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British Athletics Cross Challenge – Saturday 24 November 2018 – Sefton Park, Liverpool

A sizeable group from Ayr Seaforth made the now annual trip to Liverpool this weekend to compete in the 3rd leg of this seasons British Cross Country Challenge which is a series of races in Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Belfast and Loughborough. Points are awarded for finishing places in each race with the season winners decided in the final race at Lougborough by accumulated points totals. The race at Liverpool was also the trials for this seasons European Championships with the UK team at the older age groups being decided. The Seaforth performance of the day was in the U13 Girls race where Iona Hubbard came home in 16th place although this was only 2 places better than U17 Woman Rosie Davidson who took 18th place in her race.
In the U13 Girls race Seaforth had 5 girls competing resulting in Iona Hubbard (16th), Anna Kirk (26th), Sophie McCallum (28th), Sophie McColm (41st) and Drew Walker (78th) while in the U13 Boys it was Daniel Byers (48th), Calum Moir (60th) and Connor Scobie (74th).
The U15 Girls saw the other two Hubbard sisters running with Morven Hubbard (60th) and Islay Hubbard (102nd), in the U15 Boys Euan Bell was 69th with Alex Crooks (117th) and Fergus Muir (119th).
The U17 Womens race had Rosie Davidson (18th), Emma Frew (25th) and Evie Mackay (75th). The U17 Men race which was won by Hamish Armitt of Giffnock North saw Scott Sprang (63rd) and Max McLean (119th).

There was only a solo Senior athlete from Ayr Seaforth competing on the day and this was Ruth Kirk in the Senior Womens race where she completed the gruelling course in 193rd position.

Ayrshire Cross Country Championships – Saturday 17 November 2018 – Kilmarnock

This years Ayrshire Cross Country Championships took place at an unusually sunny Kilmarnock on Saturday although conditions underfoot were still slightly soft in places. First up was the U11 races where Seaforth athlete Brady McLean took the Gold medal in the boys race. There was success in both U13 races however with Iona Hubbard taking Gold & Anna Kirk the Silver in the girls race while Ethan Polson took Silver & Daniel Byers Bronze in the boys race. Euan Bell followed this taking Silver in the U15 boys race while Morven Hubbard also took Silver in the U15 girls race. Not to be outdone it was then the turn of Scott Sprang to take Gold & Emma Frew also Gold in the U17 races. The final races of the day were the Seniors where Toni McIntosh won Gold in the womens with twin sister Laura Wallace taking bronze, in the mens race Lewis Ross won bronze while also taking the position of 1st in the U20 section. All in all it was good day for Ayr Seaforth and full results can be found below.

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U11 Boys

Position Name
1st (3rd Team) Brady McLean
8th (3rd Team) Matthew Copland
12th (3rd Team) Finlay Leishman
14th Sam McCrorie
17th Lucan Marshall-Watt
19th Sebastien Ballantyne

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U11 Girls

Position Name
6th Leya Gardiner
7th Jessica Byers

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U13 Boys

Position Name
2nd (1st Team) Ethan Polson
3rd (1st Team) Daniel Byers
5th (1st Team) Connor Scobie
7th (1st Team) Fraser McIntyre

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U13 Girls

Position Name
1st (1st Team) Iona Hubbard
3rd (1st Team) Anna Kirk
5th (1st Team) Sophie McColm
8th Emma McMillan
9th Claire McLaughlin
10th Drew Walker
15th Emma Ablett

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U15 Boys

Position Name
2nd (2nd Team) Euan Bell
4th (2nd Team) Alex Crooks
6th (2nd Team) Joshua Mirtle

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U15 Girls

Position Name
2nd Morven Hubbard
6th Islay Hubbard

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U17 Men

Position Name
1st Scott Sprang

Ayrshire XC 2018 - U17 Women

Position Name
1st Emma Frew

Ayrshire XC 2018 - Senior Men

Position Name
3rd (2nd Team/1st U20) Lewis Ross
4th (2nd Team/1st M40) Kenny Neill
6th (2nd Team) Grahame Hopper
14th (2nd Team) Alasdair Meldrum
23rd (2nd Team) Simon Kirk
27th Iain Pettigrew
31st Peter Laing
32nd Stuart McColm
36th Brian Dunn

Ayrshire XC 2018 - Senior Women

Position Name
1st (1st Team) Toni McIntosh
3rd (1st Team) Laure Wallace
4th (1st Team) Nicola Dunn
9th Gael Neill
12th Ruth Kirk

