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National Cross Country Relays – Cumbernauld – Saturday 25 October 2014

Saturday saw this years National Cross Country Relays once again take place at Cumbernauld House which has been the home of the Championships since 2001. This is a course that proves a true test of cross country running owing to the hills that form part of it and it’s ability to hold water making the going underfoot heavy in parts at the best of times. This year was to be no different with the recent heavy rain which continued throughout the morning of the competition and was accompanied by strong winds.

A 20 year record high of 2241 athletes were entered for the Championships which represented 538 complete teams, an increase of 25 teams from last years entry.

The format for the Young Athletes races is that teams of 3 participate with each runner covering the 2500m course. The first runner is an u13 athlete followed by either an u13 / u15 athlete and then either an u15 / u17 athlete. The Men’s Senior races are competed by teams of 4 athletes with each running over a 4000m course, Seaforth had no Senior Female teams this year.

In the Young Females race a total of 106 teams started with 122 in the Young males and 102 teams in the Senior Males race.

The outstanding result for Seaforth was the 4th place finish of the ‘A’ team in the Young Males race which was closely followed by an excellent 9th place for the Seaforth ‘A’ team in the Young Female race.

A video report of the entire event can be seen HERE





Full results can be seen in the tables listed below :-

Scottish XC Relays 2014 Young Females

9th Ayr Seaforth 'A' Emma Frew (u13) 10:35
Lucy Davidson(u15) 12:54
Kirstin Oakley(u17) 10:37
38th Ayr Seaforth 'B' Charlotte McDowall(u13) 12:51
India Birrell(u15) 12:19
Lisa Rennie(u17) 12:27
41st Ayr Seaforth 'C' Alexandra Smiley(u13) 12:54
Caitlin Chilton(u15) 12:32
Mia Cullis(u15) 12:34
71st Ayr Seaforth 'F' Sophie McKay(u13) 13:17
Emma Palmer(u13) 14:45
Courtney McCorkell(u15) 14:09
76th Ayr Seaforth 'E' Rosie Davidson(u13) 13:15
Alison King(u15) 14:42
Rebecca Martin(u17) 15:33
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'D' Kelly Cunningham(u13) 13:03
Beth Littlejohn(u15) 14:01
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'G' Emma McKay(u13) 13:23
Nadine Sturgeon(u13) 15:02

Scottish XC Relays 2014 Young Males

4th Ayr Seaforth 'A' Scott Sprang(u13) 10:07
Ross Nicolson(u15) 10:07
Fraser Stirling(u17) 9:18
16th Ayr Seaforth 'B' Logan Cotter(u13) 11:02
Lewis Ross(u15) 10:10
Rhys Sim(u17) 9:43
69th Ayr Seaforth 'C' Joshua Cooke(u13) 11:34
Greig Oakley(u13) 11:31
Daniel Martin(u15) 11:36
81st Ayr Seaforth 'D' Patrick Smiley(u13) 11:48
Blair Smillie(u15) 11:44
Steven Martin(u15) 12:27
Incomplete Team Ayr Seaforth 'E' Max McLean(u13) 13:33
Aidan Copland(u15) 12:14

Scottish XC Relays 2014 Senior Men

51st Ayr Seaforth 'A' Kenneth Neill 14:31
Stuart McLean 16:44
Kevin Bloy 17:26
Peter Laing 17:55
78th Ayr Seaforth 'B' Laurence Baker 17:11
Andrew Crichton 18:57
Tom McCulloch 20:00
Fraser McKenzie 22:21


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Ayrshire Cross Country Relays – Irvine – Saturday 18 October 2014

Saturday 18 October saw this years Ayrshire Cross Country Relays take place at the Beach Park, Irvine. Weather conditions on the day were good with bright dry conditions although there was a stiff breeze. There are races for each age group from u11 up to Senior level for both male & females with Seaforth taking the gold medal positions in all but u13 girls and Senior Men.

