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Ayr Seaforth Open Meeting – Wednesday 23 August 2017

The last of the Ayrshire Open meetings took place at Dam Park on Wednesday 23 August with over 150 athletes competing. Fortunately the weather held up until after the end of the event when the rain started meaning favourable conditions for those competing. Many younger members were competing for the first time with some very good results achieved. Full results of the meeting can be found here 

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CSSL Match 1 – Sunday 29 May 2016 – Kilmarnock

U11 Girls - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Libby White Long Jump (A String) 3.76m(2nd)(PB)
Abby Chilton Long Jump (B String) 2.95m(3rd)
Erin Ramsay 80m (A String) 12.15s(3rd)
Amy McCann 80m (B String) 12.32s(2nd)(PB)
Jenna Beswick 600m (A String) 1:58.74(1st)(PB)
Eve Beswick 600m (B String) 2:06.26(1st)

U13 Girls - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Ruth McVeigh High Jump (A String)
Javelin (A String)
Morven Hubbard High Jump (B String)
Javelin (B String)
Tess Crooks Long Jump (A String)
800m (A String)
Islay Hubbard Long Jump (B String)
800m (B String)
Katie Broun 100m (A String) 14.32s(4th)
Abbie Rankine 100m (B String) 15.97s(7th)(PB)

U15 Girls - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Kelly Cunningham High Jump (A String)
800m (B String)
Olivia Stark High Jump (B String) 1.20m(4th)
Sophie Mackay Javelin (A String) 15.70m(3rd)(PB)
Ayesha Kemp Javelin (B String) 14.24m(2nd)
Holly McIntyre Long Jump (A String) 3.91m(8th)
Sophie Oxenham Long Jump (B String) 3.48m(8th)(PB)
Sophie Slider 100m (A String) 14.3s(8th)
Georgia Brown 100m (B String) 14.51s(6th)
Katie Wilce 800m (A String) 2:42.52(8th)(PB)

U17 Women - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Jennifer McVeigh Long Jump (A String)
High Jump (A String)
Javelin (A String)
Katie McAlpine Long Jump (B String)
300m (A String)
Amy Leith Javelin (B String) 24.03m(1st)
Anna George 100m (A String) 13.89s(4th)

Senior / Masters Women - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Gillian Hannah Shot Put (A String)
100m (A String)
800m (A String)
Ruth Kirk 100m (B String)
400m (A String)
800m (B String)

U11 Boys - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Calum Hannah Long Jump (A String)
600m (B STring)
Ethan Levington Long Jump (B String) 3.39m(2nd)(PB)
Conor Scobie 80m (A String)
600m (A String)

U13 Boys - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Lewis Martin Javelin (A String)
Shot Put (A String)
800m (A String)
Fergus Muir Shot Put (B String)
800m (B String)
Charlie Dorward Long Jump (A String)
100m (A String)
Jonathan Turnbull Long Jump (B String)
100m (B String)

U15 Boys - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Greig Oakley Discus (A String)
Shot Put (A String)
Logan Cotter Discus (B String)
Shot Put (B String)
800m (A String)
Jack Edwards Javelin (A String)
100m (A String)

U17 Men - CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Stuart Dunlop Long Jump (A String)
100m (A String)
Daniel Martin Shot Put (A String)
400m (A String)
Douglas Glendinning 100m (B String) 13.42s(7th)
Lewis Ross 800m (A String) 2:04.87(1st)
Aidan Copland 800m (B String) 2:25.57(3rd)(PB)

Senior / Masters Men- CSSL - Sunday 29 May 2016

Name Event Result
Conor Raisbeck Long Jump (A String) 5.35m(4th)(PB)
Fraser McKenzie Long Jump (B String)
400m (B String)
Ross McCulloch Shot Put (A String)
100m (A String)
Sean Morrison Shot Put (B String)
400m (A String)
Rhys Sim 3000m (A String) 9:14.86(2nd)
Peter Laing 3000m (A String) 10:44.08(3rd)(PB)
Kieran Struthers 100m (B String) 12.04s(2nd)(PB)
John McGarry 100m(A String) 13.59s(4th)

CSSL Match 1 - Sunday 29 May 2106 - Kilmarnock

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National Indoor Relay Finals – Emirates Arena,Glasgow – Saturday 20 February 2016

This years National Indoor Relay Finals took place on Saturday at The Emirates Arena, Glasgow and took place alongside the Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix which featured some of the worlds best athletes. There were 5 teams from Seaforth who had qualified to compete in the semi-finals on the day hoping to gain a place in the finals which were competed immediately before the start of the main event giving the young athletes the chance to compete in front of a large crowd.

First on the track were the u13 boys team of Lewis Martin, Fergus Muir, Magnus Friel & Alex Crooks who were doing well until a dropped baton at a change over. The team picked it up and continued but unfortunately as per the rules they were disqualified.

In the u15 girls age group there were 2 Seaforth teams who had been drawn against each other in the first semi-final. The ‘A’ team of Sophie Slider, Bethany Haugh, Emma Struthers & Gemma Bruce qualified for the final with a time of 1:52.95 but for the ‘B’ team of Holly McIntyre, Megan Smith, Georgia Brown & Sophie Woods who were 6th with a time of 1:58.87 it was the end of their participation in this years event. In the final the ‘A’ team were a creditable 4th in 1:53.78.

