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Ayrshire Cross Country Relay Championships – Irvine – Saturday 20 October 2018

This years Ayrshire Cross Country Relay Championships took place on Saturday at Irvine Sports Club. Conditions were favourable with the rain holding off till the Senior races although the lack of mud underfoot may have confused a few. There was success on the day for several Seaforth teams with the U11 Boys(A) taking Silver, U13 Boys (A) taking Silver, U13 Girls (B) taking Gold & the (A) team Bronze, Mens (A) took Bronze while the Womens (A) won Gold. Full results can be found below.

Ayrshire XC Relays - U11 Boys

Team Position Name Time
2nd TEAM A
Brady McLean 4:51
Finlay Leishman 5:10
Sam McCrorie 5:16
Incomplete Team Lucan Marshall-Watt 5:41

Ayrshire XC Relays - U11 Girls

Incomplete Team Name Time
Jessica Byers 5:39
Leya Konther 5:32

Ayrshire XC Relays - U13 Boys

Team Position Name Time
2nd Daniel Byers 9:34
Connor Scobie 10:09
Fraser McIntyre 10:29
Incomplete Team Ethan Polson 9:44

Ayrshire XC Relays - U13 Girls

Team Position Name Time
1st Anna Kirk 10:01
Sophie McCallum 10:28
Iona Hubbard 9:53
3rd Sophie McColm 10:07
Jessica Donnelly 11:44
Claire McLaughlin 1:25

Ayrshire XC Relays - U15 Boys

Team Position Name
Incomplete Team Alex Crooks 8:48
Fergus Muir 11:03

Ayrshire XC Relays - U15 Girls

Team Position Name
Incomplete Team Morven Hubbard 10:17
Islay Hubbard 11:09

Ayrshire XC Relays - Senior Men

Team Position Name Time
3rd Kenny Neill 13:46
Grahame Hopper 14:22
Stephen McCrorie 15:23
Simon Kirk 16:04
11th Stuart McLean 17:04
Ian Pettigrew 16:25
Barry Duddy 16:25
Ian Young 16:46
Incomplete Team Stuart McColm 18:13
Peter Laing 17:57

Ayrshire XC Relays - Senior Women

Team Position Name Time
1st Toni McIntosh 15:26
Nicola Dunn 16:09
Laura Wallace 15:27
5th Gael Neill 18:31
Evie MacKay 17:41
Ruth Kirk 20:30

West District XC Relay Championships – Irvine Beach Park – Saturday 13 October 2018

This years West District Cross Country Relay Championships took place at an exceptionally wet Irvine Beach Park yesterday but despite the weather around 1200 athletes took part.
Seaforth had teams featuring in each race and first up was the Young Females. This race like the Young Males comprises of teams of 3 athletes each running over a 2500m course. The first runner is an U13 athlete with the second either an U13 or U15 and the third runner either U15 or U17.
In the young Females race which had 45 complete teams, Seaforth had 3 complete teams competing with the first leg runners being Iona Hubbard (Team A), Sophie MCcColm (Team B) and Sophie McCallum (Team C). It was Iona Hubbard who led the race home with a sizeable lead to hand over to the second leg runners who were Morven Hubbard (Team A), Anna Kirk (Team B) and Katie Murray (Team C). For the third and final leg it was Emma Frew (Team A), Evie Mackay (Team B) and Isla Hubbard (Team C) who set off with Team A coming home in 5th place, Team B in 16th place and Team C in 20th place.
The next race was the Young Males where Seaforth had 2 complete teams and an incomplete team in a race with 40 complete teams. First leg runners were Conor Scobie (Team A), Calum Moir (Team B) and Fraser McIntyre (Team C) who then handed over to Alex Crooks (Team A), Daniel Byers (Team B) and Euan Bell (Team C). With no third runner for team C it was left to Scott Sprang (Team A) and Max McLean (Team B) to take up the challenge with Team A coming home in 11th place and Team B in 26th place.
The Senior Women were next up in a race with 34 complete teams. This race was competed by teams of 3 athletes each taking on a 4000m course. With only one complete team and a solo runner it was Laura Wallace (Team A) and Ruth Kirk (Team B) who set off with Laura followed by Gael Neill and Toni McIntosh who brought the team home in 10th place.
The Senior Mens race comprised of teams of 4 athletes each taking on the same 4000m course as the Senior Women. Seaforth had 3 complete teams in a field of 85 complete Senior teams and it was first leg runners Grahame Hopper (Team A), Alasdair Meldrum (Team B) and Laurence Baker (Team C) who led off handing over to Stephen McCrorie (Team A), Simon Kirk (Team B) and Peter Laing(Team C). With persistent rain once again falling it was then the turn of Craig Brown (Team A), Iain Pettigrew (Team B) and Stuart McColm (Team C) who handed over to final leg runners Kenny Neill (Team A), Paul Turnbull (Team B) and Stuart McLean (Team C). In the final overall standings in the Senior category Team A were 28th, Team B 58th and Team C 72nd however in the Seniors only category Team A were 23rd while in the Masters category Team B were 12th and Team C 16th.
Next up is the Ayrshire Cross Country Relays next weekend followed by the National Cross Country Relays at Cumbernauld.

