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Senior National Indoor Championships – The Emirates Arena,Glasgow – Sunday 2 February 2014

On Sunday 1 February the Scottish National Senior Indoor Championships were held at the Emirates Arena Glasgow,Ayr Seaforth were represented by three athletes, Carolyn Harvey, Claire Taylor and Neil Burnside. Carolyn Harvey came fifth in the Triple Jump with a best jump of 10.64m, Neil Burnside qualified from his heat for the 800m final with a time of 1:56:10, he came fifth in the final in 1:58:24. Claire Taylor qualified for the final of the 60m hurdles in a time of 9.36s, she came sixth in the final in 9.28s.Claire also ran in the 400m with a time of 59.54s(pb),however did not qualify for the final.

u12 superTeams – The Emirates Arena,Glasgow – Saturday 1 February 2014

Saturday 1st February saw this years u12 superTeams competition take place at the magnificent Emirates Arena in Glasgow. This is a competition for younger athletes who form teams of 4 with each athlete taking part in long jump, shot putt, 60m and a 4 x 200m team relay. Seaforth had 2 boys teams and 3 girls teams entered for this years competition with many of the young athletes taking part for the first time.

There were a total of 55 girls teams entered and 48 boys teams which made for a hectic days competition. After all events were completed the Seaforth girls ‘A’ team finished in 6th place with the ‘B’ team in 11th and ‘C’ team in 40th place, the Seaforth boys ‘A’ team finished in 4th place with the ‘B’ team in 37th place.

The individual performances for each athlete can be seen in the table below :-

u12 superTeams 2014

Sophie McKay 9.96s 2.89m 3.77m 2m:12.50s
Matilda Press 9.32s 3.50m 5.60m
Sophie Slider 9.41s 3.08m 4.52m
Olivia Stark 9.98m 3.04m 3.97m
Laura Paisley 9.85s 2.73m 5.95m 2m:19.26s
Sophie Oxenham 9.38s 3.43m 4.61m
Alexandra Meldrum 10.81s 2.47m 3.55m
Rosie Davidson 10.03s 2.91m 2.97m
Carla Blockley 9.95s 2.97m 3.18m 2m:26.21s
Molly Weatherston 11.02s 2.23m 2.67m
Emma Struthers 10.17s 2.57m 3.02m
Katie Constantinou 10.93m 2.71m 2.88m
Max McLean 9.73s 3.25m 4.03m 2m:13.41s
Lewis Martin 9.58s 3.29m 4.59m
Alex Jeanes 9.77s 3.24m 5.06m
Alex Crooks 9.65s 3.42m 4.96m
Charlie Dorward 10.52s 2.26m 3.45m 2m:24.68s
Blair Gemmell 10.64s 2.88m 3.65m
Fraser Thomson 9.72s 2.67m 2.66m
Max Cunningham 10.45s 2.91m 3.33m


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National Open Indoor Championships – The Emirates Arena,Glasgow – Saturday 18 January 2014

A healthy contingent of athletes from Ayr Seaforth were amongst the 700 headed to the Emirates Arena,Glasgow on Saturday 18 January for the Scottish Athletics run National Open. The National Open marks the start of the Indoor Season and provides athletes and coaches with a good gauge of where athletes are in terms of performance, there are no medals up for grabs just personal satisfaction. The performances of Seaforth athletes are as follows. 

60m: U14 Girls Niamh Graham 8.91s, U14 Boys Euan Duff 8.87s,U16 Girls Kirsten McClymont 8.53s, Jennie McVeigh 8.85s, Anna George 9.09s, U16 Boys Fraser Angus 7.62s, Andrew Peck 8.01s, Gerard Downie 8.64s, U18 Women Aimee McGinley 8.24s, Louise Murray 8.73s, U18 Men John Hamilton 7.54s, Senior Women Caroline George 8.42s, Senior Men Fraser McKenzie 8.42. 60m Hurdles Senior Women Claire Taylor 9.36s.200m U14 Girls Niamh Graham 29.61s, U14 Boys Euan Duff 36.86s,U16 Girls Kirsten McClymont 28.76s,Jennie McVeigh 28.70s, Anna George 30.55s, Emily Cleer 30.20s, Holly Coughtrie 29.67s,U16 Boys Fraser Angus 24.36s,Gerard Downie 28.36s, U18 Women Aimee McGinley 27.92s,Louise Murray 28.91s,U18 Men John Hamilton 23.85s,Senior Women Claire Taylor 26.19s, Caroline George 27.52s, Senior Men Fraser McKenzie 27.27s 300m U16 Girl Emily Cleer 48.80s 400m U18 Men Matthew Brawley 53.49s, U20 Men Ben Steven 52.53s 800m U14 Girls Emma Frew 2:34:44m, Caitlin Chilton 2:49:18m, U18 Men James Pettigrew 2:04:32.Senior Men Neil Burnside 1:54:91.