National Short Course Cross Country Championships – Saturday 10 November 2018 – Lanark

This years National Short Course XC moved to a new venue at Lanark Race Course. This is a cross country race which is run over a much shorter distance than usual making it something of a cross country sprint. It is limited to age groups of U15 and above with the U15 racing over a 2km course, U17 over a 3km course and the U20/Senior over a 4km course. In the U15 Girls race Morven Hubbard took 36th place with sister Islay Hubbard taking 61st place. In the U15 Boys race Alex Crooks completed the course in 24th place with Fergus Muir in 106th. The U17 Women saw the performance of the day from Seaforth with Rosie Davidson (5th place), Emma Frew (13th place) and Evie Mackay (46th place) giving them the team Bronze medal. With there being no U17 men competing from Seaforth on the day it was then the turn of the Seniors. In the Senior Women it was Toni McIntosh who led the way finishing in 22nd place followed by Nicola Dunn in 64th place from a field of 206 competitors. The Senior Men completed the days competition with Grahame Hopper in 170th place, Alasdair Meldrum 268th, Simon Kirk 304th, Craig Brown 309th and Tim Downie 416th.

3rd Place U17 Womens Team-Evie Mackay, Emma Frew, Rosie Davidson

National XC Relays 2018 – Cumbernauld – Saturday 27 October 2018

This years Scottish National XC Relay Championships took place on Saturday at a somewhat mudless Cumbernauld which is extremely unusual. On a day with a bright,sunny sky and low temperatures there was no sign of the mud which is a normal feature of this course but this in no way made it any easier for the competitors who still had to negotiate the rolling hills of the course.
The first race of the day was that of the Young Females where teams of 3 compete with an U13 athlete running the 2500m course first followed by either an U13 or U15 who then hands over to either an U15 or U17. Seaforth had 3 complete teams and an incomplete team competing in this race with Team 1 giving the club their best result of the day with 8th place.
Next up was the Young Males who ran in the same format with there being 3 complete teams and an incomplete team.
With only 2 Senior Women available on the day it was an incomplete team of Gael Riddle & Ruth Kirk who competed in the Masters Women section taking on a 4000m course. The Senior Men were well represented with 3 complete teams taking on the 4 x 4000m course. Full results can be seen in the tables below.

National XC Relays 2018 - Young Females

Team Position Name Time
8th Place (Team 1) Iona Hubbard (u13) 10:03
Morven Hubbard (u15) 10:28 (20:31.1)
Rosie Davidson (u17) 9:37 (30:08.2)
30th Place (Team 2) Anna Kirk (u13) 10:34
Islay Hubbard (u15) 11:11 (21:45.7)
Emma Frew (u17) 9:53 (31:39.2)
45th Place (Team 3) Sophie McColm (u13) 10:43
Katie Murray (u13) 11:00 (21:43.3)
Evie Mackay (u17) 11:08 (2:52.1)
Incomplete Team Sophie McCallum (u13) 10:35
Drew Walker (u13) 12:12 (22:48.7)

National XC Relays 2018 - Young Males

Team Position Name Time
18th Place (Team 1) Adam Currie (u13) 9:48
Alex Crooks (u15) 9:09 (18:58)
Scott Sprang (u17) 8:47 (27:45.7)
74th Place (Team 2) Daniel Byers (u13) 9:54
Connor Scobie (u13) 10:35 (20:30.2)
Max McLean (u17) 10:37 (31:07.5)
80th Place (Team 3) Ethan Polson (u13) 10:10
Calum Moir (u13) 12:06 (22:16)
Euan Bell (u15) 9:16 (31:33.3)
Incomplete Team Fraser McIntyre (u13) 10:42
Joshua Mirtle (u15) 11:10 (21:52.8)

National XC Relays 2018 - Masters Women

Team Position Name Time
Incomplete Team Gael Neill 18:06
Ruth Kirk 19:06 (37:12.9)

National XC Relays 2018 - Senior Men

Team Position Name Time
39th Place (Team 1) Stephen McCrorie (M45) 14:26
Brian Robinson (M40) 13:53 (28:19)
Kenny Neill (M40) 13:16 (41:36)
Grahame Hopper 13:38 (55:15.1)
87th Place (Team 2) Simon Kirk (M45) 15:25
Craig Brown 15:32 (30:57)
Alasdair Meldrum (M45) 15:05 (46:02)
Iain Pettigrew (M50) 15:44 (61:47.5
106th Place (Team 3) Ian Young 15:55
Peter Laing (M55) 17:27 (33:23)
Stuart McColm (M50) 17:46 (51:10)
Stuart McLean (M45) 16:40 (67.50)

