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National XC Relays 2018 – Cumbernauld – Saturday 27 October 2018

This years Scottish National XC Relay Championships took place on Saturday at a somewhat mudless Cumbernauld which is extremely unusual. On a day with a bright,sunny sky and low temperatures there was no sign of the mud which is a normal feature of this course but this in no way made it any easier for the competitors who still had to negotiate the rolling hills of the course.
The first race of the day was that of the Young Females where teams of 3 compete with an U13 athlete running the 2500m course first followed by either an U13 or U15 who then hands over to either an U15 or U17. Seaforth had 3 complete teams and an incomplete team competing in this race with Team 1 giving the club their best result of the day with 8th place.
Next up was the Young Males who ran in the same format with there being 3 complete teams and an incomplete team.
With only 2 Senior Women available on the day it was an incomplete team of Gael Riddle & Ruth Kirk who competed in the Masters Women section taking on a 4000m course. The Senior Men were well represented with 3 complete teams taking on the 4 x 4000m course. Full results can be seen in the tables below.

National XC Relays 2018 - Young Females

Team Position Name Time
8th Place (Team 1) Iona Hubbard (u13) 10:03
Morven Hubbard (u15) 10:28 (20:31.1)
Rosie Davidson (u17) 9:37 (30:08.2)
30th Place (Team 2) Anna Kirk (u13) 10:34
Islay Hubbard (u15) 11:11 (21:45.7)
Emma Frew (u17) 9:53 (31:39.2)
45th Place (Team 3) Sophie McColm (u13) 10:43
Katie Murray (u13) 11:00 (21:43.3)
Evie Mackay (u17) 11:08 (2:52.1)
Incomplete Team Sophie McCallum (u13) 10:35
Drew Walker (u13) 12:12 (22:48.7)

National XC Relays 2018 - Young Males

Team Position Name Time
18th Place (Team 1) Adam Currie (u13) 9:48
Alex Crooks (u15) 9:09 (18:58)
Scott Sprang (u17) 8:47 (27:45.7)
74th Place (Team 2) Daniel Byers (u13) 9:54
Connor Scobie (u13) 10:35 (20:30.2)
Max McLean (u17) 10:37 (31:07.5)
80th Place (Team 3) Ethan Polson (u13) 10:10
Calum Moir (u13) 12:06 (22:16)
Euan Bell (u15) 9:16 (31:33.3)
Incomplete Team Fraser McIntyre (u13) 10:42
Joshua Mirtle (u15) 11:10 (21:52.8)

National XC Relays 2018 - Masters Women

Team Position Name Time
Incomplete Team Gael Neill 18:06
Ruth Kirk 19:06 (37:12.9)

National XC Relays 2018 - Senior Men

Team Position Name Time
39th Place (Team 1) Stephen McCrorie (M45) 14:26
Brian Robinson (M40) 13:53 (28:19)
Kenny Neill (M40) 13:16 (41:36)
Grahame Hopper 13:38 (55:15.1)
87th Place (Team 2) Simon Kirk (M45) 15:25
Craig Brown 15:32 (30:57)
Alasdair Meldrum (M45) 15:05 (46:02)
Iain Pettigrew (M50) 15:44 (61:47.5
106th Place (Team 3) Ian Young 15:55
Peter Laing (M55) 17:27 (33:23)
Stuart McColm (M50) 17:46 (51:10)
Stuart McLean (M45) 16:40 (67.50)

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