The full list of runners and their respective positions are shown below :-

Ayrshire Cross Country Relay Results 2014 u11 Girls

1st Team Morven Hubbard 4:52
Abbie Rankine 5:51
Alex Meldrum 5:15
3rd Team Abbie Chilton 5:39
Fay McTrusty 6:04
Aimie Clark 4:56

U13 Girls

3rd Team Sophie McKay 11:02
Evie Mackay 11:24
Katie Constantinou 12:33
4th Team Kelly Cunningham 11:17
Emma Palmer 12:57
Charlotte McDowall 11:07
6th Team Sophie Slider 12:33
Molly Weatherston 14:50
Emilie Oosterbeek 10:20

U15 Girls

1st Team Emma Frew 8:52
Caitlin Chilton 10:59
India Birrell 10:18
2nd Team Rachael Stirling 11:03
Courtney McCorkell 11:31
Katie McAlpine 14:01

U17 Women

1st Team Beth Macrae 10:09
Mia Cullis 10:31
Rebecca Martin 12:53

Senior Women

1st Team Laura Wallace 14:02
Gael Riddle 15:02
Kirstin Oakley 13:57

U11 Boys

1st Team Alex Crooks 4:32
Lewis Martin 4:46
Max Cunningham 5:02
3rd Team Jacob Cairns 4:49
Bailey Jamieson 5:44
Euan Bell 4:56

U13 Boys

1st Team Josh Cooke 9:54
Jamie McCullough 10:10
Greig Oakley 9:26
3rd Team Max McLean 11:07
Jack Dunsmuir 10:58
Alex Neil 11:38

U15 Boys

1st Team Ross Nicolson 8:27
Scott Sprang 8:43
Lewis Ross 8:17
2nd Team Callum Meldrum 9:29
Blair Smillie 10:44
Daniel Martin 9:29
Individual Steven Martin 10:09

U17 Men

1st Team Fraser Stirling 7:58
Rhys Sim 8:17
Jamie McCorkell 9:28

Senior Men

2nd Team Kenny Neill 12:14
Steven Reid 12:54
Craig McPike 13:07
Stephen McCrorie 13:03
5th Team James Pettigrew 13:25
Stephen Kay 13:19
Kevin Bloy 14:18
Stuart McLean 14:15
11th Team Martin McCrorie 14:32
Alasdair Meldrum 14:47
Andy Crichton 15:53
Laurence Baker 14:47
Individual Fraser McKenzie 16:49



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West District Cross Country Relays – Birkmyre Park,Kilmacolm – Saturday 11 October 2014

Saturday 11th October saw the first cross country race of the season in the form of the West District Relays which were switched from the original venue at Port Glasgow to Birkmyre Park, Kilmacolm as the original venue was considered to be too dangerous for athletes owing to excessive rutting. Team manager Alan Sprang had been hopeful of fielding numerous teams in both the boys and girls races but some very late call offs in the girls meant a fair bit of last minute shuffling of the pack.

Owing to Birkmyre Park being fairly small the course was quite compact and there were several loops of the park required to make the distance. Conditions on the day were good for running with no wind and the early light rain giving way to much brighter conditions.

First off was the Young females race which consisted of teams of 3 athletes with the first being u13 followed by either an u13 or u15 then either an u15 or u17. Owing to the late call offs Seaforth were only able to field 3 complete teams and an incomplete team of 2 runners.

Emma Frew who was the first runner for the ‘A’ team came home in 1st place over the 2500m course in a time of 8:55 handing over to India Birrell who was up against some very stiff competition but held on for 8th position at the changeover having covered the course in 10:12, the anchor leg was down to Kirstin Oakley who showed that all miles covered in training are paying off by covering the distance in 8:43 to come home in 3rd place for the bronze medal behind Giffnock North ‘A’ in 1st place and Kilbarchan AAC ‘A’ in 2nd .

In the Young Males race Seaforth fielded 4 complete teams with the Seaforth ‘A’ team going one better than the girls coming home in an excellent silver medal 2nd place. The lead runner was Scott Sprang who covered the course in a time of 8:39 handing over in 1st place to Lewis Ross who showed some fine form completing the course in 8:27 holding on to 2nd place before handing over to the anchor runner Fraser Stirling who brought the team home with a lap time of 7:46 for the silver medal.

