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Ayrshire Cross Country Championships – Saturday 17 November 2018 – Kilmarnock

This years Ayrshire Cross Country Championships took place at an unusually sunny Kilmarnock on Saturday although conditions underfoot were still slightly soft in places. First up was the U11 races where Seaforth athlete Brady McLean took the Gold medal in the boys race. There was success in both U13 races however with Iona Hubbard taking Gold & Anna Kirk the Silver in the girls race while Ethan Polson took Silver & Daniel Byers Bronze in the boys race. Euan Bell followed this taking Silver in the U15 boys race while Morven Hubbard also took Silver in the U15 girls race. Not to be outdone it was then the turn of Scott Sprang to take Gold & Emma Frew also Gold in the U17 races. The final races of the day were the Seniors where Toni McIntosh won Gold in the womens with twin sister Laura Wallace taking bronze, in the mens race Lewis Ross won bronze while also taking the position of 1st in the U20 section. All in all it was good day for Ayr Seaforth and full results can be found below.

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U11 Boys

Position Name
1st (3rd Team) Brady McLean
8th (3rd Team) Matthew Copland
12th (3rd Team) Finlay Leishman
14th Sam McCrorie
17th Lucan Marshall-Watt
19th Sebastien Ballantyne

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U11 Girls

Position Name
6th Leya Gardiner
7th Jessica Byers

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U13 Boys

Position Name
2nd (1st Team) Ethan Polson
3rd (1st Team) Daniel Byers
5th (1st Team) Connor Scobie
7th (1st Team) Fraser McIntyre

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U13 Girls

Position Name
1st (1st Team) Iona Hubbard
3rd (1st Team) Anna Kirk
5th (1st Team) Sophie McColm
8th Emma McMillan
9th Claire McLaughlin
10th Drew Walker
15th Emma Ablett

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U15 Boys

Position Name
2nd (2nd Team) Euan Bell
4th (2nd Team) Alex Crooks
6th (2nd Team) Joshua Mirtle

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U15 Girls

Position Name
2nd Morven Hubbard
6th Islay Hubbard

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U17 Men

Position Name
1st Scott Sprang

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U17 Women

Position Name
1st Emma Frew

Ayrshire XC 2018 - Senior Men

Position Name
3rd (2nd Team/1st U20) Lewis Ross
4th (2nd Team/1st M40) Kenny Neill
6th (2nd Team) Grahame Hopper
14th (2nd Team) Alasdair Meldrum
23rd (2nd Team) Simon Kirk
27th Iain Pettigrew
31st Peter Laing
32nd Stuart McColm
36th Brian Dunn

Ayrshire XC 2018 - Senior Women

Position Name
1st (1st Team) Toni McIntosh
3rd (1st Team) Laure Wallace
4th (1st Team) Nicola Dunn
9th Gael Neill
12th Ruth Kirk

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