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Cumbrae 10 Mile Race – Sunday 8 September 2013

Sunday 8th September saw a large turnout entering the Cumbrae 10 mile race from the ever increasing Road Race section of Ayr Seaforth which is a credit to those in the section and in particular to the Road Race Secretary Laurence Baker. Dividends are now being paid for all the hard work being put in by the runners in the section and several medals won as individuals as well as teams were brought home.

With a total of 202 finishers Ayr Seaforth showed well in the overall Cumbrae race placings where Matthew Cameron was first home in the Male u20 category with the Mens team of Stephen McCrorie, Stuart McLean, Craig Brown and Stuart Brockie taking 1st placed Mens team.

The Ayrshire 10 mile medals were also decided in this race and again there were several medals won by Seaforth athletes. Those winners are listed below:-

2nd Male               Stephen McCrorie

1st M50                 Paul Turnbull

1st M20                 Matthew Cameron

1st Mens Team     Stephen McCrorie, Stuart McLean, Craig Brown, Stuart Brockie

3rd Womens Team  Gael Riddle, Kirsty Green, Janice McKellar

Cumbrae 10 Mile - 8 September 2013

14th CRAIG BROWN 62.47
19th STUART McLEAN 65.43
22nd MARTIN McCRORIE 66.19
36th PAUL TURNBULL 68.28
68th CALUM McDONALD 74.24
74th GAEL RIDDLE 75.24
80th JOHN STRACHAN 76.17
148th JANICE McKELLAR 88.16
155th ROSS GREEN 89.26
187th KIRSTY GREEN 97.10



Marymass 10k Road Race – Irvine – Wednesday 21 August 2013

An ever growing number of runners from the Ayr Seaforth road race section are taking part in races throughout the country these days and this again proved to be the case at Wednesday nights Marymass 10k race with no less than 16 runners taking part. The results for those winning Ayrshire medals in the race are shown below :-


Mens Race

2nd           Steven Reid            35:39

Womens Race

2nd           Gael Riddle             43:53

1st F55      Janice McKellar       53:51

Mens Team

1st Team   Steven Reid ; Stephen McCrorie ; Craig Brown ; Alex Dunlop

Womens Team

1st Team   Gael Riddle ; Bethany MacRae ; Aimi Barker

Dundonald 10k road Race – Wednesday 7 August 2013

Wednesday night saw a total of 177 runners complete the Dundonald 10k road race. There was a large turnout from Seaforth entered in the race and congratulations must go to all those who participated. Finishing details are shown below :-

Dundonald 10k Road Race - Wednesday 7 August 2013

Position Name Time Category
6th Steven Reid 36:06 M
11th Steven Eaglesham 37:52 M
19th Kevin Bloy 39:47 M40
21st Craig Brown 40:08 M
24th Martin McCrorie 40:39 M
25th Stuart McLean 40:44 M40
31st Paul Turnbull 41:54 M50
44th Stuart Brockie 43:00 M
58th Gael Riddle 44:56 F
64th Katie Sprang 45:53 F20
65th Calum MacDonald 46:03 M
67th Tom McCulloch 46:18 M60
94th Bethany MacRae 49:24 F20
125th Aimi Barker 52:58 F35
128th Noelle Mcquillan 53:11 F45
138th Janice McKellar 55:37 F55

Helensburgh Half Marathon – Sunday 4 August 2013

A big well done to all runners from Seaforth who took part in last Sundays Helensburgh Half Marathon. There were 407 finishers and the Seaforth runners who took part are shown below with their times & places:-

Helensburgh Half Marathon

Position Name Time Category
46th Kevin Bloy 1:27:30 v40
56th Stuart McLean 1:29:13 v40
67th Stuart Brockie 1:30:43
73rd Paul Turnbull 1:31:48 v50
75th Martin McCrorie 1:32:03
123rd Stuart Scott 1:37:29 v40
173rd Andrew Crichton 1:42:04
222nd John Strachan 1:46:47
240th Neil Nisbet 1:49:10 v50
330th Noelle McQuillan 2:01:33 vf40
354th Lynsey Cooper 2:04:44
381st Ross Green 2:16:14 M50
391st Kirsty Green 2:20:23 F40