Although there were no Senior Female teams Seaforth did field 2 Senior Male teams some of whom were running their first cross country race for the club with Seaforth coach Alasdair Meldrum stepping up to the breach at the last minute after call offs.


Full results and times for all Seaforth teams were:-

Girls Teams

‘A’ team (3rd) Emma Frew 8:55(1st), India Birrell 10;12(8th), Kirstin Oakley 8:43(3rd)

‘B’ team (23rd) Rosie Davidson 10:46(31st), Lucy Davidson 9:59(26th), Mia Cullis 10:18(23rd)

‘C’ team (39th) Sophie McKay 11:07(47th), Caitlin Chilton 10:20(32nd), Rebecca Martin 12:29(39th)

‘D’ team (incomplete) Nadine Sturgeon 11:47(49th), Rachel Stirling 10:33(42nd)

Boys Teams

‘A’ team (2nd) Scott Sprang 8:39(1st), Lewis Ross 8:27(2nd), Fraser Stirling 7:46(2nd)

‘B’ team 10th Greig Oakley 9:26(18th), Ross Nicolson 8:21(13th), Rhys Sim 7:56(10th)

‘C’ team 37th Josh Cooke 9:55(37th), Daniel Martin 9:32(36th), Callum Meldrum 9:27(37th)

‘D’ team 42nd Max McLean 10:33(52nd), Blair Smillie 9:31(42nd), Steven Martin 10:19(42nd)

Senior Males

‘A’ team (27th) Stuart McLean 14:57(38th), Craig Brown 14:40(32nd), Andrew Crichton 16:38(35th), Kenny Neill 12:51(27th)

‘B’ team (incomplete) Alasdair Meldrum 15:19(46th), Laurence Baker 15:06(37th), Tom McCulloch 17:55(39th)


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Scottish National Cross Country Championships – Callendar Park,Falkirk – Saturday 22 February 2014

Saturday 22 February 2014 saw the Scottish National Cross Country Championships return once again to the excellent setting of Callendar Park, Falkirk which has been its home for the previous 8 championships. The recent heavy rains had made conditions on most of the course soft underfoot with several areas being very soft indeed. These energy sapping conditions along with the hills throughout the course ensured that this course was not for the faint hearted. There was however good weather on the day with the rain only returning in time for the start of the last race which was the Senior mens race. Ayr Seaforth have shown great strength of numbers in cross country races this season and the Nationals were no different with the club having 35 starters from the Junior section and 9 from the Senior section at Falkirk. This was typical of a lot of clubs as the total entries for the day topped 2100 runners which was the highest entry for 19 years.

The first race of the day was boys u13 race with Seaforth having 11 starters in a race where there were 151 finishers. The team were led home by Scott Sprang who is in his first year in the age group although this has not hindered him this season. He put in his usual gutsy performance over the 3200m course which saw him finish in 9th position in a time of 13:09. The other times for this race were :

Declan McGhee   46th  14:15 ; Greig Oakley   69th  14:48 ; Logan Cotter   78th  14:53 ; Aidan Copland   85th  15:04 ; Joshua Cooke   88th  15:08 ; Blair Smillie   92nd  15:13 ; Daniel Martin   117th  16:05 ; Alasdair Armstrong   139th  17:14 ; Ben Smyth   148th  17:52 ; Steven Martin   DNF(injured)

U13 boys race highlights here

The next race was the girls u13 3200m race where Seaforth had 8 runners in a race with 123 finishers. Again there was an excellent performance by another athlete who is in their first year at this level with Emma Frew coming home in a time of 14:05 to finish in a superb 4th position in her first taste of the National Cross Country experience. When considered along with her 2nd place finishes in both this seasons District Championships & Inter District Championships it is fair to say she has had a very rewarding season. Times for the other athletes in the race were :

Caitlin Chilton   47th  15:58 ; Jena Anderson   88th  17:23 ; Alison King   102nd  17:58 ; Emma Palmer   105th  18:12 ; Erin McCutcheon   107th  18:19 ; Melissa Miller   111th  18:47 ; Eilidh Carswell   115th  19:03.

