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Scottish Athletics Indoor League – Match 1 – Saturday 28 October 2017

This years Indoor League got off to an early season start this year with the first match taking place in October on a date which unfortunately coincided with the Scottish National Cross Country Relays. Nonetheless Ayr Seaforth fielded the best teams available on the day with most involved in the distance running section competing at Cumbernauld in the cross country. Although it is early days with 2 more matches to come in the New Year then hopefully a final to look forward to, some of the Seaforth teams are sitting nicely after Match 1. In these events the English Athletics grading system is used to gauge performance levels of exceptional standards and on the day U13 athlete Erin Ramsay gained 2 separate Graded performances. In the 200m she attained a Grade 1 performance with a time of 28.37s beating the Grade 1 qualification standard of 28.40s while in the 60m she attained a Grade 2 performance with a time of 8.69s beating the standard of 8.70s.

U11 Boys - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Rory Kilpatrick 60m(A String)
Standing Long Jump(A String)
4th (9.69s)
2nd (1.71m)
Brady McLean 600m(A String) 4th (2:08.68)
Nathan Scott 60m(B String)
Standing Long Jump(B String)
1st (9.67s)
6th (1.47m)
Daniel Frew 600m(B String) 2nd (2:08.49)

U13 Boys - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Nils Sembins 60m (A Team)
200m (A Team)
Long Jump (A Team)
7th (9.46s)
4th (30.88s)
17th (2.22m)
Daniel Byres 800m (A Team)
High Jump (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
3rd (2:43.76)
5th (1.15m)
12th (4.06m)

U15 Boys - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Ryan Saxton 60m (A Team)
200m (A Team)
9th (8.97s)
8th (29.12s)
Toby Nixon 800m (A Team)
400m (A Team)
Long Jump (A Team)
8th (2:33.19)
5th (66.09s)
4th (4.46m)
Charlie Dorward 60mH (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
6th (11.59s)
7th (6.46m)

U17 Men - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Euan Duff 60m (A Team)
200m (A Team)
Long Jump (A Team)
2nd (7.61s)
3rd (24.11s)
1st (6.00m)
Marc Mulgrew 60m (B Team)
200m (B Team)
Long Jump (B Team)
10th (7.97s)
6th (25.22s)
6th (5.04m)
Callum McKenzie 400m (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
3rd (56.93s)
11th (6.02m)

U20 Men - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Daniel Martin 200m (A Team)
400m (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
4th (24.90s)
2nd (53.42s)
2nd (8.56m)

U11 Girls - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Oriana Baya 60m (A String)
600m (A String)
4th (9.91s)
6th (2:14.70)
Harriet McKay Standing Long Jump (A String) 8th (1.53m)
Reese Devine 60m( B String) 2nd (9.84s)
Emma Ablett 600m (B String)
Standing Long Jump ( B String)
3rd (2:18.41)
11th (1.40m)

U13 Girls - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Erin Ramsay 60m (A Team)
200m (A Team)
Long Jump (A Team)
1st (8.69s)
1st (28.37s)
2nd (4.02m)
Anna Kirk 800m (A Team)
High Jump (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
4th (2:47.43)
5th (1.10m)
11th (4.26m)

U15 Girls - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Imogen Tribe 60m (A Team) 6th (8.82s)
Rebecca Grieve 800m (A Team)
High Jump (A Team)
Long Jump (A Team)
2nd (2:28.28)
10th (1.15m)
1st (4.83m)
Abbie Rankine 60mH (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
12th (12.84s)
11th (5.84m)
Rosie Morrison 200m (A Team) 13th (31.13s)
Fay McTrusty 300m (A Team) 10th (50.21s)

U17 Women - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Sophie Slider 60m (B Team)
300m (B Team)
Long Jump (B Team)
3rd (8.45s)
2nd (43.65s)
8th (4.03m)
Gemma Bruce 60m (A Team)
300m (A Team)
8th (8.59s)
4th (44.91s)
Bethany Haugh 200m (A Team) 6th (28.52s)
Emile Oosterbeek High Jump (A Team)
Long Jump (A Team)
Shot Put (A Team)
4th (1.35m)
13th (NJ)
11th (6.56m)

U20 Women - SAIL Match 1 - 28 October 2017

Name Event Result
Kirsten McClymont 60m(B Team)
200m(B Team)
1st 8.22s)
1st (27.06s)
Aimee McGinley 60m(A Team) 3rd (8.35s)
Nadia Simpson 200m(A Team) 3rd (27.44s)
Louise Murray 60mH(A Team) 4th (11.74s)
Katie McAlpine Long Jump(A Team) 4th (4.21m)

