry f35 UA 78.33

West District Championships – Kilmarnock – 24th/25th May 2013

A group of 31 athletes from Ayr Seaforth competed at this weekends West District Track & Field Championships which were held on the evening of Friday 24th May and on Saturday 25th May at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena, Kilmarnock. Excellent weather prevailed with a slight wind and sunny overhead conditions. The age groups for such competitions are slightly different to those in the leagues whereby athletes compete in u14, u16, u18, u20 and senior age groups. Friday night saw the 200m and 1500m medals being decided on the track for all age groups with the winners also being decided in the hammer and triple jump. All other events were decided during the course of competition on Saturday. The haul of medals by Seaforth athletes is probably the best showing by the club at a major championship with 12 Gold, 6 Silver and 5 Bronze.

Full results are shown below with heat times indicated :-

U14 Boys

Fraser Angus 100m (Heat) 1st 12.79s(PB), (Final) 1st 12.51s(PB) ; 200m (Heat) 1st 24.7s(PB), (Final) 1st 24.45s(PB) ; Long Jump 3rd 4.96m

Callum Meldrum 100m (Heat) 13.50s(SB) , (Final) 5th 13.48s(SB) ; 200m (Heat) 2nd 26.6s , (Final) 4th 26.39s ; Long Jump 4th 4.76m(PB) ; Shot Putt 1st 10.43m(PB)

Gerard Downie 100m (Heat) 6th 14.97s(PB) ; 200m (Heat) 5th 29.6s(PB) ; Long Jump 14th 3.67m(PB)

Ben McBain 100m (Heat) 8th 15.61s

Steven Martin 800m (Heat) 1st 2:27:21 , (Final) 2nd 2:20:99(PB) ; 1500m 5th 5:03:89(PB)

Daniel Martin 800m (Heat) 1st 2:27:87 , (Final) 3rd 2:21:82 ; 1500m 10th 5:08:35(PB)

Ewan McLevy 800m (Heat) 1st 2:26:77 , (Final) 4th 2:23:59(PB)

U16 Boys

Andrew Peck 100m (Heat) 4th 13.70s , (Final) 6th 13.40s(SB) ; 200m (Final) 6th 26.48s(PB) ; Shot Putt 5th 10.27m ; Hammer 2nd 33.15m ; Javelin 5th 28.57m(PB)

U18 Men

John Hamilton 100m(Heat) 4th 12.41s , (Final) 7th 12.24s ; 200m (Heat) 3rd 23.97s(PB) , (Final) 7th 23.78s(PB)

Ben Steven 200m (Heat) 4th 24.24s(PB)

Matthew Brawley 200m (Heat) 5th 24.71s(PB) ; 400m (Final) 2nd 54.30s(PB)

James Pettigrew 800m (Final) 6th 2:09:85(PB) ; 1500m 12th 4:31:48(PB)

Scott Jamieson Hammer 3rd 30.76m ; Javelin 1st 34.35m(PB)

U20 Men

Robert Tossnie Shot Putt 2nd 8.80m(SB) ; Javelin 1st 34.83m(PB)

Senior Men

Jonathan Thompson 200m (Heat) 5th 23.38s

Neil Burnside 800m 1st 1:56:36(SB) ; 1500m 3rd 4:05:00(PB)

U14 Girls

Kirsten McClymont 100m (Heat) 1st 14.05s , (Final)  1st 14.02s ; 200m (Heat) 1st 28.10s(PB) , (Final) 3rd 28.10s(PB) ; Long Jump 2nd 4.24m(PB)

Katie McAlpine 100m (Heat) 3rd 15.61s(SB) ; Long Jump 6th 3.90m(SB)

Beth Littlejohn 200m (Heat) 7th 31.6s

Emma Frew 800m (Heat) 3rd 2:36:92(PB) , (Final) 5th 2:35:32(PB)

Caitlin Chilton 800m (Heat) 6th 2:52:23 ; High Jump 4th 1.20m ; Long Jump 10th 3.44m

Mia Cullis 1500m 8th 5:43:66

Hannah Paisley Shot Putt 2nd 8.73m ; Discus 1st 22.29m(PB) ; Javelin 2nd 23.08m(PB)

U16 Girls

Nadia Simpson 100m (Heat) 1st 13.69s(SB) , (Final) 5th 13.86s ; 200m (Heat) 2nd 27.30s , (Final) 5th 27.35s

Ailie Shanks 100m (Heat) 2nd 13.88s(SB) ; 200m (Heat) 4th 27.50s(PB)

