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National Indoor Championships (Regional Heat 1)

What a fantastic weekend of athletics we had at our very own home training facility! The first ever National Indoor Championships (Regional Heat) was a success for Scottish Athletics and the Riverside Sports Arena. Thank you to the organisers, officials and helpers who supported the event across the 3 days. Field Referee Ricky Taylor has asked the club to pass on his thanks to our members who helped across the weekend. The feedback about the venue and the organisation of the event has been very positive.

Congratulations to our athletes who achieved top 4 finishes and qualified for the National Indoor Final (highlighted in bold). Follow the link below for full details…

Regional Qualifiers

Ayr Seaforth Results

U13 Boys
Findlay Ledger – Long Jump (4.25m), High Jump (1.38m) and 60m Sprint (8.82s)
Rory Reynolds – Long Jump (3.76m), 60m Sprint (9.29s)
Riley Marshall-Watt – Long Jump (2.94m), 60m Sprint (10.85s)
Riley Killoch – Long Jump (2.48m), 60m Sprint (10.32s), 60m Hurdles (DNF)
Nico Stewart – 60m Sprint (10.28s)

U13 Girls
Isla Milligan – 60m Hurdles (11.27s), 60m Sprint (9.06s)
Lucia Cornelius – Long Jump (3.06m), 60m Sprint (10.16s)
Ashleigh Rees – 60m Sprint (10.40s), 60m Hurdles (DQ)
Eva McColm – Long Jump (2.96m)

U15 Boys
Lewis Relly – High Jump (1.28m), Long Jump (3.57m), 60m Sprint (9.30s)
Caleb Ghosh – High Jump (1.28m), Long Jump (3.73m), 60m Sprint (9.36s)
Riley Fulton – 60m Sprint (9.60s), 60m Hurdles (DQ)

U15 Girls
Anna Campbell – Long Jump (3.80m), 60m Sprint (9.08s)
Maisie Howlett – 60m Sprint (9.51s), Triple Jump (8.22m)
Katie Ablett – 60m Sprint (8.77s), Long Jump (3.50m)
Willow Challis – 60m Sprint (9.76s), Shot Put (4.52m)

U17 Men
Matthew Cox (60m Hurdles, Triple Jump), 60m Sprint (7.85s)
James Cruikshank (High Jump)
, Long Jump (4.83m), 60m Sprint (8.40s)
Luca Stewart – 60m Sprint (7.83s)

U17 Women
Eilidh Darbyshire – 60m Sprint (9.21s)

U20 Women
Anna Kirk – Long Jump (4.28m), High Jump (1.33m), 60m Sprint (8.62s)
Megan Sloan – 60m Sprint (8.75s)

Senior Men
John Duthie – 60m Sprint (7.37s)

Masters Men
Craig Challis – Shot Put (8.94m)

Lots of big PBs were set and best of all, our athletes really enjoyed the whole experience. It was impressive to see lots of new U13s step up and take on some of the best in the West of Scotland!

Thank you to TKEQ Photography and Bobby Gavin for the photos from the day.