Team League Position After Match 1

Team Position
U11 Boys Team A 2nd
U11 Girls Team A 3rd
U13 Boys Team A 7th
U13 Girls Team A 4th
U15 Boys Team A 7th
U15 Girls Team A 6th
U17 Men Team A
U17 Men Team B
U17 Women Team A
U17 Women Team B
U20 Men Team A 6th
U20 Women Team A
U20 Women Team B

Scottish National Short Course XC Championships – Kirkcaldy – Saturday 11 November 2017

This years National Short Course Cross Country Championships took place on Saturday 11 November at a new venue at Kirkcaldy High School. As the title suggests these races are run over a shorter than normal cross country course with the U15 age groups taking on a 2000m course, the U17 running over a 3000m course and the U20/Seniors a 4000m course.

there were only a handful of Seaforth athletes who made the trip this year and the performance of the day was undoubtedly that of U15 Girl Rosie Davidson who took an impressive 3rd place despite not being at 100% to run.

Results for Seaforth athletes were:-

U15 Girls – 3rd place Rosie Davidson 7:01 ; 41st Morven Hubbard 7:58 

U15 Boys – 57th place Alex Crooks 7:08

U17 Men – 28th place Scott Sprang 9:52 ; 38th Declan McGhee 10:01

Senior Women – 71st place Susie Hubbard 16:30

U20/Senior Men – 95th place(31st U20)  Lewis Ross 13:40 ; 298th (28th M45) Alasdair Meldrum 16:26


Annual Awards Presentation Night – Friday 10 November 2017

This years Awards Night took place for the first time at The Carlton Hotel, Prestwick which proved to be an excellent choice as a venue. Around 140 people attended the night which was once again sponsored by Mactaggart & Mickel Homes. After a long hard season it was a chance for those athletes who excelled to be rewarded for their efforts. The full list of award winners are as follows:-
Winner – Harvey Ashley
Winner – Alfie Murphy
Runner Up – Daniel Byers
Winner – Ben Edwards
Runner Up – Joshua Mirtle
Winner – Marc Mulgrew
Runner Up – Alex Crooks
Winner – Euan Duff
Runner Up – Daniel Martin
Winner – Stuart Dunlop
Runner Up – Fraser McKenzie
Winner – Ellie Wilson
Winner – Anna Kirk
Runner Up – Iona Hubbard
Winner – Erin Ramsay
Runner Up – Emma McMillan
Winner – Sophie Slider
Runner Up – Sophie McKay
Winner – Charlotte McDowell
Runner Up – Amy Leith

Winner – Brodie McGregor
Runner Up – Brady McLean
Winner – Alex Crooks
Runner Up – Euan Bell
Winner – Scott Sprang
Runner Up – Logan Cotter
Winner – Lewis Ross
Runner Up – Declan McGhee
Winner – Fraser Stirling
Runner Up – James Pettigrew
Winner – Kenny Neill
Runner Up – Grahame Hopper
Winner – Iona Hubbard
Runner Up – Emma McMillan
Winner – Morven Hubbard
Runner Up – Islay Hubbard
Winner – Rosie Davidson
Runner Up – Emma Frew
Winner – Caitlin Chilton
Winner – Ruth Kirk
Runner Up – Toni McIntosh
Winner – Kenny Neill
Runner Up – Paul Turnbull
Winner – Laura Wallace
Runner Up – Susie Hubbard

The Glen Harrower Memorial Trophy for Male Club Athlete of the Year:
Mark Caldwell
Presented in recognition of Mark’s continued dedication to Ultra Running. This year Mark focused on The Triple Crown which is 3 Ultras, namely The West Highland Way (95 miles), The Hoka Highland Fling (53 miles) and The Devil of The Highlands (42 miles). The combined
times give the placings, with Mark finishing 3rd overall. Three other races up to 55 miles were preparation for his participation in the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc which covered 160km from Chamonix around Mont Blanc, taking in France, Italy and Switzerland, before finishing back in Chamonix. With a total elevation gain of around 9500m, this race is considered the world’s most famous trail race, for only the most dedicated and elite runners. Mark completed it in 41hrs 47:20, finishing 968th from 2600 runners.

Male Club Athlete of the Year Runner Up:
Euan Duff
Presented in recognition of Euan’s continued progress in Long Jump which saw him take 1st place at the Northern Ireland & Ulster Age Group Championships, and 2nd place at the West District Championships. Euan is currently ranked 9th in Scotland at U17 Long Jump.