Ayrshire Cross Country Relay Championships – Irvine – Saturday 20 October 2018

This years Ayrshire Cross Country Relay Championships took place on Saturday at Irvine Sports Club. Conditions were favourable with the rain holding off till the Senior races although the lack of mud underfoot may have confused a few. There was success on the day for several Seaforth teams with the U11 Boys(A) taking Silver, U13 Boys (A) taking Silver, U13 Girls (B) taking Gold & the (A) team Bronze, Mens (A) took Bronze while the Womens (A) won Gold. Full results can be found below.

Ayrshire XC Relays - U11 Boys

Team Position Name Time
2nd TEAM A
Brady McLean 4:51
Finlay Leishman 5:10
Sam McCrorie 5:16
Incomplete Team Lucan Marshall-Watt 5:41

Ayrshire XC Relays - U11 Girls

Incomplete Team Name Time
Jessica Byers 5:39
Leya Konther 5:32

Ayrshire XC Relays - U13 Boys

Team Position Name Time
2nd Daniel Byers 9:34
Connor Scobie 10:09
Fraser McIntyre 10:29
Incomplete Team Ethan Polson 9:44

Ayrshire XC Relays - U13 Girls

Team Position Name Time
1st Anna Kirk 10:01
Sophie McCallum 10:28
Iona Hubbard 9:53
3rd Sophie McColm 10:07
Jessica Donnelly 11:44
Claire McLaughlin 1:25

Ayrshire XC Relays - U15 Boys

Team Position Name
Incomplete Team Alex Crooks 8:48
Fergus Muir 11:03

Ayrshire XC Relays - U15 Girls

Team Position Name
Incomplete Team Morven Hubbard 10:17
Islay Hubbard 11:09

Ayrshire XC Relays - Senior Men

Team Position Name Time
3rd Kenny Neill 13:46
Grahame Hopper 14:22
Stephen McCrorie 15:23
Simon Kirk 16:04
11th Stuart McLean 17:04
Ian Pettigrew 16:25
Barry Duddy 16:25
Ian Young 16:46
Incomplete Team Stuart McColm 18:13
Peter Laing 17:57

Ayrshire XC Relays - Senior Women

Team Position Name Time
1st Toni McIntosh 15:26
Nicola Dunn 16:09
Laura Wallace 15:27
5th Gael Neill 18:31
Evie MacKay 17:41
Ruth Kirk 20:30

West District XC Relay Championships – Irvine Beach Park – Saturday 13 October 2018

This years West District Cross Country Relay Championships took place at an exceptionally wet Irvine Beach Park yesterday but despite the weather around 1200 athletes took part.
Seaforth had teams featuring in each race and first up was the Young Females. This race like the Young Males comprises of teams of 3 athletes each running over a 2500m course. The first runner is an U13 athlete with the second either an U13 or U15 and the third runner either U15 or U17.
In the young Females race which had 45 complete teams, Seaforth had 3 complete teams competing with the first leg runners being Iona Hubbard (Team A), Sophie MCcColm (Team B) and Sophie McCallum (Team C). It was Iona Hubbard who led the race home with a sizeable lead to hand over to the second leg runners who were Morven Hubbard (Team A), Anna Kirk (Team B) and Katie Murray (Team C). For the third and final leg it was Emma Frew (Team A), Evie Mackay (Team B) and Isla Hubbard (Team C) who set off with Team A coming home in 5th place, Team B in 16th place and Team C in 20th place.
The next race was the Young Males where Seaforth had 2 complete teams and an incomplete team in a race with 40 complete teams. First leg runners were Conor Scobie (Team A), Calum Moir (Team B) and Fraser McIntyre (Team C) who then handed over to Alex Crooks (Team A), Daniel Byers (Team B) and Euan Bell (Team C). With no third runner for team C it was left to Scott Sprang (Team A) and Max McLean (Team B) to take up the challenge with Team A coming home in 11th place and Team B in 26th place.
The Senior Women were next up in a race with 34 complete teams. This race was competed by teams of 3 athletes each taking on a 4000m course. With only one complete team and a solo runner it was Laura Wallace (Team A) and Ruth Kirk (Team B) who set off with Laura followed by Gael Neill and Toni McIntosh who brought the team home in 10th place.
The Senior Mens race comprised of teams of 4 athletes each taking on the same 4000m course as the Senior Women. Seaforth had 3 complete teams in a field of 85 complete Senior teams and it was first leg runners Grahame Hopper (Team A), Alasdair Meldrum (Team B) and Laurence Baker (Team C) who led off handing over to Stephen McCrorie (Team A), Simon Kirk (Team B) and Peter Laing(Team C). With persistent rain once again falling it was then the turn of Craig Brown (Team A), Iain Pettigrew (Team B) and Stuart McColm (Team C) who handed over to final leg runners Kenny Neill (Team A), Paul Turnbull (Team B) and Stuart McLean (Team C). In the final overall standings in the Senior category Team A were 28th, Team B 58th and Team C 72nd however in the Seniors only category Team A were 23rd while in the Masters category Team B were 12th and Team C 16th.
Next up is the Ayrshire Cross Country Relays next weekend followed by the National Cross Country Relays at Cumbernauld.