The u15 boys team of Euan Duff, Marc Mulgrew, Jamie McCullough & Jack Edwards came 2nd in their heat with a time of 1:47.10 qualifying for the final later in the morning. In that final they came home in 4th place with a time of 1:47.23 narrowly missing a medal.

The u17 mens team of Stuart Dunlop, Michael Bargh, Callum Meldrum & Rory McCrindle were 4th in their heat with a time of 1:38.90 but as one of the 2 fastest losers outside the top 2 in each semi-final they qualified for the final. In that final despite their best attempts they could only narrowly improve on their time coming home in 5th place with a time of 1:38.66.

Overall this was a valuable experience for each of these young athletes with the bonus that they were given tickets to stay and watch the International competition which followed.

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Scottish National Indoor Combined Events / Relays / Masters Championships – Emirates Arena, Glasgow – Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 February 2016

Last weekend saw this years National Indoor Combined Events Championships take place at The Emirates Arena, Glasgow. There were 5 Ayr Seaforth athletes taking part and full results for each athlete can be seen below:-

Alexandra Meldrum - U13 Girls Pentathlon

Position Event Result
9th 60mH 13.21s(PB)
8th High Jump 1.12m(PB)
6th Shot Put 5.22m(PB)
8th Long Jump 3.21m
11th(9th Overall) 800m 3:07.60(PB)

Charlotte McDowall - U15 Girls Pentathlon

Position Event Result
21st 60mH 12.65s(PB)
12th High Jump 1.37m
14th Shot Put 6.05m(PB)
9th Long Jump 4.46m
6th(21st Overall) 800m 2:35.70

Lewis Martin - U13 Boys Pentathlon

Position Event Result
6th 60mH 12.89s
1st 800m 2:38.46
2nd Shot Put 6.88m(PB)
5th High Jump 1.15m
4th (4th Overall) Long Jump 4.03m

Marc Mulgrew - U15 Boys Pentathlon

Position Event Result
9th 60mH 11.93s(PB)
9th 800m 2:47.59(PB)
8th Long Jump 4,10m
4th High Jump 1.45m(PB)
9th(9th Overall) Shot Put 5.75m(PB)

Callum Meldrum - U17 Mens Heptathlon

Position Event Result
7th 60m 7.90s(PB)
4th Long Jump 5.91m(PB)
1st Shot Put 11.58m
6th High Jump 1.51m
5th 60mH 10.20s(PB)
4th Pole Vault 2.90m
2nd(5th Overall) 1000m 2:55.33(PB)

West District Cross Country Relays – Hamilton Racecourse – Sunday 11 October 2015

Sunday saw the start of the 2015 cross country season with the West District Cross Country Relays taking place at Hamilton Racecourse. Conditions on the day were unusually warm for a cross country meeting and when coupled with the dry weather we have been enjoying it was certainly not what experienced cross country athletes are used to.

The first race of the day was the Young Females race where each team comprises of 3 athletes taking on the 2.5km course with the first runner being in the u13 age group, the next either u13 or u15 and the third runner u15 or u17.  Seaforth had 3 teams in this race with the ‘A’ team finishing in 7th place, the ‘B’ team in 23rd place and the ‘C’ team in 36th place from 60 teams.

Next up was the Young Males race where Seaforth had 4 teams entered. The Seaforth ‘A’ team finished in 9th place only a mere 5 seconds from 8th place, the ‘B’ team in 20th place, the ‘C’ team in 36th place and the ‘D’ team in 47th place from 57 teams.

This was followed by the Senior Females race which saw each of the 3 athletes making up the team complete a 4km course. Seaforth had a solo team entered and after a valiant display they finished in 4th place from 34 teams on the start line.

The Senior males race saw teams of 4 athletes take on the 4km course, Seaforth had a single complete team participate and a team of 2 athletes in an incomplete team. The complete team finished in  33rd place from 57 teams.

Young Females

7th 31.04 Rosie Davidson 6th 10.20
Emma Frew 2nd 9.19 (Joint Fastest Time)
India Birrell 7th 11.25
23rd 33.54 Sophie McKay 36th 11.57
Caitlin Chilton 23rd 10.49
Mia Cullis 23rd 11.08
36th 36.12 Robyn MacDonald 49th 12.49
Morven McCutcheon 45th 11.48
Rachel Stirling 36th 11.35

Young Males

9th 28.04 Euan Bell 22nd 10.13
Scott Sprang 16th 9.22
Fraser Stirling 9th 8.29
20th 28.42 Max Hay 34th 10.58
Declan McGhee 27th 9.21
Rhys Sim 20th 8.23
36th 31.03 Alex Crooks 18th 10.11
Euan Ramsay 39th 11.00
Aidan Copland 36th 9.52
47th 32.37 Jacob Cairns 47th 11.25
Sam Drummond 48th 10.45
Greig Oakley 47th 10.27