Scottish National Cross Country Championships – Saturday 24 February 2018 – Callender Park, Falkirk

This years National Cross Country Championships took place at Callender Park, Falkirk on Saturday in conditions completely different from last year when it was a washout. There was a much smaller contingent from Seaforth this year but those who did compete had a memorable day. 

First off were the U13 Girls with Seaforth but a problem with the chip timing system for this race has left it somewhat difficult to provide accurate times for those outside the top finishers. What is without question is that the finish order for Seaforth was Islay Hubbard 35th (no time), Tess Crooks 67th (15:13), Sophie McColm 74th (15:16), 

The U13 Boys race was next and by this race the timing system was fully operational. Adam Currie led the Seaforth athletes home taking 38th position in a time of 2:42 for the 3100m course followed by Brodie McGregor 91st (13:30), Connor Scobie 119th (13:58) and Calum Moir 120th (3:59).

The U15 Girls race was next over a 4100m course and it was in this race that the Seaforth performance of the day was witnessed with Rosie Davidson narrowly missing out on a podium finish taking 4th place in 15:39. She was followed by team mates Isla Kirk 44th (17:42), Morven Hubbard 49th (17:49), Kitty Cooper-Hinton 117th (19:59) and Efthalia Karouzaki 33rd (22:19).

The U15 Boys raced over the same course with sole Seaforth representative Alex Crooks finishing in 67th place with a time of 16:15.

The only U17 athlete from Seaforth was U17 Woman Emma Frew who raced over a 6000m course to take 13th place in 26:25.

With there also being no U20 athletes from the club it was left to the Senior Men to complete Seaforth participation on the day. As usual this race has an enormous number of athletes competing with no fewer than 623 this year. The first home wearing the red cross of Seaforth was Kenny Neill who took 96th place after running over 10000m in a time of 38:01 followed by Alasdair Meldrum 347th (44:19), Iain Pettigrew 460th (47:43), Laurence Baker 468th (47:59), Ian Morrison 530th (50:45) and Stuart McColm 556th (52:30).


Great Edinburgh Run & Inter District XC 2018 – Holyrood Park, edinburgh

Last weekend saw the Great Edinburgh Run and Inter District Cross Country take place at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh for perhaps the last time as Edinburgh City Council are withdrawing funding for the event. In the Great Edinburgh Junior Run Ayr Seaforth U13 athlete Iona Hubbard had a fantastic run to take 3rd place in a time of 10:23. Shortly after the road races the Inter District Cross Country races along with the various International Cross Country races took place. Those chosen for the Inter District races were selected based on their performances during the current cross country season particularly their finishing positions in the recent District Cross Country Championships. Selected for Team West in the U13 Girls race was the Islay Hubbard who is the sister of Iona Hubbard and in the U15 race Rosie Davidson represented Team West. Islay Hubbard came home in 32nd place with a time of 13:20 for the 3000m race while Rosie Davidson followed up on her recent Scottish selection with an excellent 7th place in 15:52 over a 4000m course. Well done to all girls from everyone at Ayr Seaforth.

Iona Hubbard
Rosie Davidson

Celtic Nations Cross Country – Antrim, NI – Saturday 6 January 2018

Last weekend saw Seaforth U15 athlete Rosie Davidson compete for Team Scotland in this years Celtic Cross Country Championships which took place at Greenmount Campus, Antrim, Northern Ireland. The event was integrated into the latest leg of the British Cross Country Challenge with International teams representing Ireland, Northern Ireland & Ulster, Wales and Scotland competing alongside many club athletes competing individually in their respective age group races. Rosie was selected after her excellent silver medal run at the West District Cross Country Championships which took place at Irvine last month. With there being no U15 age group for the International teams Rosie was selected for the U17 age group which meant a step up in competition for her which she took in her stride. After a tough 3600m race with the U17 & U20 women running together Rosie came home as 7th U17 in a time of 15.05 with the Scottish U17 team taking first place. Congratulations to Rosie from all at Ayr Seaforth.