U13 girls race highlights here

Next was the turn of the u15 boys which is always a hotly contested 4000m race, of the 120 who completed the race Seaforth had 6 athletes. First home for Seaforth was Fraser Stirling in 11th place with a time of 14:18 followed by Lewis Ross   47th  15:16 ; Jamie Brotherston   51st  15:30 ; Ross Nicolson   58th  15:40 ; Rhys Sim   59th  15:45 ; Ewan McLevy   72nd  16:03.

U15 boys race highlights here

The 5 Seaforth u15 girls who ran in the next race also had to overcome the same 4000m course as the boys. The finishing positions and times for those athletes were India Birrell   66th  18:43 ; Jacqui Gibson   75th  19:38 ; Mia Cullis   76th  19:40 ; Megan Short   94th  21:41 ; Rebecca Martin   103rd  23:16.

U15 girls race highlights here

The only other Junior race where Seaforth had competitors was the u17 womens race and it produced the best result of the day. This race was run alongside the u20 womens race over a very challenging 4800m course and it was once again Kirstin Oakley who gained the credits finishing in an exceptional 2nd place in a time of 17:38 followed home by team mates Lisa Rennie   22nd  20:17 ; Beth MacRae   35th  21:43 ; Rachael King   36th  21:55 ; Amy Palmer   47th  28:02.

U17 womens race highlights here

The final race of the day was the Senior mens race which was over a 12000m course and had no less than a massive 566 runners finishing the race, Seaforth again were well represented with 9 athletes competing. The final positions and times were Craig McPike   208th  48:37 ; Stephen McCrorie(M40)   235th  49:19 ; Mark Caldwell(M40)   277th  50:29 ; Stuart McLean(M40)   334th  52:18 ; Laurence Baker(M55)   361st  53:07 ; James Murray   368th  53:17 ; Peter Laing(M50)   466th  57:46 ; Iain Pettigrew(M45)   508th  60:38 ; Ian Baird(M60)   524th  62:04.


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East Kilbride Cross Country Races – Jackton, Sunday 19 January 2014

A group of 28 hardy Seaforth cross country runners took part in the new East Kilbride AC cross country races which were held at O’Cathian Farm, Jackton on Sunday 19 January. After the recent heavy rains the course for the event had turned in to what must have been the muddiest course seen in many years, there was also the long hills to contend with which made the course a real energy sapper.

There were some good runs by Seaforth athletes with Fraser Stirling taking bronze in the boys u15 race,Emma Frew winning the silver medal in the girls u13 race and Scott Sprang going one better to take gold in the u13 boys race. In the boys u15 race the team prize went to Seaforth athletes Fraser Stirling, Jamie Brotherston and Lewis Ross and in the u15 girls race the team prize went to Seaforth athletes Mia Cullis, India Birrell and Megan Short.

A special mention goes to Eilidh Carswell, with around 800m to go she lost a shoe in the thick gloopy mud but undeterred she simply picked it up and ran the rest of the course with it in her hand passing 2 other runners on the way in….well done Eilidh.

The full results of the Seaforth athletes are as follows :-

u11 Girls – 1.35km

18th   Rosie Davidson  4m12s

21st   Scarlett Ross     4m16s

32nd   Nadine Sturgeon   4m38s

43rd   Lauren Carswell   5m27s

u11 Boys – 1.35km

21st   Max McLean   4m03s

u13 Girls – 2.8km

2nd   Emma Frew   8m31s

11th   Lucy Davidson   9m29s

18th   Caitlin Chilton   9m59s

19th   Jena Anderson   10m02s

24th   Eilidh Carswell   10m58s

31st   Ali Rowan   12m09s

u13 Boys – 2.8km

1st   Scott Sprang   7m45s

14th   Joshua Cooke   9m20s

21st   Logan Cotter   9m50s

22nd   Blair Smillie   9m54s

Retired injured   Greig Oakley

u15 Girls – 4.2km

9th.  Mia Cullis 23m.03s

11th  India Birell.  23m38s

13th  Megan Short.  24m.14s

u15 Boys – 4.2km

3rd   Fraser Stirling   16m31s

5th   Jamie Brotherston   17m25s

9th   Lewis Ross   18m36s

14th   Matthew Eadie   20m34s

u17 Women – 4.2km

4th   Lisa Rennie   23m02s

Senior Men – 8.4km

28th   James Murray   39m23s

31st   Laurence Baker   40m31s

41st   Stuart McLean   45m02s

46th   Iain Pettigrew   46m10s


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Inter District Cross Country Championships – Holyrood Park, Edinburgh – Saturday 11 January 2014