The Maureen Harrower Memorial Trophy for Female Club Athlete of the Year:
Kirstin Oakley
Presented in recognition of Kirstin’s continued success at National level. Kirstin is currently studying and competing in America and during the 2017 season set numerous new Club
Records at both U20 and Senior level in 1500m, 3000m Steeplechase and 5000m. She took
3rd place at the Scottish National U20 3000m Championships and 3rd place at the England U20
National 3000m Steeplechase Championships. At 5000m she is currently ranked 7th U20 in the
UK, while at 3000m steeplechase she is ranked 17th at Senior level and 2nd all-time Scottish

Female Club Athlete of the Year Runner Up:
Carolyn Harvey
Presented in recognition of Carolyn’s continued success at Triple Jump. Carolyn broke the Club Record for Senior Women’s Triple Jump in 2017, while taking 1st place at the Scottish National
Senior Indoor Championships, 2nd at the Scottish National Senior Championships and 3rd at the
England National U23 Championships.

The Simon Campbell Memorial Trophy for Best Achievement U17 Men:
Euan Duff
See entry above

The Hazel McNee Trophy for Best Achievement U17 Women:
Amy Leith
Presented in recognition of Amy’s achievements in throwing events, culminating in taking 3rd  place at the Scottish National Age Group Championships.

The Ernest Thursby Trophy for Excellence in Field Events:
Carolyn Harvey
See entry above

The Sean Carson Memorial Shield for Excellence in Throwing Events Juniors U13/U15/U17:
Amy Leith
See entry above

The Andy Smith Cup for Special Contribution to Ayr Seaforth:
Kirsty Kemp
Presented in recognition of Kirsty’s dedication to coaching.

Trophy for Excellence in Track Events
Kirstin Oakley
See entry above

Trophy for Commitment to RaceRunning
David Phee
Presented in recognition of David’s dedication to coaching the Racerunning section.

Trophy for Volunteer of the Year Age U25, for contribution to the life and work of Ayr Seaforth
Ailie Shanks
Presented in recognition of Ailie’s commitment to Ayr Seaforth, having joined the Club as a  young athlete and now continuing her Club connection as a coach.

Trophy for Excellence in Road Racing/Ultra Distance Running/Hill Racing
Mark Caldwell
See entry above


Amy Leith
Javelin – 34.96m, 8/4/17, Livingston
Kirstin Oakley
5000m – 17:15.45, 31/3/17, San Francisco, California
Kirstin Oakley
1500m – 4:40.33, 8/4/17, Normal, Illinois
3000m Steeplechase:
11:13.63, 25/3/17, Carbondale, Illinois
11:02.75, 13/4/17, Azusa, California
10:48.05, 13/5/17, Wichita, Kansas
Carolyn Harvey
Triple Jump:
12.08m, 28/1/17, Glasgow
12.18m, 26/8/17, Grangemouth


U15 GIRLS Sophie Slider
U17 WOMEN Charlotte McDowall
SENIOR WOMEN Sarah Paterson

SENIOR WOMEN Carolyn Harvey
SENIOR MEN Kenny Neill


Gillian Hannah
Scottish National Indoor Masters, Emirates Arena, Glasgow, 5/3/2017, 1st Long Jump (3.84m)
Scottish National Masters Championships, Grangemouth, 1/7/2017, 1st Long Jump (3.84m)
Carolyn Harvey
Scottish Senior Indoor Championships, Emirates Arena, Glasgow, 28/1/2017, 1st Triple Jump (12.08m)
England National Championships, Bedford, 18/6/2017, 3rd U23 Triple Jump (11.79m)
Scottish Senior Championships, Grangemouth, 26/8/2017, 2nd Triple Jump (12.18m)
Kirstin Oakley
Scottish National 3000m Championships, Scotstoun, Glasgow, 2/6/2017, 3rd U20 (9:51.70)
England National Championships, Bedford, 18/6/2017, 3rd U20 3000m Steeplechase (11:11.76)
Daniel Martin
Scottish National Age Group Indoor Championships, Emirates Arena, Glasgow, 28/1/2017, 3rd U17 400m (52.94s)
Euan Duff
Northern Ireland & Ulster National Age Group Championships, Belfast, 17/06/2017, 1st U17 Long Jump (6.16m)
Amy Leith
Scottish National Age Group Championships, Grangemouth 27/08/2017, 3rd U17 Javelin (34.72m)

Gemma Bruce
Scottish National Age Group Championships, Scotstoun, Glasgow 20/8/2017, 2nd U15 300m (42.97s)
Sophie Slider
Scottish National Age Group Championships, Scotstoun, Glasgow 20/8/2017, 3rd U15 300m (43.27s)

