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National Cross Country Relays – Cumbernauld – Saturday 26 October 2013

Saturday 26 October 2013 saw the last of this years cross country relay races take place with the National Cross Country Relays at Cumbernauld. The race is over a tough 2.5km course for both the young female and young male race, the course being both hilly and muddy making it a true cross country test. The race format for both is a first leg u13 runner followed by either an u13 or u15 runner with the third leg being taken up by either an u15 or u17 runner.

The first race of the day was the young females race where Seaforth had another excellent turnout with no less than 22 runners giving team manager Alan Sprang 6 complete teams and 4 incomplete teams. No less than 96 teams started the race with the first runner in being Seaforth athlete Emma Frew who was following up her outstanding first place in the recent District relays which use the same format. She handed over to u15 athlete India Birrell who was running against much stronger athletes in the older age group and handed over from 14th place to Kirstin Oakley who put in her usual excellent run bringing the Seaforth ‘A’ team home in 11th place overall. The Seaforth ‘B’ team of Lucy Davidson, Mia Cullis and Lisa Rennie finished 35th overall, the ‘C’ team of Caitlin Chilton, Rebecca Martin and Beth MacRae were 42nd, the ‘E’ team of Melissa Miller, Hannah Birrell and Christie Hutton were 47th, the ‘D’ team of Emma Low, Megan Short and Amy Palmer were 59th, the ‘F’ team of Alison King, Courtney McCorkell and Georgia Brawley were 63rd. The incomplete ‘G’ team of Alexandra Smiley and Rebecca Watson were in 63rd position after 2 legs and the single runner ‘H’ & ‘I’ teams Jena Anderson and Emma Palmer were 57th and 59th respectively after the first leg.

The young males race had 108 teams on the start line and saw Seaforth with 14 runners making 4 complete teams and 2 incomplete teams. The Seaforth ‘A’ team finished in a creditable 11th position after first leg runner Daniel Martin(u13) came back in 14th position to hand over to Fraser Stirling(u15) who fought back to 8th place before handing over to James Pettigrew(u17) who led the team home in 11th. The ‘B’ team of Scott Sprang, Lewis Ross and Rhys Sim finished in 29th place with the lead runner Scott Sprang having handed over from an excellent 8th position. The ‘C’ team of Steven Martin, Greig Oakley and Matthew Brawley were 47th, The ‘D’ team of Logan Cotter, Aidan Copland and Callum Meldrum were 66th with the incomplete ‘F’ team of Blair Smillie and ‘G’ team of Ben Smyth finishing the first leg in 79th and 106th places respectively.

Unfortunately Seaforth were unable to field anyone in the senior female race but had 6 runners in the senior male. The format for this was 4 runners per team which meant that Seaforth had 1 complete team and an incomplete team of 2 runners. There were 141 teams starting this race with the Seaforth ‘A’ team of Kenny Neil, Martin McCrorie, Steven Eaglesham and Andrew Crichton coming home after 1hr:02.38 in 66th place. The incomplete team of Laurence baker and Tom McCulloch were in 123rd place after 2 legs.

Seaforth also had runners featuring in the tables of fastest times of the day. In the young females Emma Frew was fastest u13 with Kirstin Oakley 4th fastest u17 runner. Featuring in the young males list were Scott Sprang as 9th fastest u13 and Fraser Stirling 8th fastest u15 runner.

A big well done to all athletes who competed and we now look forward to the individual races taking us through to March starting with the Laswade Open next Sunday and then both the Kilmarnock Open and the National Short Course XC at Bellahouston the following Sunday.


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