After a cold and frosty start to the day blue skies and soft underfoot conditions greeted those Seaforth athletes who had been selected for Scotland West to compete at this years Inter District Cross Country Championships which took place in the magnificent surroundings of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh in the shadow of Arthurs Seat. These races were the prelude to some top class International races later in the day which saw some of the worlds top male and female distance runners competing. Teams from Scotland West, East and North compete these races with 15 athletes running for each area.

First up was the u13 races which saw the boys and girls run a 3km distance with a 2 minute gap between the races starting. In the girls race Seaforth had a sole selection in Emma Frew who has shown herself to be a real prospect this season. She ran an excellent race tucking in behind 4 athletes from Scotland East for the first 2 laps of 3 on the short 1km course. She then made her move and with about 400m to go found herself in third place with the finish in sight, after a thrilling finish she came home in 2nd place only four seconds off of 1st place to claim the silver medal also leading her West team to the team silver.

The boys u13 race saw Seaforth with two first time participants in the form of Scott Sprang and Daniel Martin. From the start young Scott pushed himself hard and was in the front of the pack just behind the leaders for the first two of the three laps with his efforts eventually gaining him a worthy 7th place finish and also a share of a team gold medal. Daniel found the going tough in the windy conditions but fought hard to come home in 32nd position.

Next was the u15 races where Seaforth had a sole selection in Fraser Stirling. These races were over a longer 4km distance which saw Fraser fight hard to come home in 17th position as part of a group of 8 athletes separated by only 10 seconds.

Following on after the senior & junior Inter District categories was the BUPA Great Edinburgh Junior International races which were run alongside the u17 Inter District races. The Junior races saw the best distance runners from Great Britain, Team Europe & the USA in the Junior category which comprises of athletes who are aged 17 but under age 20.The first race was the 6km male race where Seaforth had James Pettigrew gaining his first District selection. This was a fast paced race in which James gave his all to finish in 45th place overall and 27th in the Inter District race.

The last race of the day with Seaforth interest was the 4km female u17 Inter District & Junior International race which saw Seaforth athlete Kirstin Oakley make her 5th appearance in the event with the race also featuring team mate Lisa Rennie. Kirstin made an excellent start to the race and tucked in behind the 2nd place athlete in the Inter District race and Team West colleague Catriona Graves of Garscube Harriers for almost the entire race.The race that ensued between them took them clear of the rest of the field and at the last turn with 200m to go Kirstin made her move and finished a deserved 4 seconds clear of Graves in 20th place overall and 2nd in the Inter District race. The race between them actually saw them close on the Junior International field with Kirstin only finishing a second behind USA athlete Allie Buchalski. To add to this both of them were rewarded with a team gold medal. Lisa ran a gutsy race taking her to a 25th place finish in the Inter District competition.

To make her day Kirstin also managed to get a photograph taken with 3 time World and Olympic 1500m winner Asbel Kiprop of Kenya who ran in the BUPA mens 4km Invitational race.


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West District Cross Country Championships – Kilmarnock – Saturday 7 December 2013

Ayr Seaforth were very well represented yet again this weekend when no less than 38 athletes took part in this years West District Cross Country Championships at Kilmarnock. Owing to the recent wet conditions the flat course once again proved an excellent cross country test with very muddy conditions and part of the now infamous Killie Swamp being used which even managed to claim a shoe from u15 athlete Fraser Stirling that was never found.

The first race of the day was the girls u13 race which was run over 3200m. There were 86 runners and Seaforth had 8 entrants. The final places were Emma Frew 2nd(11:23) ; Caitlin Chilton 26th (12:36) ; Lucy Davidson 28th (12:43) ; Emma Low 36th (13:04) ; Charlotte McDowall 40th (13:12) ; Lexie Smiley 56th (14:05) ; Eilidh Carswell 61st (14:16) ; Alison King 72nd (14:51).