Rebecca Martin 800m (Heat) 5th 2:26:19

Kirstin Oakley 1500m 4th 4:57:24(SB)

Louise Murray  High Jump 5th 1.40m

U18 Women

Leigh McLevy  Pole Vault 1st 1.87m(PB) ; Hammer 1st 32.75m

Carolyn Harvey  Triple Jump 1st 10.63m

U20 Women

Aileen Rennie  Javelin 1st 41.66m(SB)


Picture 1 of 16

Andrew Peck 200m



Land O’Burns 10K Road Race

The “Land O’ Burns 10K Road Race” will be held on Wednesday 29th May 2013 at Seafield Pavillion, Old Racecourse, Ayr, KA7 4DN. This is a Scottish Athletics permitted event and follows the guidelines of under UKA rules. The Race starts at 7.30pm and you must be a minimum 15 years old on the day of the race

land o burns

Pre entry will be £7 for SAF members and £9 for non SAF members. You can either enter online from http://www.entrycentral.com or click on one of the links below to download entry form.

Click here to download in PDF (Acrobat) format or here to open in Word format.

Send completed entry form and cheque payable to “Ayr Seaforth” to “Laurence Baker 10 Mainholm Smallholdings Ayr KA6 5HD ”

Limited entry will also be available on the night : SAF members £8, Non members:£10. Registration from 5.30pm

For further information, please email roadrace@ayrseaforth.co.uk or phone Laurence Baker on 07887794882

CSSAL Division 1 – Wishaw – Sunday 12 May 2013

The first Central & South of Scotland Athletics League match of the season took place on Sunday 12 May 2013 at Wishaw in wet and windy conditions. The results of the Seaforth athletes who took part are as follows :-

u11 Boys

Findlay Williamson  Long Jump(A) 6th 3.18m(PB) ; 600m(A) 6th 2:03:89(PB)

Jack Edwards  80m(A) 5th 12.44s(PB)

Marc Mulgrew  Long Jump(B) 6th 2.64m

Finlay Milne  80m(B) 1st 12.03s(PB)

Lewis Lennox  600m(B) 4th 2:12:07(PB)

u13 Boys

Blair McMeechan  Javelin(A) 4th 17.83m ; Shot Putt(B) 1st 6.02m(PB)

Robbie Swift  100m(A) 3rd 14.46s ; Long Jump(A) 3rd 3.80m(PB)

Michael Bargh  Shot Putt(A) 1st 6.86m

Steven Martin  800m(A) 1st 2:28:43

Brendan Lynch  Javelin(B) 3rd 11.39m(PB) ; 100m(B) 2nd 14.19s(PB)

Declan McGhee  Long Jump(B) 2nd 3.53m

Daniel Martin 800m(B) 1st 2:28:50

u15 Boys

Andrew Peck  Discus(A) 2nd 26.11m(PB) ; Shot Putt(A) 2nd 9.90m ; Javelin(A) 5th 25.49m(PB)

Fraser Angus  100m(A) 1st 12.14s(PB)

Lewis Ross  800m(A) 3rd 2:18:24

Ben Lomako  Discus(B) 3rd 15.77m

Keiran Struthers  100m(B) 2nd 13.27s(PB)

Callum Meldrum  Shot Putt(B) 1st 8.16m

Jamie Brotherston  800m(B) 2nd 2:25:45(PB)

Peter Mangan  Javelin(B) 4th 15.95m(PB)

u17 Men

Lewis McMillan  Long Jump(A) 2nd 5.04m ; 800m(B) 4th 2:23:44(PB)

Matthew Brawley  400m(A) 1st 53.88s(PB) ; High Jump(A) 2nd 1.50m(PB) ; 800m(A) 6th 2:17:00(PB)

Nial McHugh  Shot Putt(A) 2nd 8.30m ; 400m(B) 1st 54.25s(PB)

John Hamilton  100m(A) 1st 11.80s(PB) ; Shot Putt(B) 2nd 7.30m

Senior Men

Craig Brown  3000m(A) 5th 10:29:19(PB)

Andrew McElwee  Long Jump(A) 6th 5.44m ; Triple Jump(A) 3rd 11.11m ; 400m(B) 1st 54.38m ; 800m(B) 2nd 2:14:90

Neil Burnside  400m(A) 2nd 50.36s ; 800m(A) 1st 2:02:50

Ian Kennedy  100m(A) 2nd 11.12s ; Shot Putt(B) 2nd 6.35m ; Triple Jump(B) 2nd 10.18m

