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National Cross Country Relays – Cumbernauld – Saturday 22 October 2016

This years Scottish National Cross Country Relays took place on Saturday at Cumbernauld which has been the venue for the last 15 years. Record numbers of athletes entered this years competition and Seaforth had a healthy contingent participating with no less than 4 girls teams, 6 boys teams and 4 senior mens teams. This is a course which doesn’t need much encouragement to become extremely muddy but thankfully with the recent dry weather it was in the main fairly dry underfoot with only a section at the top of the course still quite soft. Those who competed the senior mens race now have the privilege of saying they ran against 2 Scottish Olympians as both Callum Hawkins & Andrew Butchart competed for their clubs with Hawkins running the hilly 4k course in an outstanding time of 11.01.

The format for the Junior male & female races is 3 laps of the 2500m course with the first athlete being u13, the next either u13 or u15 and the final athlete being either u15 or u17. The senior men race was contested by teams of 4 athletes each covering a 4000m course.

Times and final placings for the Seaforth teams can be found below:-

National XC Relays 2016 - Junior Females

Time/Overall Position Name Lap Time/Position
29.46/5th Ayr Seaforth 'F'
Morven Hubbard(U13) 10.04/6th
Rosie Davidson(U15) 9.45/3rd
Emma Frew(U15) 9.57/5th
33.03/35th Ayr Seaforth 'G'
Tess Crooks(U13) 11.39/52nd
Evie Mackay(U15) 10.43/41st
Isla Kirk(U15) 10.41/35th
33.58/42nd Ayr Seaforth 'H'
Islay Hubbard(U13) 11.28/41st
Charlotte McDowall(U15) 10.44/38th
Caitlin Chilton(U17) 11.46/42nd
39.36/81st Ayr Seaforth 'I'
Alex Meldrum(U13) 13.03/89th
Bethany Alexander(U15) 13.09/87th
Chloe Johnston(U15) 13.24/81st
Incomplete Team Kelly Cunningham(U15) 12.27

National XC Relays 2016 - Junior Males

Time/Overall Position Name Lap Time/Position
27.21/12th Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Alex Crooks(U13) 9.38/14th
Scott Sprang(U15) 9.15/15th
Lewis Ross(U17) 8.28/12th
29.02/31st Ayr Seaforth 'B'
Euan Bell(U13) 10.09/28th
Logan Cotter(U15) 9.33/29th
Declan McGhee(U17) 9.20/31st
31.22/63rd Ayr Seaforth 'D'
Lewis Hill(U13) 11.13/68th
Greig Oakley(U15) 10.07/63rd
Daniel Martin(U17) 10.02/63rd
32.05/69th Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Fergus Muir(U13) 10.42/52nd
Blair Gemell(U13) 11.44/78th
Aidan Copland(U17) 9.39/69th
33.24/78th Ayr Seaforth 'E'
Lewis Martin(U13) 11.28/73rd
Toby Nixon(U13) 11.27/85th
Euan Duff(U15) 10.29/78th
34.48/80th Ayr Seaforth 'F'
Charlie Dorward(U13) 11.32/75th
John Duthie(U15) 11.29/86th
Callum McKenzie(U15) 11.47/80th

National XC Relays 2016 - Senior Males

Time/Overall Position Name Lap Time/Position
56.07/38th Ayr Seaforth 'A'
Kenny Neill(Sen) 13.03/31st
Grahame Hopper(Sen) 14.06/36th
Stephen Kay(Sen) 14.22/38th
Stephen McCrorie(M40) 14.36/38th
47.59/Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'C'
Craig Brown(Sen) 15.07/79th
Iain Pettigrew(M45) 16.31/90th
Alasdair Meldrum(M45) 16.21/85th
52.02/Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'D'
John Hannah(M40) 17.33/111th
Stuart McLean(M40) 17.34/106th
Ian Young(M40) 16.55/97th

National XC Relays 2016 - Masters Males

47.50/Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'B'  
John Ross(M40) 15.22/17th
Stephen McDowall(M40) 15.58/18th
Paul Turnbull(M50) 16.30/17th

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