Shot Putt U16 Boys Andrew Peck 12.08m, Callum Meldrum 10.77m, Triple Jump U16 Boy Callum Meldrum 10.70m,High Jump U14 Girls Caitlin Chilton 1.30m, Senior Women Hazel Jamieson 1.55m, Long Jump U14 Girls Caitlin Chilton 3.80m, U14 Boys Euan Duff 4.47m, U16 Girls Holly Coughtrie 4.06m, U16 Boys Gerard Downie 3.82m, Senior Men Fraser McKenzie 4.40m.


Scottish Athletics Indoor League – Match 2 – Emirates Arena,Glasgow – Sunday 5 January 2014

On Sunday 5 January 2014 at the Commonwealth Arena in Glasgow Ayr Seaforth athletes took part in the second of three qualifying matches of the Scottish Athletics Winter Indoor League which is open to all athletics clubs in Scotland. The age groups are U11, U13, U15, U17 & U20 and each of these form a mini team for girls and boys at each group. i.e. U11 girls are a separate team from U11 boys and so forth. Points are awarded as follows, athlete in 1st position gets one point, 2nd two points etc, so the team with lowest match points on day is awarded maximum 15 league points, second team gets 14 points and so on down to 1 point. All the Ayr Seaforth teams competed well and of the sixteen teams entered six have a realistic chance of qualifying for the Scottish finals with one qualifying match remaining. The individual performances were as follows :-


U11 Girls

60m     Millie Telford  10.26, Ruth McVeigh  11.01

600m   Alexandra Meldrum    2m.22.2s

Standing Long Jump   Alexandra Meldrum  1.52m, Millie Telford  1.5m


U13 Girls 

 60m    Niamh Graham  9.09s, Olivia Stark  10.14s

60m Hurdles   Charlotte McDowall  11.62s, Scarlett Ross  19.82s

200m   Niamh Graham 30.05s, Gemma Bruce 31.6ss

800m   Jena Anderson  2m.52.7s, Emma Frew 2m.41.5s

High Jump       Charlotte McDowall  1.20m

Long Jump      Matilda Press  3.41m, Gemma Bruce 3.61m

Shot Putt         Kelly Cunningham 4.83m, Jena Anderson 5.07m


U15 Girls

60m     Kirsten McClymont  8.88s, Breegan Bilham  9.22s

60m Hurdles   Jennifer McVeigh  10.70s, Caitlin Chilton  11.16s

200m   Kirsten McClymont  29.9s, Jamie Hood 30.0s

300m   Jennifer McVeigh 47.8s, Holly Coughtrie 48.3s

800m   Lucy Davidson 2m.40.9s

High Jump       Katie McAlpine 1.48m, Caitlin Chilton 1.30m

Long Jump      Jennie McVeigh 4.18m, Rhea McTaggart 4.03m

Shot Putt         Hannah Paisley 9.33m, Amy Leith  6.87m


U17 Women

60m     Aimee McGinley 8.45s, Louise Murray  8.72s

60m Hurdles   Ailie Shank 11.98s

200m   Rebecca Campbell  29.2s,Aimee McGinley  28.4s

300m   Georgia Brawley 46.3s, Louise Murray  46.6

800m   Lisa Rennie 2m.38.1s

High Jump       Megan Miller  1.35m

Shot Putt         Ailie Shanks  4.94m


U20 Women

60m     Caroline George  8.46s

200m   Alison Leckie  29.2s

400m   Caroline George  63.1s

High Jump       Caroline Harvey  1.30m

Triple Jump      Caroline Harvey  10.38m

Shot Putt         Caroline Harvey  8.24m


U11 Boys

60m     Lewis Martin   9.68s, Aaron Laurie 10.74s

600m   Alex Crooks    1m.57.7s, Max Hay 2m.21.5s, Ruben Lyndsay 2m.11.4s                    Blair Gemmell  2m.16.5s

Standing Long Jump   Ruben Lyndsay 1.78m, Lewis Martin 1.58m, Blair Gemmell 1.36m, Charlie Dorward 1.58m