Senior Females

4th 47.40 Kirstin Oakley 4th 15.28
Laura Wallace 3rd 16.07
Toni McIntosh 4th 16.05

Senior Males

33rd 64.10 Kenny Neill 9th 13.29
James Pettigrew 12th 14.31
Iain Pettigrew 25th 17.15
Stuart McColm 33rd 18.55
Incomplete Team Fraser McKenzie 57th 24.32
Tom McCulloch 52nd 20.09

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National Indoor Combined Events Championships – 14th/15th March 2015 – Emirates Arena, Glasgow

This weekend saw the National Indoor Combined Events Championships take place over 2 days at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow. The events which made up the pentathlon for the u13 age group were High jump, Long Jump, Shot Putt, 800m and 60m hurdles with athletes competing in all events.In the u13 girls age group Gemma Bruce not only scored personal best performances in each event but she also achieved a new club record in the 60m hurdles. In the u13 boys age group Lewis Martin competed, he also achieved personal best performances in every event and created a new club record for the points total scored over the 5 events.

The u17 Heptathlon consists of the High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Putt, 60m, Pole Vault, 1000m and 60m hurdles. Callum Meldrum was the sole competitor for Seaforth and he achieved personal bests in Long Jump, 60m, Pole Vault, 1000m and 60m Hurdles.

Full results can be seen below:-

NAtional Indoor Combined Events 2015

  High Jump Long Jump Shot Putt 800m 60mH    
Gemma Gruce
6th Place Overall
1st= (1.36m) (PB) 11th(3.66m) (PB) 12th(5.02m) (PB) 14th(2:53.24) (PB) 2nd(10.42s) (PB)
New Club Record
Lewis Martin
14th Place Overall 837pts
New Club Record Points Total
11th(1.21m) (PB) 10th(3.88m) (PB) 11th=(4.97m) (PB) 10th(2:46.71) (PB) 14th(13.03s) (PB)
High Jump Long Jump Shot Putt 60m Pole Vault 1000m 60mH
Callum Meldrum
5th Place Overall
7th=(1.45m) 4th=(5.50m) (PB) 4th(10.72m) 9th(8.08s) (PB) 4th(3.11m) (PB) 2nd(3:01.16) (PB) 6th(10.23s)

5K Summer Series – Race 5 – Tuesday 12th August 2014

5K Summer Series - Race 5 - Tuesday 12th August 2014

Position Name Time
1. Kenny Neill 16.49
2. Fraser Stirling 16.59
3. Craig McPike 17.36
4. Rhys Sim 17.43
5. Euan Webster 17.53
6. Stephen McCrorie 18.02
7. Ross Nicolson 18.50
8. Laura Wallace 18.52
9. Mark Caldwell 18.58
10. Stuart Munro 19.09
11. Peter Laing 19.19
12. Stuart Brockie 19.37
13. Stuart McLean 20.21
14. Iain Pettigrew 20.25
15. Gael Riddle 20.35
16. Nicola Dunn 20.47
17. Ian Young 20.48
18. Chris Boyce 20.58
19. David Kennedy 21.33
20. Craig Hunter 21.46
21. Cameron Hay 22.15
22. Craig Brown 22.15
23. Rachel King 23.34
24. Lindsay Hunter 23.49
25. Jacqui Gibson 23.49
26. Brian Dunn 24.28
27. Janice McKellar 26.02
28. Kirsty Green 26.37

Senior / U20 Road Race Championships 2014

The 2014 Road Race Championships are open to all senior / u20 club members. There will be male and female championship trophies awarded. It will be the points total from an athletes 6 best point scoring events that will count towards the championships.

The points awarded for Ayr Seaforth ranking events will be :-

1st     25 points

2nd     23 points

3rd     21 points

4th     20 points

5th     19 points

6th     18 points

The races which will count towards the championship are :-

Date Race
7th May Troon 10k
6th July Arran Half Marathon
13th July Girvan Half Marathon
21st July Irvine 5m
30th July Kilmaurs 5k
6th August Dundonald 10k
20th August Irvine Marymass 10k
14th September Round Cumbrae 10m

The best times outwith the above races from the races listed below also count towards the championship :-

Dates Races
April - October Best 5k Time Trial
April - October Best 10k Time
April - October Best Half Marathon Time
April - October Best Marathon Time


Helensburgh Half Marathon – Sunday 4 August 2013

A big well done to all runners from Seaforth who took part in last Sundays Helensburgh Half Marathon. There were 407 finishers and the Seaforth runners who took part are shown below with their times & places:-

Helensburgh Half Marathon

Position Name Time Category
46th Kevin Bloy 1:27:30 v40
56th Stuart McLean 1:29:13 v40
67th Stuart Brockie 1:30:43
73rd Paul Turnbull 1:31:48 v50
75th Martin McCrorie 1:32:03
123rd Stuart Scott 1:37:29 v40
173rd Andrew Crichton 1:42:04
222nd John Strachan 1:46:47
240th Neil Nisbet 1:49:10 v50
330th Noelle McQuillan 2:01:33 vf40
354th Lynsey Cooper 2:04:44
381st Ross Green 2:16:14 M50
391st Kirsty Green 2:20:23 F40