Erin Ramsay, Libby White, Eve Beswick, Jenna Beswick
National Indoor U12 Superteams, Emirates Arena, Glasgow, 5/2/2017, 2nd.
Sophie Slider, Matilda Press, Emma Struthers, Gemma Bruce
Scottish National Relay Championships, Grangemouth, 22/4/2017, 4 x 300m Relay, 2nd U15 Girls (2:57.13)
Connor Scobie, Daniel Byers, Lewis Hill
Scottish National Relay Championships, Grangemouth, 22/4/2017, 3 x 800m Relay 3rd U13 Boys (8:09.43)


Gemma Bruce
In recognition of setting two new u15 Girls Scottish Indoor 300m records of 41.69s, followed by 41.56s at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow on 2nd February 2017.

Gavin Drysdale
In recognition of the following performances at the CPISRA Racerunning World  Championships in Frederiksberg, Denmark on 13th July 2017:
• 100m 1st place 18.01secs
• 400m 1st place 1:17.54 (World Record)
• 800m 1st place 2:55.87
• 1500m 1st place 5:34.30 (World Record)









TamFest 5k Fun Run – Sunday 29 October 2017

This years TamFest 5k Family Fun run took place on Sunday to start the days celebrations. Those taking part had the privilege of running down Ayr High Street which was devoid of traffic on a route which took them down the High Street before turning along the River Ayr from New Bridge to Ayr Fire Station then turning back towards the High Street via Mill Street with this loop being done twice. The overall inner on the day was Steven Lawley with a time of 17:12 and the first female home was Janine Dickie in 19:48. All proceeds on the day are being donated to The National Autistic Society.

TamFest 5k 2017

Position Name Time
1. Steven Lawley 17.12
2. Steven Reid 17.34
3. Ruairidh MacDonald 17.46
4. Mark Porter 17.47
5. Jake Graham 18.13
6. Euan Bell 19.05
7. Keith Boardman 19.24
8. Sam Drummond 19.40
9. Ross Parker 19.44
10. Janine Dickie 19.48
11. Max McLean 20.22
12. Tim Downie 20.35
13. Evie Mackay 20.38
14. Alan Littlejohn 20.59
15. Calum Dunn 21.27
16. Derek Chambers 21.31
17. Julie Dunn 22.28
18. Toni McIntosh 23.24
19. Iain Davidson 24.07
20. Mary Fulton 24.41
21. Denny Kerr 24.41
22. Ewan Henderson 25.04
23. Thomas Taylor 25.04
24. Jhylya O'Hara 25.14
25. Rhona Sturgeon 25.25
26. Heather Kangley 26.13
27. Karen McMillan 26.40
28. Brian Gibson 29.05
29. Muriel Downie 30.14
30. Suzanne Reid 30.19
31. Lorna Fraser 30.32
32. Margaret Hamilton 32.36
33. Dayle Burnside 34.21
34. David Lock 34.21
35. Carolyn Walker 36.08
36. Audrey Gibson 42.30
37. Karen Hedge 42.30

Scottish National Cross Country Relay Championships – Saturday 28 October 2017

Last Saturday saw this year’s National Cross Country Relay Championships take place at its usual venue in Cumbernauld. While conditions underfoot were slightly firmer than usual the course with its undulating terrain still proved a very difficult test for the 2600 athletes who had entered. This is a team event with junior teams consisting of 3 athletes who each run over a 2500m course, teams are made up of an u13 who hands over to either another u13 or u15 who in turn hand over to either an u15 or u17. The Senior Women’s teams have 4 runners over a 4000m course with the Senior Men also having 4 athletes over a 4000m course.

First up on the day was the Young Females where Seaforth had a commendable 12th place finish with the team of Islay Hubbard (u13), Rosie Davidson (u15) and Charlotte McDowall (u17). The B Team of Claire McLaughlin (u13), Morven Hubbard (u15) and Evie Mackay (u15) finished in 30th place while the final complete Seaforth team of Emma McMillan (u13), Bethany Alexander (u15) and Isla Kirk (u150 were 62nd. The D Team consisted of a solo runner who was u13 athlete Tess Crooks. 

This was followed by the Young Males where the Seaforth A Team of Adam Currie (u13), Alex Crooks (u15) and Declan McGhee (u17) were 23rd, the B Team of Conor Scobie (u13), Euan Bell (u15) and Scott Sprang (u17) were 42nd followed by the C Team of Calum Hannah (u13), Blair Gemmell (u15) and Logan Cotter (u17) in 75th place. 