U13 Boys

60m     Chris Blockley 9.73s,  Marc Mulgrew 9.51s

60m Hurdles   Chris Blockley 12.42s, Marc Mulgrew 13.01s

200m   Logan Cotter   29.9s, Jack Edwards   31.6s

Long Jump      Logan Cotter   3.37m, Marc Mulgrew 3.54m

Shot Putt         Jack Edwards  3.00m


U15 Boys

60m     Fraser Angus   7.84s,Andrew Peck 8.24s

60m Hurdles   Andrew Peck  11.43s, Declan McGhee 13.01s

200m   Fraser Angus   24.9s, Steven Martin 29.9s

400m   Callum Meldrum 59.1s,

800m   Lewis Ross      2m:16:4s, Daniel Martin 2m:26:4s

High Jump       Conan McGhee 1.40m

Long Jump      Callum Meldrum 4.85m, Michael Barge 3.84m

Shot Putt         Andrew Peck  11.52m, Callum Meldrum 10.64m


U17 Men

60m     John Hamilton 7.54s,  Lewis McMillan 7.94s

200m   Aaron Rogers  25.1s, John Hamilton  24.2s

400m   Ben Lomako   56.2s, Keiran Struthers 63.2s

800m   Jamie McCorkel 2m:22:4s, Rhys Sim 2m:33:1s

Triple Jump      Allan McQueen 10.04m, Lewis McMillan 10.44m

Shot Putt         John Hamilton 8.18m


U20 Men

60m     Niall McHugh 7.88s

200m   Matthew Brawley 24.7s

400m   Ben Steven 53.0s

800m   James Pettigrew 2:09:2m

High Jump       James Pettigrew 1.45m

Shot Putt         James Gaffney 11.36m


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Scottish Athletics Indoor League – Match 1 – Emirates Arena,Glasgow – Sunday 15 December 2013

On Sunday 15 December at the Commonwealth Arena in Glasgow Ayr Seaforth athletes took part in the first of three qualifying matches of the Scottish Athletics Winter Indoor League which is open to all athletics clubs in Scotland. The age groups are U11, U13, U15, U17 & U20 and each of these form a mini team for girls and boys at each group. i.e. U11 girls are a separate team from U11 boys and so forth. Points are awarded as follows, athlete in 1st position gets one point, 2nd two points etc, so the team with lowest match points on day is awarded maximum 15 league points, second team gets 14 points and so on down to 1 point. All the Ayr Seaforth teams competed well with most sitting in a strong position with two further qualifying matches to go. The individual performances were as follows :-

Male Results

Female Results


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Bobby Shines At World Championships

Seaforth athlete Bobby Stevenson was in action earlier this week at the World Masters Championships in Porto Alegre, Brazil where he qualified for the final of the M60 category 300m hurdles. Bobby had an excellent run coming home in silver medal position with a new British record time of 44.86s.Congratulations Bobby from everyone at Ayr Seaforth.

Kayleigh Is On Top Of The World

Kayleigh Haggo who recently joined Ayr Seaforth was competing last week at the IWAS ( International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports ) World Championships in Stadskanaal, Holland where she not only excelled but broke another World record.

Kayleigh was competing in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m RaceRunning competition as well as the Club Throw competition.

Racerunning is a recognised athletic discipline where athletes who suffer from Cerebral Palsy use a specially designed trike which has a saddle and body support but importantly no pedals to race around the track.

Club Throw is also a recognised athletic event which featured at last years Paralympic Games. It is an event for wheelchair users where the chair is fixed securely within the throwing circle and the athlete throws a wooden club which is of specific dimensions.

Kayleighs results in the Racerunning category were as follows :-

100m      Silver medal     19.89s

200m      Gold medal      39.76s ( first runner to go under 40s )

400m      Gold medal      1:26:57

800m      Gold medal      3:12:15 ( NEW WORLD RECORD )

Club Throw      Bronze medal  11.10m

A BBC video of all 3 Racerunning athletes who competed from Scotland can be seen  here .