Kilmaurs 5k – Wednesday 31 July 2013

Last Wednesday saw a small group of Seaforth road runners take part in the Kilmaurs 5k race. There were a total of 144 finishers in the race and the positions of those from Seaforth are shown in the table below :-

Kilmaurs 5k Wednesday 31 July 2013

Position Name Time Category
6th Steven Reid 17:18 Senior
7th Stephen McCrorie 17:20 v40
19th Martin McCrorie 18:52 Senior
21st Craig Brown 18:57 Senior
22nd Stuart McLean 19:09 v40
31st Peter Laing 19:42 v50
37th Paul Turnbull 19:59 v50
41st Stuart Brockie 20:18 Senior

Round Arran Road Race – Saturday 20 July 2013

A few hardy souls from Seaforth ran the recent round Arran team event, after a hard day they finished in 11th place overall and 4th mixed team. Runners with their times are shown below :-

N1   Steven Eaglesham          1.14.06

N2   Andy Crichton                1.25.32

N3   David Hughes                1.04.46

S1   Matthew Cameron          1.01.32

S2   Neil Nisbet                     1.20.38

S3   Kirsty Green                   1.26.03

Total Time                           7.32.37

Round Arran 2013

Irvine 5k Road Race – Monday 15 July 2013

Several Ayr Seaforth Athletes took part in the recent Irvine 5k road race, results for those athletes are as follows :-

6th      Steven Reid          29.12

7th      Steven McCrorie    29.15

22nd    Stuart McLean      37.22

27th     Martin McCrorie    32.45

35th     Andy Crichton       34.09

40th     Matthew Cameron  35.39

Irvine 5k Runners



Ayr 5 mile and 3k river races will take place on Sunday 22nd September 2013 .

Both races start and finish on the Dam Park stadium track and follow a multi terrain course through Craigie Park alongside the River Ayr. The course is suitable for runners of all fitness levels.

Minimum age for the 5 mile race is 15 years on the day of the race.

The 3K race is open to runners of all ages, but runners under 9 yrs should be accompanied by an adult.

Registration opens at 10.00am with the 3K race starting at 10.45am and the 5 mile race starting at 11.30am.

The 3K race is entry on the day only and entry fee is £1 .

The 5 mile race entry fee is  £6 (SAF registered), £8 (non registered) and can be pre entered:

  1. Online at http://www.entrycentral.com/index.php?raceID=101197
  2. Cheque made payable to ‘ Ayr Seaforth’ and sent with River Race 2013 entry form to

Laurence Baker

10, Mainholm Smallholdings




or entered on the day.

For further information


e mail – roadrace@ayrseaforth.co.uk

phone – 07887794882


Girvan Half Marathon – Sunday 14 July 2013

Sunday saw this years Girvan Half Marathon take place in unusually hot conditions which for most would have been a hindrance rather than a help for such a race.

The notoriously undulating course usually means that times are slower than usual, though splendid efforts from Steven Eaglesham and Aimi Barker resulted in PBs.

The race also doubled as the West of Scotland half marathon championship and Steven Reid picked up a bronze medal.



3rd Steven Reid                    1.20.35

8th Steven Eaglesham           1.28.40

11th Laurence Baker             1.31.09

46th Gael Riddle                   1.49.20

47th Neil Nisbet                    1.49.33

58th Aimi Barker                   1.56.07

68th Janice McKellar             2.04.33

Aimi Barker

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Tuesday Training Sessions Summer 2013 – Craigie

Summer Road Race Training Sessions

7th May (1,2,3mins)x5(1min recovery)
14th May 5k TT Seafield Lights
21st May 6 Hill Circuits
28th May 6*3min Circuits (3min jog) Seafield
4th June (1,2mins)x10 (1min rec)
11th June 5k TT Seafield Lights
18th June 12*Hills
25th June (1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5)1 min recs
2nd July 15*2mins(1min recs)
9th July 5k TT Seafield Lights
16th July 6 Hill Circuits
23rd July (3,2,1mins)x5 (1min rec)
30th July 7*3min Circuits (3min jog) Seafield
6th August (5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5)1min recs
13th August 5k TT Seafield Lights
20th August 12*Hills
27th August (4*4mins)x2 (1min rec) (3mins between sets)
3rd September (3*5mins)x2(1min rec) (3mins between sets)
10th September 5k TT Seafield Lights
17th September 12*Hills
24th September 8*3min Circuits(3min jog) Seafield