This was followed by the u13 boys race which had 9 Seaforth runners in a field of 64 over the 3200m course. Finishing places were Scott Sprang 3rd (10:25) ; Daniel Martin 15th (11:03) ; Declan McGhee 20th (11:13) ; Greig Oakley 29th (11:38) ; Logan Cotter 33rd (11:53) ; Steven Martin 49th (12:27) ; Joshua Cooke 52nd (12:38) ; Alasdair Armstrong 61st (13;59) ; Callum Laurie 64th (14:43).

The u15 girls were next with 5 athletes from Seaforth in the 63 strong field over the 400m course. Those athletes positions were Mia Cullis 38th (15;56) ; India Birrell 40th (16:09) ; Megan Short 47th (17:02) ; Georgia Brawley 57th (18:23) ; Rebecca Watson 59th (18:35).

The u15 boys race was also over the same 4000m course with Seaforth only having 2 athletes running in the 61 starters. Positions were Fraser Stirling 7th (12:24) and Ewan McLevy 41st (14;11).

The u17 women were next running over a 5000m course with Seaforth having 3 athletes in a field of 34 runners, this race also having the u20 women running alongside the u17 women. Final positions were Kirstin Oakley 5th(18:18) ; Lisa Rennie 16th(20:33) and Rachael King 23rd(21:31).

The u17 mens race was over 6400m and Seaforth had a single entrant in the field of 36 with James Pettigrew coming home in 9th(21:03).

The final race of the day was the senior mens race which was over a distance of 10,000m. There were 10 Seaforth athletes in the field of 195 and their final positions also show their position in their respective age category…..Kenneth Neill 36th(40:29) Senior 29th ; Stephen McCrorie 72nd(43:18) M40 20th ; Alex Dunlop 83rd(44:00) M40 25th ; Stephen Kay 90th(44:22) Senior 49th ; James Murray 98th(45:00) Senior 53rd ; Chris Boyce 115th(46:39) Senior 60th ; Peter Laing 129th(48:06) M50 24th ; Laurence Baker 142nd(49:16) M50 28th ; Paul Turnbull 152nd(50:02) M50 29th ; Tom McCulloch 167th(51:56) M50 38th.

There was further success for Seaforth as the Seaforth u13 boys team of Scott Sprang, Declan McGhee and Daniel Martin took the team bronze with the u17 womens team of Kirstin Oakley, Lisa Rennie and Rachael King taking team silver.

As a reward for their excellent runs the following athletes will be selected for the West District Team to take part in the Inter District races at Holyrood, Edinburgh on Saturday 11th January 2014 :-

U13 Girls – Emma Frew

U13 Boys – Scott Sprang

U15 Boys – Fraser Stirling

U17 Women – Kirstin Oakley

U17 Men – James Pettigrew




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British Athletics UK Cross Challenge – Sefton Park,Liverpool – Saturday 23 November 2013

A team of 13 athletes from Ayr Seaforth competed today in the British Athletics UK Cross Challenge which took place at Sefton Park, Liverpool. The athletes and parents travelled down the day before and stayed overnight in nearby Widnes in preparation for the race. After a freezing cold night frosty conditions gave way to a fine day with temperatures rising and the course in turn softening up.

The first race of the day was the u11 race which saw both boys and girls run together. The sole Seaforth competitor in this category was young Lewis Martin who came 52nd out of 72 runners over the 1.9km course in a time of 8:43.

Next up was the u13 girls race which was over a distance of 3km. Seaforth had 3 athletes competing in a starting line up 107 runners. The run of the day saw u13 starlet Emma Frew complete the course in a time of 11:29 coming home in 7th place. Emma was followed by team mates Caitlin Chilton 69th (13:17) and Jena Anderson 84th (13:57).

This was followed by the u13 boys race which had 114 runners over the same distance with 4 athletes competing for Seaforth. First in was Scott Sprang in 20th place in a time of 11:09 followed by Daniel Martin 31st (11:22), Greig Oakley 58th (11:54) and Steven Martin 77th (12:31).

