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West District Cross Country Relays – Kilmacolm – Saturday 8 October 2016

This year the West District XC Relays returned to Birkmyre Park, Kilmacolm on Saturday with Seaforth having a sizeable number of teams entered. In the Junior races teams consist of 3 athletes who each run the 2.5km course, the Senior Women again have teams of 3 athletes who each run a 4km course and in the Senior Mens race there are 4 athletes who each run the 4km course.There were several excellent runs resulting in the Girls Junior A Team of Morven Hubbard, Rosie Davidson & Emma Frew claiming fifth place and the Boys Junior A Team of Alex Crooks, Scott Sprang & Lewis Ross taking fourth place.

Any member who wants a copy of any photographs shown should email the secretary identifying which photographs are required and originals without watermarks will be sent to you.

Results for all Ayr Seaforth athletes are shown below:-

West District XC Relays 2016 - Junior Girls

Position/Total Time Name Time/Team Position
5th/29.25 Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Morven Hubbard 10.09(7)
Rosie Davidson 9.27(5)
Emma Frew 9.49(5)
27th/33.02 Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Tess Crooks 11.27(41)
Evie Mackay 10.47(34)
Isla Kirk 10.48(27)
40th/34.06 Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Islay Hubbard 11.34(49)
Charlotte McDowall 10.47(37)
Caitlin Chilton 11.45(40)

West District XC Relays 2016 - Junior Boys

Position/Total Time Name Time/Position
4th/26.58 Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Alex Crooks 9.32(9)
Scott Sprang 9.05(7)
Lewis Ross 8.21(4)
19th/28.16 Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Euan Bell 9.57(19)
Logan Cotter 9.11(17)
Declan McGhee 9.08(19)
35th/30.03 Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Sam Drummond 10.26(33)
Greig Oakley 10.10(40)
Aidan Copland 9.27(35)
47th/31.27 Ayr Seaforth 'D'
Fergus Muir 10.26(32)
Lewis Martin 11.18(56)
Daniel Martin 9.43(47)
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'E'
Lewis Hill 10.55(47)
Euan Ramsay 9.52(44)

West District XC Relays 2016 - Senior Women

Position/Total Time Name Time/Position
13th/52.55 Laura Wallace 15.17(7)
Toni McIntosh 16.01(6)
Abby Cunningham 21.37(13)

West District XC Relays 2016 - Senior Men

Position/Total Time Name Time/Position
25th Senior Team
Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Kenny Neill 13.03(10)
Craig Brown 14.57(28)
Simon Kirk 15.50(34)
John Ross 15.11(34)
19th Veteran Team
Ayr Seaforth 'B' (Veteran)
Paul Turnbull 15.46(62)
John Hannah 17.18(67)
Stuart McLean 17.59(66)
Laurence Baker 16.19(64)

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