Club Championships – Sunday 16 September 2018

This years Club Championships took place on Sunday at Dam Park Stadium and we were lucky to have a dry if somewhat chilly at times day. It was good to see so many of our younger members taking part but it must be remembered that these days cannot go ahead without the help of an army of volunteers, Sunday took the combined efforts of almost 50 and a big vote of thanks goes to each and every one of you.

On this note the club would like to extend a massive thankyou to Coach & Board Member Sandy Paisley who stood down on Sunday after many years service to the club. You will be missed Sandy and always welcome back.

After some serious competition we are now able to reveal who will be receiving Club Champion Trophies and Runners Up Trophies at the Annual Presentation Night which takes place at The Carlton Hotel on Friday 9 November with those athletes being:-

U9 Boys Champion – Matthew Copland
U11 Boys Champion – Brady McLean
Runner Up – Luca Pieroni
U13 Boys Champion – Connor Lynch
Runner Up – Ben Edwards
U15 Boys Champion – Alex Crooks
Runner Up – Toby Nixon
U17 Mens Champion – Euan Duff
Runner Up – Sammy Jones
U20/Senior Mens Champion – Jordan Tennent
Runner Up – Sean Aitken

U9 Girls Champion – Connie Devine
U11 Girls Champion – Emma Ablett
Runner Up – Reese Devine
U13 Girls Champion – Emma McMillan
Runner Up – Erin Ramsay
U15 Girls Champion – Abbie Rankine
Runner Up – Imogen Tribe
U17 Womens Champion – Sophie Slider
Runner Up – Emma Frew
U20/Senior Womens Champion – Ruth Kirk
Runner Up – Sara Paterson

Full results by age group

U9 Boys U11 Boys U13 Boys U15 Boys U17 Men U20/Senior Men

U9 Girls U11 Girls U13 Girls U15 Girls U17 Women U20/Senior Women

Kilmarnock Open Graded – Tuesday 12 June 2018

The latest of this years Ayrshire competitions took place at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena, Kilmarnock on Tuesday night with quite a number of the younger members of Ayr Seaforth taking part. For some it was their first taste of competition and what better way to get a feel for what it is like to compete than to do it at a local event. The weather was in the main favourable with bright, sunny conditions although there was the usual stiff breeze at this venue. Full results for the night can be found by clicking this link Kilmarnock Open Graded Results

CCL Land O’Burns 10k Road Race – Wednesday 23 May 2018

This years CCL Land O’Burns 10k Road Race took place last night in brilliant sunshine. Well over 200 runners set off with the race being started by Clare Jones of sponsors CCL Logistics at the usual mark next to Ayr Beach before making their way around the areas of Doonfoot and Alloway before heading back to the finish line at The Old Racecourse. A massive vote of thanks must go yet again to CCL Logistics for their amazing support of this event.The winner of the race was David Millar of Irvine Running Club in a time of 33:21.4 with the Laura Wallace of Ayr Seaforth AC the first woman home in a time of 39:16.2. The first 3 in male and female categories are shown in the table below, full results can be found HERE

CCL Land O'Burns 10k Road Race 2018

Position Name Time
1st Male David Millar 33:21.4
2nd Male David McLure 35:37.1
3rd Male Steven Reid 36:19.5
1st Female Laura Wallace 39:16.2
2nd Female Julie Beveridge 41:24.4
3rd Female Joanne McEvoy 42:32.3