Robert Tossnie  Shot Putt(A) 4th 7.5m

Fraser McKenzie  Long Jump(B) 5th 3.33m

Masters Men

Peter Laing  3000m(A) 2nd 10:46:94(PB)

John McGarry  100m(A) 4th 13.41s(PB)

u11 Girls

Matilda Press  Long Jump(A) 1st 3.82m(PB) ; 80m(A) 1st 12.54s(PB)

Morgan Brown  600m(A) 8th 2:22:35(PB)

Scarlett Ross  Long Jump(B) 3rd 3.04m(PB)

Gemma Bruce  80m(B) 4th 13.27s(PB)

Nadine Sturgeon  600m(B) 5th 2:23:74

u13 Girls

Caitlin Chilton  High Jump(A) 1st 1.25m ; 800m(B) 2nd 2:48:31(PB)

Amy Leith  Javelin(A) 2nd 13.45m(PB)

Jaime Hood  100m(A) 4th 14.63s(PB) ; Long Jump(B) 4th 3.09m

Charlotte McDowall  Long Jump(A) 1st 3.52m(PB) ; High Jump(B) 2nd= 1.10m ; 100m(B) 6th 15.47s(PB)

Emma Frew  800m(A) 5th 2:38:98(PB)

Ellie Campbell  Javelin(B) 3rd 9.07m

u15 Girls

Cara Baillie  High Jump(A) 6th 1.30m ; 800m(B) 8th 2:53:73

Kirsten McClymont  100m(A) 3rd 13.60s ; Long Jump(B) 5th 4.36m(PB)

Hannah Paisley  Javelin(A) 4th 18.36m

Rebecca Martin  800m(A) 2:45:83

Katie McAlpine  High Jump(B) 2= 1.30m ; Long Jump(B) 4th 4.02m(PB)

Holly Coughtrie  100m(B) 5th 14.34s

Ella McMeechan  Javelin(B) 3rd 13.47s(PB)

u17 Women

Kirstin Oakley  800m(A) 3rd 2:27:69

Lisa Rennie  800m(B) 2nd 2:41:13

Senior Women

Caroline George  100m(A) 3rd 13.23s


There were also several relay teams who ran the 4x100m and their results are shown below :-

u11 Boys 4th 1:12:28 (Marc Mulgrew, Finlay Milne, lewis Lennox, Jack Edwards)

u13 Boys  2nd 57.14s (Robbie Swift, Declan McGhee, Michael Bargh, Brendan Lynch)

u15 Boys 1st 54.22s (Keiran Struthers, Fraser Angus, Callum Meldrum, Ben Lomako)

u17 Men 1st 47.48s (John Hamilton, Lewis McMillan, Allan McQueen, Niall McHugh)

Senior Men 1st 47.22s (Fraser McKenzie, Andrew McElwee, Ian Kennedy, Neil Burnside)

u11 Girls 1st 1:03:63 (Matilda Press, Scarlett Ross, Gemma Bruce, Nadine Sturgeon)

u13 Girls 5th 1:01:14 (Jaime Hood, Charlotte McDowall, Ellie Campbell, Caitlon Chilton)

u15 Girls 7th 57.93s (Kirsten Mcclymont, Holly Coughtrie, Katie McAlpine, Cara Baillie)

The final points tally was :-

Whitemoss AC         990

Giffnock North AC    961

Ayr Seaforth AC       959

Livingstone AC        902.5

Airdrie Harriers        900

Victoria Park            873

Law & District AC     855

Kilbarchan AC          797




Picture 1 of 4

u11 Girls relay Team








Ayr Seaforth Senior/U20 Road Race Championships 2013

The senior/u20 Road Race Championships are open all 1st claim club members. There are both male  and female Championship trophies up for grabs and these are won dependant on your accumulated points total from your 6 best points scoring runs. The points are awarded for Seaforth ranking in events as follows :-

1st     20points

2nd    18points

3rd     16points

4th     15points

5th     14points

6th     13points



The races which are used to determine the champions are :-

  1. Wednesday 8th May Troon 10k
  2. Sunday 7th July Arran half marathon
  3. Sunday 14th July Girvan half marathon
  4. Monday 15th July Irvine 5m
  5. Wednesday 31st July Kilmaurs 5k
  6. Wednesday 7th August Dundonald 10k
  7. Wednesday 21st August Irvine Marymass 10k
  8. Sunday 8th September Round Cumbrae 10m

Also taken into account are best times in the following races :-

  1.  April – October…..Best 5k Time Trial
  2.  April-October…….Best 10k time
  3.  April-October…….Best half marathon time
  4.  April-October…….Best marathon time