Kayleigh though is no stranger to being a World record holder as this is most certainly not her first World Record. Kayleighs list of achievements is nothing short of remarkable with the 13 World Records she holds being :-

u14 World Records

100m    19.35s        22/06/12     Brno,Czech Republic

200m    40.79          23/09/12     Nottingham,England

400m    1:27:49       23/09/12     Nottingham,England

800m    3:12:20       11/08/12     Wishaw,Scotland

1500m   6:32:14      23/09/12     Nottingham,England

u16 World Records ( Also entered as Senior records too )

100m     19.60         22/06/13     Somerset,England

200m     40.30         20/07/13     Manchester,England

400m     1:24:75      20/07/13     Manchester,England

800m     3:12:15      19/09/13     Stadkanaal,Netherlands


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Tayside Combined Events Championships – Dundee – Sunday 22 September 2013

Six Ayr Seaforth athletes from the Multi Event Training Group travelled to Dundee on Sunday 22 September to compete in the Tayside Combined Events Championships. The U14 and U16 athletes competing in 5 disciplines and U12 in four. All  of the athletes set personal best overall points totals and personal bests in at least one discipline, and Fraser Angus continued his run of winning every event he has entered in 2013 by winning the U14 boys title.

The full results were as follows

U12 girls Charlotte McDowall 4th overall 100m 14.8s (pb), shot putt 4.96m (pb), long jump 3.89m (pb), 800m 2:54:1, total 1363 points.

U14 girls Caitlin Chilton 4th overall, high jump 1.33m, 75m hurdles 13.8s (pb), shot putt 5.49m (pb), long jump 3.87m, 800m 2:42:4m, total points 2004 (pb)

Katie McAlpine 7th overall, high jump 1.45m (pb), 75m hurdles 16.0s, shot putt 5.19m (pb), long jump 4.07m, 800m 3:02:.2m (pb), total points 1784 (pb)

U14 boys Fraser Angus 1st, 80m hurdles 12.2s (pb), long jump 5.19m, 200m 24.3s (pb), shot putt 9.24m (pb), 800m 2:28:.1m (pb), total points 2510 (pb)

U16 girls Jennifer McVeigh Long Jump 4.51m (pb), High Jump 1.31m, 75m hurdles 16s, Shot Putt no distance, 800m 2:50m, total points 1641 (pb)

U16 boys Lewis McMillan 4th  overall, 100m hurdles 18.7s (pb), long jump 5.09m, 200m 24.7s (pb), shot putt 8.03m, 800m 2:27:.4m , total points 2070 (pb)


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Indoor Events 2014


scottishathletics Indoor Events all at Emirates Arena, Glasgow


National OPEN: Saturday 18 January

U12 superTEAMS: Saturday 1 February

National Seniors Championships: Sunday 2 February

National U14/U16/U18 4x200m Relay Champs: Sunday 2 February

National U18/U20 Age Group Championships: Saturday 15 February

National U14/U16 Age Group Champs: Sunday 16 February

National Combined Events Championships: Saturday 1 March

National U20/Senior 4x200m Relay Champions: Saturday 1 March

National Combined Events Championships: Sunday 2 March

National Masters Champs: Sunday 2 March

National 3000m Championships: Sunday 2 March

Pitreavie Young Athletes Trophy Meeting – Pitreavie – Sunday 8 September 2013

A small group of athletes from Ayr Seaforth took part in the annual trophy meeting held by Pitreavie Athletic Club at their stadium in Dunfermilne. There were some fine performances on the day with some noteworthy results and several PB’s as well. The results for those Seaforth athletes are shown below :-

u11 Girls

Alex Meldrum  75m(6th in heat)14.0s(PB) ; 600m(7th in B final)2:32:98(PB) ; Long Jump 8th 2.96m(PB)

u13 Girls

Caitlin Chilton  70mH(2nd in heat)13.29s, (6th in final)12.73s(PB) ; 800m(5th in A final)2:39:42(PB) ; High Jump 2nd 1.30m

Emma Frew  800m(2nd in A final)2:33:17

u15 Girls

Hannah Birrell  200m(4th in heat)29.09s(PB) , DNS final

Rebecca Martin  800m(5th in heat)2:42:21

Katie McAlpine  100m(5th in heat)14.93s ; High Jump 8th 1.40m(PB) ; Shot Putt 10th 4.97m(PB)

u11 Boys

Lewis Martin  75m(2nd in heat)12.06s(PB),(6th in final)12.11s ; 600m(7th in final)2:10:04(PB) ; Long Jump 11th 3.07m(PB)

u13 Boys

Daniel Martin  800m(2nd in final)2:25:44

Steven Martin  800m(3rd in final)2:25:87

u15 Boys

Fraser Angus  200m(1st in heat)26.05s, (1st in final)24.61s ; 100m(1st in heat)12.54s,(1st in final)12.25s ; Long Jump 2nd 5.29m(PB)

Callum Meldrum  100m(4th in heat)12.98s(PB)

u17 Men

Callum Meldrum  200m (3rd in final)26.42s