British Cross Challenge – Liverpool – Saturday 25 November 2017

A smaller contingent than that of recent years represented Ayr Seaforth at this years Liverpool leg of the British Cross Challenge which took place as usual at Sefton Park in Liverpool. This is a series of races at different venues in England, Wales & Ireland with the Liverpool race also doubling as the European Cross Country Trials for those in the older age groups. Those younger athletes competing gain valuable experience of participation in a much larger field with several thousand spectators watching them and they also get to rub shoulders with the sports elite.

The U11 races are over a 1900m course and in the U11 Boys Fraser McIntyre came home in 59th place (8:23) while in the U11 Girls race Iona Hubbard had a remarkable run to take 6th place in 8:15.

The U13 age group took on a 3000m course with Brodie McGregor taking 57th in the boys with a time of 12:26 and in the girls race Islay Hubbard finished in a creditable 19th (12:23) with Julie Dunn 92nd (14:01).

The U15 age group covered the same 3000m course where Alex Crooks and Euan Bell took 89th (11:26) and 101st (11:39) respectively. In the girls race there was a fantastic effort from Rosie Davidson who finished in an excellent 8th (11:22) while Morven Hubbard was 47th (12:36).

The final representative for Seaforth on the day was in the U17 Mens race which was over a 5500m course, Scott Sprang claiming 68th (20:17).

Ayrshire Cross Country Championships – Rozelle,Ayr – Saturday 25 November 2017

This years Ayrshire Cross Country Championships took place on Saturday at a very muddy and cold Rozelle Park, Ayr. While quite a low key event it is a great way for those younger athletes to get a grounding in the sport. There were several individual as well as team medals won by Seaforth with the U11 Boys team taking Gold, the U13 Boys team taking Silver, the U13 Girls team taking Silver, the Senior Mens team taking Silver and the Senior Womens team taking Gold. Full results can be found HERE

U11 Boys - 1200m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
1 Callum Peat 5:31
2= Daniel Byers 5:34
7 Brady McLean 6:03
12 Daniel Frew 6:25
14 Sam McCrorie 6:48
15 Leo Brockie 6:48

U11 Girls - 1200m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
3 Anna Kirk 5:50

U13 Boys - 3000m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
2 Adam Currie 11:33
5 Connor Scobie 12:20
9 Calum Hannah 14:39

U13 Girls - 3000m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
3 Emma McMillan No Time
4 Katie Murray No Time
5 Sophie McColm No Time
8 Jessica Donnelly No Time

U15 Boys - 4200m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
4 Blair Gemmell 20:06

U15 Girls - 4200m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
3 Evie Mackay 20:57

U17 Men - 6000m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
1 Declan McGhee 23:00

Senior Men - 9000m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
2 Kenneth Neill 33:27
5 Grahame Hopper 35:07
17 Ian Young 38:33
21 Iain Pettigrew 40:53
24 Tim Downie 41:29
26 Stuart McColm 45:27
30 Andrew Crichton 47:07

Senior Women - 9000m - Ayrshire Cross Country Championships 2017

Position Name Time
1 Laura Wallace 38:18
3 Gillian Hannah 45:08
4 Ruth Kirk 45:39
10 Abby Cunningham 54:28

Scottish National Short Course XC Championships – Kirkcaldy – Saturday 11 November 2017

This years National Short Course Cross Country Championships took place on Saturday 11 November at a new venue at Kirkcaldy High School. As the title suggests these races are run over a shorter than normal cross country course with the U15 age groups taking on a 2000m course, the U17 running over a 3000m course and the U20/Seniors a 4000m course.

there were only a handful of Seaforth athletes who made the trip this year and the performance of the day was undoubtedly that of U15 Girl Rosie Davidson who took an impressive 3rd place despite not being at 100% to run.