The u15 boys race followed which was also over a distance of 3km. In this race Seaforth had a sole runner in the field of 135 starters. Fraser Stirling completed the course in a time of 10:11 coming home in an excellent 25th place with only 11secs separating him and 14th place.

The u15 girls were next over the distance with 2 Seaforth athletes running in the field of 87 runners. Finishing positions for this race were Mia Cullis 78th (13:50) and Rebecca Martin 83rd (14:30).

The penultimate race of the day with a Seaforth entrant was the u17 womens race which was over a distance of 4.4km and was run alongside the u20 womens race with a total of 85 entrants in the u17 category. The sole Seaforth runner was Kirstin Oakley who completed the course in 21st place in a time of 16:20. This again was a close race with no less than 8secs separating 13th to 21st places.

The last race with a Seaforth athlete was the u17 men which was run over a distance of 5.5km. A total of 110 athletes completed the course with James Pettigrew coming home in 48th place with a time of 19:11.

With the exception of Kirstin and Greig Oakley all other athletes were making their debut on the British stage and will have gained invaluable experience of competing at a higher level than is usually found north of the border. No doubt it will stand them in good stead for future races and many will compete in the British Challenge series next season.


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Ayrshire Cross Country Championships – Irvine Beach Park – Saturday 16 November 2013

Saturday 16 November saw those athletes who entered this years Ayrshire Cross Country Championships greeted by a cold, windy but dry day with the wind having more of a bearing on the older age groups who had to run into the teeth of the wind when heading out to the farthest part of the course.

The first race of the day was the u11 age group where Seaforth had 7 girls and 5 boys running over the 1200m course. In the girls race Seaforth completed a clean sweep of the medals with Rosie Davidson 1st (3:49), Evie Mackay 2nd (3:53) and Scarlett Ross 3rd (3:54). They were followed by Alex Meldrum 5th (4:00), Nadine Sturgeon 7th (4:09), Morgan Brown 8th (4:11) and Molly Weatherston 12th (4:22). The first 3 girls also claimed the team gold medal. In the boys race Seaforth again were amongst the medals with Ruben Lindsay 2nd (3:48), Max McLean 3rd (3rd (3:49), Lewis Lennox 4th (3:52), Mason Alexander 6th (3:56) and Lewis Martin 7th (3:57). The first 3 boys home also claimed the team gold medal.

In the u13 age group which was over 3000m Seaforth were again heavily represented with no less than 8 girls and 6 boys. The girls was won by Emma Frew (11:20) who was followed by Lucy Davidson 2nd (12:24), Caitlin Chilton 3rd (12:34), Charlotte McDowall 5th (12:54), Jena Anderson 6th (13:00), Alexandra Smiley 8th (13:07), Emma Low 9th (13:09) and Melissa Miller 11th (13:30). The first 3 girls won the team gold. In the boys race Daniel Martin won in (11:03) with Greig Oakley 2nd (11:37), Steven Martin 3rd (11:56), Blair Smillie 5th (12:45) and Ben Smyth 7th (14:33). The first 3 boys were team gold medalists. Scott Sprang had to pull out while leading owing to injury which thankfully turned out not to be serious.

The u15 races had 3 girls racing over the 3000m course with 4 boys running the 4200m course. In the girls race India Birrell ran an excellent race to come home in 2nd place in a time of (12:33) followed by team mates Mia Cullis 4th (13:27) and Rebecca Martin 5th (13:37) to take the team silver medal. The u15 boys saw Fraser Stirling continue his fine form with a 1st place finish in (13:36), Lewis Ross 2nd (14:13), Callum Meldrum 5th (15:25) and Ewan McLevy 6th (15:34). The first 3 boys took the team gold.

The u17 races saw Kirstin Oakley record a convincing win over the 4200m course in a time of 14:35 followed home by team mate Lisa Rennie in 16:22. The boys race which was over a tough 6000m was won by James Pettigrew in 20:39 with Matthew Brawley 2nd in 21:57.