With no Senior Female teams being fielded it was the Senior Males who completed the days participation for Seaforth. A massive 88 complete teams finished the race with the Seaforth team of Kenny Neill, Stephen McCrorie, Brian Robinson and Grahame Hopper taking 36th place.

Scottish National Age Group Championships 2017

This years Scottish National Age Group Championships took place over the weekends of 19/20 & 26/27 August at Grangemouth Stadium with several Ayr Seaforth members of numerous age groups taking part. It is to the credit of both the athletes and their coaches that several of them returned with National medals around their necks. Those successful athletes were Gemma Bruce (U15 300m) Silver, Sophie Slider (U15 300m) bronze, Amy Leith (u17 Javelin) bronze and Carolyn Harvey (Senior Woman/Triple jump) silver.

Scottish National Championships 2017

Age Group Name Event Result
U13 Girls Libby White 100m

Long Jump

14.15s (3rd H2) Q
14.21s (5th S/F)
4.16m (9th)
Abbie Rankine 800m
14.05m (10th)
Morven Montgomery 800m
Long Jump
2.91m (22nd)
Clare McLaughlin 800m 2:45.64
Emma McMillan 800m 2:48.04
Erin Ramsay 200m 28.60s (2nd H1) Q
28.24s (3rd S/F) Q
28.29s (6th F)
Jenna Beswick 70mH 13.55s (6th H2)
Eve Beswick 70mH 12.90s (1st H3)
13.19s (8th F)
Islay Hubbard 1500m 5:30.24 (3rd H1)
U13 Boys Conall O'Brien High Jump 1.31m (7th)
Adam Currie 1500m 5:06.05 (10th H2)
U15 Girls Sophie Slider 300m 43.71s (2nd H1) Q
43.27s (3rd F)
Matilda Press 300m 43.48s (1st H2) Q
44.38s (4th F)
Gemma Bruce 300m 44.34s (2nd H3) Q
42.97s (2nd F)
Evie Mackay 800m 2:32.28
U15 Boys Euan Bell 1500m 5:18.00 (11th H2)
U17 Women Hazel Kirk 80mH 12.58s (4th H1) Q
12.70s (8th F)
Amy Leith Javelin 34.72m (3rd)
U17 Men Euan Duff 100m

Long Jump

11.64s (3rd H1) Q
11.86s (8th S/F)
6.10m (7th)
Daniel Martin 400m 52.57s (4th H1) Q
51.80s (7th F)
U20 Women Aimee McGinley 100m 12.56s (2nd H2) Q
12.32s (4th F)
Nadia Simpson 200m 26.91s (4th H1)
Katie McAlpine 200m 27.70s (6th H1)
Kirsten McClymont 200m 26.75s (3rd H3)
U20 Men Daniel Martin 800m 2:05.93
Senior Women Carolyn Harvey Triple Jump
Long Jump
12.18m (2nd)
5.18m (8th)
Senior Men Fraser McKenzie Long Jump 4.51m (14th)


Ayr Seaforth Open Meeting – Wednesday 23 August 2017

The last of the Ayrshire Open meetings took place at Dam Park on Wednesday 23 August with over 150 athletes competing. Fortunately the weather held up until after the end of the event when the rain started meaning favourable conditions for those competing. Many younger members were competing for the first time with some very good results achieved. Full results of the meeting can be found here 

England Athletics U20/U23 Track & Field Championships 2017 – Bedford,England

This years England Athletics U20 & U23 Track and Field Championships took place at the Bedford International Athletics Stadium over the weekend of Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 June. Although the English Championships they are commonly seen as the British Age Group Championships and as such anyone taking home a medal can be extremely proud of their achievement.There were 3 athletes from Ayr Seaforth competing at this years event with first year U20 athlete Kirsten McClymont making her debut on the big stage in the 200m.

Conditions over the weekend were favourable for all but those competing in the distance events as the temperature on each day hit a blistering 31 degrees.

First up from the Ayr Seaforth contingent was Kirsten McClymont who ran in the first heat of the U20 Womens 200m with a time of 26.79s which was just outside her pb. The experience will no doubt bode her well for the future.

Next to compete was U23 athlete Carolyn Harvey who was competing in the Triple Jump. Carolyn jumped a distance of 11.79m which was enough to secure the bronze medal in the event.

The final Ayr athlete to enter competition was U20 distance runner Kirstin Oakley who was competing for the first time on UK soil in the 3000m steeplechase which she has been getting a taste for while competing in America. Although not a pb performance owing to the high temperatures her time of 11:11.76 safely saw her take the bronze medal.

Kirsten McClymont

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