Results for Seaforth athletes were:-

U15 Girls – 3rd place Rosie Davidson 7:01 ; 41st Morven Hubbard 7:58 

U15 Boys – 57th place Alex Crooks 7:08

U17 Men – 28th place Scott Sprang 9:52 ; 38th Declan McGhee 10:01

Senior Women – 71st place Susie Hubbard 16:30

U20/Senior Men – 95th place(31st U20)  Lewis Ross 13:40 ; 298th (28th M45) Alasdair Meldrum 16:26


Scottish National Cross Country Relay Championships – Saturday 28 October 2017

Last Saturday saw this year’s National Cross Country Relay Championships take place at its usual venue in Cumbernauld. While conditions underfoot were slightly firmer than usual the course with its undulating terrain still proved a very difficult test for the 2600 athletes who had entered. This is a team event with junior teams consisting of 3 athletes who each run over a 2500m course, teams are made up of an u13 who hands over to either another u13 or u15 who in turn hand over to either an u15 or u17. The Senior Women’s teams have 4 runners over a 4000m course with the Senior Men also having 4 athletes over a 4000m course.

First up on the day was the Young Females where Seaforth had a commendable 12th place finish with the team of Islay Hubbard (u13), Rosie Davidson (u15) and Charlotte McDowall (u17). The B Team of Claire McLaughlin (u13), Morven Hubbard (u15) and Evie Mackay (u15) finished in 30th place while the final complete Seaforth team of Emma McMillan (u13), Bethany Alexander (u15) and Isla Kirk (u150 were 62nd. The D Team consisted of a solo runner who was u13 athlete Tess Crooks. 

This was followed by the Young Males where the Seaforth A Team of Adam Currie (u13), Alex Crooks (u15) and Declan McGhee (u17) were 23rd, the B Team of Conor Scobie (u13), Euan Bell (u15) and Scott Sprang (u17) were 42nd followed by the C Team of Calum Hannah (u13), Blair Gemmell (u15) and Logan Cotter (u17) in 75th place. 

With no Senior Female teams being fielded it was the Senior Males who completed the days participation for Seaforth. A massive 88 complete teams finished the race with the Seaforth team of Kenny Neill, Stephen McCrorie, Brian Robinson and Grahame Hopper taking 36th place.

Scottish National Cross Country Championships – Saturday 25 February 2017 – Callendar Park,Falkirk

This years Scottish National Cross Country Championships took place yesterday at an incredibly muddy Callendar Park in Falkirk. Heavy overnight rain had saturated the course making it a true test of cross country running with the course holding so much water that the venue owners actually considered cancelling the Championships on the morning of the event. Fortunately they agreed to a move of both the start and finish areas which allowed it to take place.The area immediately in front of Callendar House where the finish area is usually positioned was flooded with about a foot of water lying which made for a makeshift bathing area for athletes washing themselves down after racing.This year saw yet another record amount of entries with no fewer than 2330 entered. Performance of the day for Seaforth was the 5th place finish of Morven Hubbard in the U13 girls which was closely followed by U15 girl Rosie Davidson who came home in 7th place.

The Senior Men had once again the opportunity to compete against Olympian Callum Hawkins who set out his stall early in the race and claimed his second National title.

Results of all Seaforth athletes can be found in the tables below.

U13 Girls - Scottish National XC 2017 - 3.2km

Position Name Time
5th Morven Hubbard 12:17
37th Islay Hubbard 13:30

U15 Girls - Scottish National XC 2017 - 4.2km

Position Name Time
7th Rosie Davidson 14:40
32nd Emma Frew 16:08
47th Isla Kirk 16:39

U13 Boys - Scottish National XC 2017 - 3.2km

Position Name Time
17th Alex Crooks 11:55
56th Euan Bell 12:45
57th Sam Drummond 12:45

U15 Boys - Scottish National XC 2017 - 4.2km

Position Name Time
59th Logan Cotter 15:03
DNF Greig Oakley N/T

U17 Men - Scottish National XC 2017 - 5.9km

Position Name Time
13th Lewis Ross 23:22
43rd Declan McGhee 24:35
64th Aidan Copland 26:03

U20 Men - Scottish National XC 2017 - 7.6km

Position Name Time
30th Fraser Stirling 29:12

Senior Men - Scottish National XC 2017 - 10km

Position Name Time
96th Kenneth Neill 40:34
381st Laurence Baker 48:11
403rd Alasdair Meldrum 48:57
558th Iain Pettigrew 55:04
589th Peter Laing 57:08
593rd Stuart McColm 57:23