With the senior women and senior mens races starting together Seaforth were again very well represented with Gael Riddle the sole female entrant continuing her first season of cross country with a fine 4th place finish over the 6000m course in a time of 26:58 which also had her the first F35 runner in. The senior men had 12 runners for the 9000m course which reinforced the recent large turnouts for the section, the ever increasing number of athletes competing for the senior section has not gone unnoticed by other clubs and is becoming a regular topic of conversation. The first competitor in was Kenny Neil 5th (32:31) followed by Stephen McCrorie 10th (33:23), Alex Dunlop 13th (34:30), Steven Eaglesham 15th (34:46), James Murray 16th (34:58), Craig Brown 17th (34:59), Chris Boyce 21st (35:57), Stuart McLean 24th (37:00), Laurence Baker 26th (37:23), Paul Turnbull 29th (38:24), Ian Young 33rd (39:24) and Tom McCulloch 37th (41:15). The first 6 Seaforth runners also claimed the team silver medal.

Full results can be seen here

The next event on the cross country calendar is the McCain Cross Challenge in Liverpool next Saturday where Seaforth have a team entered.



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Kilmarnock Open XC – Sunday 10 November 2013

After a cold, frosty but sunny start to the day a very soft and muddy course greeted those athletes who entered the Kilmarnock Open XC at the Ayrshire Arena, Kilmarnock. It made for very good cross country conditions and made the relatively flat course much more of a challenge.

In the girls u11 race Seaforth had 7 starters in a field of 62 runners. After a fast and furious 1300m first home for Seaforth was Rosie Davidson in 20th place (5:36) followed by Scarlett Ross 22nd (5:42), Alex Meldrum 24th (5:47), Evie Mackay 26th (5:49), Morgan Brown 33rd (5:58), Sophie McKay 35th (6:00) and Nadine Sturgeon 41st (6:08).

This was followed by the u11 boys where Seaforth had a sole entrant in the field of 44 runners. Lewis Martin came home in 27th place in a time of 5:38.

The girls u13 saw a total of 9 entrants for Seaforth in a start list of 42 runners. The latest rising star in the form of Emma Frew led the race from start to finish completing the 3200m course in a time of 13:00, she was followed home by team mates Caitlin Chilton 9th (14:17), Lucy Davidson 11th (14:31), Emma Low 12th (14:41), Charlotte McDowall 17th (15:19), Alexandra Smiley 18th (15:23), Jena Anderson 19th (15:37), Emma Palmer 23rd (15:54) and Alison King 26th (16:40). The first 3 girls home also won the team event for this age group.

The u13 boys race had a smaller field of 25 runners but none the less proved to be a hard fought win for young Scott Sprang who put in the performance of the day to win by some distance from Inverclydes Cameron Watson. Scott had a time of 12:15 and was followed by Daniel Martin 4th (13:06), Michael Bargh 7th (13:26), Greig Oakley 10th (13:51), Logan Cotter 16th (14:19) and Blair Smillie 17th (14:31). Again the first 3 runners home won the team event for their age group.

The u15 girls race was over a 4000m course with 5 runners for Seaforth in the field of 18 runners. First home for Ayr was Mia Cullis 8th (17:28) who was followed closely by the improving Megan Short 10th (17:36), India Birrell 11th (17:56), Rebecca Martin 15th (19;09) and Kate Alexander 17th (19:40).

The boys u15 team only had a single runner as the rest of this age group were running earlier in the day along with the mens u17 athletes and womens u17 athletes at the National Short Course Cross Country Championships in Glasgow. The runner was Ross Nicolson who came home in 4th place from 11 runners in a time of 15:06.

The senior / veterans womens race was over a distance of 6400m and saw Seaforths Gael Riddle the sole club representative in a field of 14 runners finishing in 8th position in a time of 31:26.

The mens senior / veterans was over the top distance of 10000m and saw an entry of 7 Seaforth athletes compete in the field of 35 starters. Kenny Neil was first athlete home for Ayr in 4th (37:26), Mark Caldwell 11th (39:55), James Murray 13th (40:50), Laurence Baker 20th (43:03), Peter Laing 23rd (44:33), Ian Young 30th (45:51) and Tom McCulloch 31st (47:04).

A big well done to everyone who turned out for the club, the big increase in numbers participating at all age groups has not gone unnoticed and is regularly being commented on by regulars on the circuit.



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